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See all 13 photos. Ford versus Chevy. Old country versus new country. Steel versus synthetic cable. Some disputes will never be resolved. Well, expect old country versus new country; that one is a no-brainer. The latest debate in the 4WD community is which attachment point belongs at the end of your winch, a hook or a thimble?

These can be converted to 5 wire to use with this wireless controller kit. The handheld remote comes with a handy plastic holster that you can mount in your rig so that you always know where it is.

The handheld remote takes 12 volt A23 batteries. This was a dumb choice by Warn since these are only available as alkaline batteries. Alkalines are not rechargeable and have a shorter shelf life than something like lithium batteries. Now one time might not matter too much if you have a steel roller fairlead and a steel winch cable, but it will damage an aluminum hawse fairlead and synthetic winch rope pretty easily.

Repeated overreeling will eventually damage steel winch cables and fairleads, as well.

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A winch cable stopper fits on your winch line right behind the hook. It does a few key things:. This winch cable stopper is made from hard rubber and has a great design compared to other stoppers. Additionally, a large thimble this is the metal insert in the cable eye on a normal winch cable would never fit through a one-piece cable stopper.

KFI makes a two-piece design with two halves that bolt together. You just bolt it right on your cable in 5 minutes. For a large winch line, put the stopper in a freezer overnight - this should make it hard enough to drill. You can hook your winch line to a shackle or D-ring on your front bumper to keep it tensioned.

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A cable stopper is pretty cheap. Synthetic winch line is a handy accessory for your winch. Some winch accessories are mandatory, like tree saver straps and line dampers.

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This is not, but you might find it to be a great addition to your winch if you need something light and easy to handle. Conventional winch lines are aircraft-grade steel cable. Steel is strong, durable, and will still work on a winch 20 years from being made. It also stores a lot of energy in a pull, which make it quite dangerous if it breaks.

Synthetic winch line is very different from steel. It is much lighter and more flexible than steel winch line, which means lugging it around and handling it is much easier. Most of the weight of a winch is in the cable, so switching to synthetic will make it significantly lighter. If your winch is hitch-mounted or otherwise portable, or you just want to save a lot of weight, synthetic winch rope is the way to go.

Best way to hook up a winch

It also floats in water, which might benefit you if you do a lot of water crossings. It never develops burrs like steel, so you never have to worry about pulling steel splinters out of your hand after handling it. Like recovery damperssynthetic winch line is now mandated in many rockcrawling and 4x4 competitions for increased safety to participants and spectators. If you do buy synthetic winch line, take a look at winch accessories for it. Synthetic line is not as durable as steel and has less abrasion resistance.

Dec 15,   The Safest Way to Hook Up Your Winch Captain Hook. See all 13 photos. so we grabbed two of the best products on the market in order to compare them ourselves on the trail. The Best Winch Accessories For Off Roading. so instead you hook up the snatch block to a tree in front of your buddy. You position yourself off to the side of the trail and run your winch cable through the snatch block and to his rig. This winch accessory is a cheap way to protect your winch's fairlead and cable from overreeling after. Yes, I can guide you through the correct way to power your Warn lb winch by your vehicles battery. You will need to use the item you selected, Trailer and Vehicle Electric Winch Wiring Kit, part # BDW, which uses quick disconnects. You can use the Tow Ready Battery Isolation Solenoid, part # TR, in-line with the positive battery cable to keep from draining power from the.

If you plan to drag your winch line in a lot of mud, dirt, and rock, you probably want to go with steel. Synthetic line kits like the Spydura will include a ballistic nylon sheath to protect the first part of the line, but this is pretty short. Synthetic line is prone to UV light degradation, but some ropes like Spydura have a UV-protective coating.

This hook is meant to be an upgrade to your current winch hook. There are plenty of other winch hooks which are just as strong.

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This hook does have some unique qualities. It looks way better than a traditional hook. It also has a built-in bottle opener. We think this is kind of cool, but kind of dorky.

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There has always been a trend in auto products of adding a bottle opener to give it one more feature. For recovery, there are two definite improvements over a standard hook. The gate is much beefier compared to the gate in a standard hook, which will often get mangled and bent.

