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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Founder: Derek-casey-dasey - Stories: 35 - Followers: 0 - Staff: 1 - id: Derek's daughter Sky is type A. Casey's son Luca is type And against all odds, the universe decided to put Casey and Derek under one roof together again, co-parenting.

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Derek and Casey are home for Christmas break. Derek's new university buddy is from the same town and starts to take an interest in Casey, which Derek doesn't like. After the step-siblings form a new bond of their own, they're forced to confront their complicated feelings. - | unleash It's Halloween for Derek and Casey. Derek invites Casey to a Haunted House and she actually goes, facing more than just one fear in the process. T for minor language. One-shot. Life With Derek - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2, - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 45 . Sam and Derek start laughing and then Casey walks out of her bedroom and stands in the doorway of Derek's room. "DER-EK! Get OFF the phone, I need to call Emily!" Casey complains "DER-EK! Get off the phone!" Derek mocks. "Uhhhh, your soooo immature!" Casey statses and leaves the room muttering something under her breath about how infuriating.

Sam and Derek start laughing and then Casey walks out of her bedroom and stands in the doorway of Derek's room. Get off the phone!

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Derek walks across the room and closes the door, so he could tell Sam, what he just figured out. What the.

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The character always realized the love each other after that. I know, I know it sounds all lovey dovey, but you don't feel what I feel when I'm in the same room as her.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Casey and Derek love each other.

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They have to keep their relationship a secret from everyone because of their fear of everyones reaction. Will Casey and Derek be able to keep their love a secret? Dasey and maybe some Lizwin!

Life with derek casey and derek dating fanfiction

Chapter 1: Derek's Realization 2. Chapter 2: Casey's Realization 3. Chapter 3: The Confusion At Dinner 4. Chapter 4: Lizzie and Edwin's Discovery 5. Casey Loves Me! Chapter 6: Our Secret Relationship 7.

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Chapter 7: WHOA! Chapter 8: Lizzie's Warning 9.

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Everyone Knows! Chapter Baby?

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Derek can at times be a protective big brother to Casey, but also her true friend. It is sensible that Derek and Casey got each other's influences by the natures and personality, which Derek has become more sensitive, showing compassionate emotion for Casey as well as less conniving and less immature.

As for Casey, she learned how to be cool, and likes to often prank and tease Derek while becoming a bit sneakier which wasn't her natural selfand sometimes becomes insensitive and also a bit rebellious. Emily is Casey's best friend.

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They met on the first day of school and Casey got advice, help and tips from her concerning general conflicts and school issues. She is also the McDonald-Venturi clan's next door neighbor.

Emily also helps Casey with her popularity.

So having Derek and Casey are an -, definitely than living separately at the dorms, was a other way to save money on college housing. Yet George could not help but be glad about the impressive benefits of having Derek live with Casey. Summary: *Crossover * Gossip Girl When Derek and Casey go to New York as a graduation gift, Derek meets the infamous Serena Van Der Woodsen. They start a fling, and with it Derek and Casey get pulled into her world. A world full of gossip, rich teens, and drama. Casey must face her denial and act before she loses Derek to Gossip Land. Two opposite Casey and Derek live thousands of miles apart until fate makes it a choice on this epic love story. Casey is the perfect match for Derek but maybe this player needs a girl that puts him into place when needs to be vs. let it go. The memories hometown sweet girl with a sticky broken family can heal.

Nora is Casey's mom. She helps Casey out when she's needed.

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Only sometimes do they have issues with each other. George is Casey's step-dad as well as a corporate lawyer.

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They don't do many activities with each other. Sometimes, Casey has to help George when he forgot something when it comes to things around the house and with Nora.

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In the Season 1 episode The FallCasey tells Corey Plunkett about her lawyer being her stepdad, and he realizes what she meant when Derek tells him to cut Casey some slack, as she is Derek's stepsister. Lizzie is Casey's sister.

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They always on the same side when it comes to debates or conflicts within the two families and help each other out with their problems. It is demonstrated that they care for each other and love each other.


Casey is also very protective of Lizzie. Edwin is Casey's step brother and they don't do many activities with each other, likely due to the gender difference and age gap, though they do talk sometimes.

Nevertheless, she is also protective of him.

Mart is Casey's younger stepsister. She spends time with Casey and talks to her a lot despite the two being rather different people. Casey is also extremly over- protective of Marti and they appear to have a Good relationship.

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Same as Derek, she has a soft spot for Marti, which she loves and sees her as her little sister i. In the "Futuritis", at the last part of the episode, Marti said to Derek, "Because my big sister told me to", and Casey thought it was herself.

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Paul is Casey's high school guidance counselor. Although it seems Casey often goes his office to get advice, it turns out that in reality, he only gives suggestions, and also lets Casey figure things out on her own. Casey often needs his help, and finds it nice that he's around when she does. Casey dated Max, the school's football team quarterback. Before Casey, he was dating Amy, the head cheerleader. After their breakup, he asked Casey out.

The girlfriend; the perfect girl for Derek. Feisty, beautiful, and just a tad bit better than him. One Casey MacDonald. oTBCo. A/N This is my first fic, let alone my first Life With Derek - Let me know what you think. There's a lot more to be explained about Casey and Derek's past, some of which will be cleared up next chapter. Thanks.

They started dating in the episode "Misadventures in Babysitting". They were a normal couple after Casey gets Max to be more polite.

No, you're taking me to JJ's. Casey also probably up. If you want me - take you to lunch, we're going to The Goat. Weird, Casey, even for you. Casey and Derek strolled out of their apartment hand-in-hand to walk the 3 km derek The Sleeping Goat. Dating through his gloves, Casey could feel the heat radiating casey Derek's hands. Casey McDonald (Ashley Leggat) is the oldest of the McDonald kids and the second oldest in the Venturi-McDonald family. She spends most of her days at school worrying about her annoying older step-brother Derek, and stressing about her grades. Casey is a smart and well-mannered girl. Once her mother gets remarried, she is forced to move schools and homes to live with her new step-family . When Derek and Casey go to New York as a graduation gift, Derek meets the infamous Serena Van Der Woodsen. They start a fling, and with it Derek and Casey get pulled into her world. A world full of gossip, rich teens, and drama.

Their relationship lasted a good while and his behavior continually improved. In the episode" Allergy Season", Casey believes she is allergic to Max's jacket, making her think there is something wrong with their relationship, so after the championship game, she breaks up with Max.

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