The clevis pin can easily be removed to install a steel winch cable or synthetic winch rope, including all Warn Spydura ropes. Note that according to Warn, synthetic winch line will not fit the 18, lb.

Toggle navigation. Home Winch Database Articles Contact. What do I need to use this thing? Table of Contents. Carry a screwdriver to stick in the hole that's in the screw and you'll be able to easily turn it.

Check price on Amazon. It protects the trees that you use as winch anchors to keep our backcountry areas beautiful! You can kill or damage a tree that is your winch point. If your cable snaps it can easily kill anyone around your 4x4.

A winch line that is wrapped around a rock is dangerous because the rock can abrade the winch line and also kink or damage it from running over ridges in the rock. A winch line wrapped around a tree will dig into it, crushing and cutting the outer and inner bark layers.

How To Winch | Basic Winching Techniques. Owning a winch is more than having a cool piece of hardware on the front of your rig. It's a responsibility that shouldn't be taken lightly. If you're on the trail with a small group, and are the only one with a winch, guess what - you're automatically the recovery rig. Sep 11,   The Sherpa 4x4 Winches are an import piece of self recovery equipment. It is also important that you wire them up correctly so that when the . The winch hook has a smooth surface, which makes it more reliable in terms of avoiding fraying. So, if you want a high-quality winch hook and price is no issue, then go for it. Bottom Line All in all, this is truly one of the best winch hooks out there with impressive quality. It has a strong frame, which allows it to stay for a long time.

Some winch users hook the cable onto the winch line, but this can kink and damage it. Never hook your winch cable back on itself. Don't listen to anyone that tells you your synthetic line doesn't need a damper. They store a lot of energy and can snap just line a winch line. It's lightweight, has a 20, lb capacity, and can take synthetic or steel winch line. Similarly, if you were cutting trees for firewood, you could position your rig on a road, run your winch line to a snatch block on a tree and pull logs out to the road at a 90 degree angle.

This works great if your bumper doesn't have any shackle mounts. Warn Neoprene Winch Cover Keep your winch clean and corrosion-free. Protect your steel cover from water and your synthetic winch line from the sun! The cover comes with a bottle UV protectant spray. Make sure you reapply it frequently! Warn Large Recovery Bag Neatly and safely store your winch accessories so that you don't need to fish around for your recovery gear.

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Pockets are sized to fit exactly the recovery gear you need. This is a purpose-built bag and designed to fit certain things in certain pockets.

It will fit: Tree save strap Recovery strap 4 shackles Snatch block Winch extension strap. Warn Winch Wireless Remote Instead of dealing with cables that get snagged on brush or run over, install a wireless winch control and spool your winch from up to 90' away.

Installing HF Badland 12,000 lb Winch

Use a little dielectric grease on the plug to keep the pins and sockets from corroding. Make sure to use the provided leash to secure the transmitter to your winch.

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There is a slight delay between pressing a button and having the winch move, unlike the instantaneous action on a wired remote. Before you start: Always carry a pair of heavy duty gloves, especially with winches that have wire rope. The wire can develop barbs that will easily lacerate umiddleburyfloralvt.comotected hands. Although less common with synthetic rope, gloves are still recommended to avoid rope burn.

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Use a hook strap to pull the line away from the fair lea this simple method could save your fingers in the end. These are the safest means for connecting a winch to a vehicle, chain, or strap Consider purchasing a winch kitthis will include everything needed for a proper recovery Never use a recovery strap for a winching operation, these are intended to stretch and will store lots of energy.

If there is a break then the recovery strap acts as a rubber band for a shackle or winch hook. Take your time assessing the situation, and plan accordingly Make sure your battery can handle the additional load.

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A minimum of cold cranking amps is recommended Rigging a winch Proper rigging is important, always use a strap, shackle, or steak. There are three basic lines one can use, they are: Single Line Pull line to anchor point, and secure it with a strap, shackle, or a combo of the two.

Electric winches require power from a battery source to operate. To provide power to a winch, it must be wired to a vehicle battery or a separate, auxiliary battery designated for use with the winch. There are several ways to wire your winch depending on whether your winch is mounted on a vehicle or a trailer, the type of winching and the frequency of winching.

Attachments can be a tree, vehicle, or steak. Lock the clutch, connect the remote, and put line under tension. This will counteract a line if it breaks.

Begin winching operation with short controlled pulls while operating your vehicle. Looping the winch cable around the winch point is not a smart idea by any means. It will hurt the tree of course. On top of that, it decreases the stability of the whole system and can cause huge damage if it snaps back for any reason.

Even when you use rock as the winching point, a tree saver strap is a much safer and convenient solution than looping the winch line around. Make sure to judge the current condition of the strap before using any of them.

This particular strap has a minimum breaking strength of lbs which is as standard as it requires for a heavy-duty job. With the built-in friction pad, the overall quality of this strap is too good to be true I should say. In fact, once you use this the other tree savers may seem a bit flimsy to you.

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Yes, a bit. It is always what you get is what you pay for. The core differences between tree strap and tow strap are - tree strap is much wider than the tow strap. On the other hand, tree strap is shorter in length than the tow strap. These are not the same either. Obviously, the application of a tow strap is also different than the tree saver strap. Typically you will use the tow strap to recover one vehicle using another vehicle.

Connect one end of the strap to the back of the vehicle that will do the recovery job, and connect the other end to the front of the vehicle that will be recovered.

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The good thing is you can use it as both tree saver strap and tow strap. You will have to spend a tad more on this than the previous one. Obviously, this strap is finer than the previous one in terms of quality.

This is a nylon made strap whereas the previous one from GearAmerica was Polyester made. Nylon made straps stretch more than the polyester made ones.

Resulting in better performance and more safety during the recovery process. It has got a breaking strength of lbs. Yes, you got to carry different accessories conveniently.

Here you go! I am going to list down top two gear bags that I liked. ARB is a sturdy bag I must say. You can keep the soiled and wet recovery gears without worrying about anything as the pockets are coated for wet and mud. They vary in sizes too.

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Yes, a handle could have been there and the strap should have been longer. I am talking about ARB Some other users also think the same. The picture shows you can carry three straps. But one of them needs to be shorter straps like tree saver.

This particular bag is made out of nylon and mesh-nylon for breathing. If you are looking for a budget gear bag you can choose this one.

So, let me tell you why you should wear gloves during the recovery process. The main reason is to protect your hands from possible minor injuries and keep your hands clean. When you go for any off-roading adventure, you should carry one pair of gloves for each one of you in the group. Below I am going to list two top quality gloves to help narrowing down the options for you.

Made out of high-quality synthetic material.

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So, no issue regarding longevity and comfort. High visibility because of the bright orange color. All in all, a good pair of gloves I should say. You will get extra protection for knuckle and fingertip here as well.

Nowadays most of the good winches are corrosion free, and waterproof. I suggest you to protect the whole winch from sun, dust, rain, mud, or any unwanted scratch by using a quality cover. That will surely extend your winch lifespan.

Here are some top-notch winch covers for you at different price. This is waterproof, dust-proof, UV resistant. What else do you need? This winch cover has elastic at the bottom to tighten things up. The good thing is you can use this cover to protect almost any winch regardless of the brand. But this time you have the luxury to choose from three different sizes for lbs, lbs, lbs winches.

Like the previous cover, this one will fit with every winch regardless of the brand. Nothing to say about the quality and price of Warn product again. One important restriction that you got to keep in mind here is that these covers are particularly made for Warn winches.

You have multiple models to fit with different Warn models. If you are using Warn winch these are the best deal for you.

If you are using steel cable instead of a synthetic rope for your winch, it is a must to use a winch damper for you. The main objective of winch damper is to prevent rope recoiling when the rope breaks under load. If the rope snaps back it can be a cause of severe injury. So, no wonder why you must use winch damper as a precaution.

Here you will get pouches for keeping small accessories too. As per as the quality is concerned, I must say, this is a high-quality damper. It should impress you with its heavyweight feature.

Easy to carry and store. Considering the amount of security it is capable of providing, I think the price is justifiable.

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