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Sign In. Edit Liv and Maddie - Garner Jr. Joey Rooney 80 episodes, Tenzing Norgay Trainor Parker Rooney 80 episodes, Kali Rocha

Jacob Michaels 1 episode, Kara Royster Kennedy 1 episode, Bas Rutten Uncle Martucci 1 episode, Tim Seitter Referee 1 episode, Aubree Storm Dancer 1 episode, Douglas Tait Tough Guy 1 episode, Lauren Taylor Shelby Marcus 1 episode, Gabrielle Tom Bass Player 1 episode, Caryn Ward Cindy Dippledorf 1 episode, Ashlyn Faith Williams Lula 1 episode, Jonny Yoku Minion 1 episode, Rick Batalla Prusko 1 episode, Garrett Boyd Choir Member 3 1 episode, Brandon Crawford Self 1 episode, Marisa Davila Choir Member 1 1 episode, Erik Estrada Bustamante 1 episode, Mike Greenberg Radio announcer 1 episode, Andy Taylor Kim Choir Member 4 1 episode, Parissa Koo Choir Member 2 1 episode, Joey Magnusson Referee 1 episode, Wesley Mann Bell 1 episode, Arrianna Marie Berra 1 episode, Nancy O'Dell Self 1 episode, David Shatraw Goofy Garry 1 episode, Evan Todd Zach 1 episode, Hudson Yang Frankie Chang 1 episode, Darren Bluestone Schnoop 1 episode, Jim Breuer Jim Breuer 1 episode, Laura Bell Bundy Daria 1 episode, Curtis Kingsley Patron 1 episode, Zoe Perry Marlowe 1 episode, Mitch Rouse Mickey 1 episode, John Starr Terry the Clown uncredited 3 episodes, Sumier Mention Terrell uncredited 2 episodes, John D.

Liv and Maddie cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Stunt Coordinator uncredited 1 episode, Ron Hart Liv's Stunt Double uncredited 1 episode, James Brattoli Classmate uncredited 1 episode, Esteban Cueto Lighting Console Programmer 11 episodes, Charles Glosup Stuewe Prudden Edit page. Add episode. Share this page:.

Just like The Patty Duke Show 50 years ago, Disney Channel's identical twins comedy Liv and Maddie relies on a few visual tricks - and a couple of look-alike extras - to pull off the premise. Friend-A-Rooney: Liv (and Joey) tries to help Josh get his confidence back as he has lost it due to struggling with his break up with Maddie and Liv saves Josh's life when he forgets how to breathe Trivia. They first met in Co-Star-A-Rooney. They were co-stars on Voltage. Josh played Liv's love interest Josh was dating Maddie, who is Liv's sister. Mar 03,   Remember the adorable Disney sitcom "Liv and Maddie?" Dove Cameron played twins Liv and Maddie, who were living totally different lives. Liv was a big popular Hollywood star and Maddie was a straight-A student and school basketball star who was on her way to the top. But when Liv moved back home to Wisconsin and [ ].

Clear your history. Joey Rooney 80 episodes, Parker Rooney 80 episodes, Karen Rooney 80 episodes, Pete Rooney 65 episodes, Lucie 54 episodes, Artie Smalls 20 episodes, Johnny Nimbus 16 episodes, Ruby 15 episodes, Holden Dippledorf 13 episodes, Josh Willcox 12 episodes, Evan 10 episodes, Reggie 10 episodes, Gemma 10 episodes, Dump Truck 9 episodes, Val Wishart 8 episodes, Stains 6 episodes, High School Student 6 episodes, Aunt Dena 6 episodes, Finch 5 episodes, Alex 4 episodes, Todd Stetson 4 episodes, Aubrey 4 episodes, Lacey 4 episodes, Priya 4 episodes, Kneebauer 3 episodes, Skeeter Parham 3 episodes, Maddie 3 3 episodes, Skippy Ramirez 2 episodes, Ocean 2 episodes, South Salamanca 2 episodes, Whitney 2 episodes, Vince 2 episodes, Dancer 2 episodes, Snodgrass 2 episodes, Student 2 episodes, Samantha 2 episodes, Karsch 2 episodes, Eddy 2 episodes, Dancer 1 episode, Miller White 1 episode, Jenny Keene 1 episode, Spike Bickle 1 episode, Janet 1 episode, Kiosk Lady 1 episode, Baxter 1 episode, Skylar 1 episode, Donna Joe 1 episode, Eleanor 1 episode, Sheriff 1 episode, Chambers 1 episode, Golden Chord 1 episode, Principal Fickman 1 episode, Cassie 1 episode, Contortionist 1 episode, Officer Mike Clarkson 1 episode, Kylie Kramer 1 episode, Director 1 episode, Bree DuMont 1 episode, Emily Watson 1 episode, Alex 1 episode, Splat 1 episode, Young Maddie 1 episode, Young Liv 1 episode, Kathy Kan 1 episode, Basketball Girl 1 episode, Young Joey 1 episode, Reporter 1 episode, Mailman 1 episode, Wakefield 1 episode, Bernard 1 episode, Sensei Rae Dawn 1 episode, Amy Becker 1 episode, Fangs 1 episode, Vic Defazerelli 1 episode, Q-Pop 1 episode, Self 1 episode, Tammy 1 episode, Pretzel King 1 episode, Amy Smalls 1 episode, High School Student 1 episode, Shayna 1 episode, Photographer 1 episode, Cyd Ripley 1 episode, Voltage Crew 1 episode, Krahgg 1 episode, Cathy 1 episode, Raina 1 episode, Clodfelter 1 episode, Detention Student 1 episode, Anina 1 episode, Paula Porter 1 episode, Minion 1 episode, Sylvia 1 episode, As you can see, he's an avid cat lover, too.

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His character later went to South America to live in a biodome. Dove Cameron played identical sisters Liv and Maddie Rooney.

Liv and Maddie Before and After 2018 [Real Name \u0026 Age]

Liv spent four years in Hollywood starring on a hit TV show while Maddie stayed behind and became Queen B of her high school Dove Cameron was engaged to her co-star Ryan McCartan, but the two called it quits.

He also happened to be the basketball coach and gym teacher at Ridgewood High, where his kids attended.

The character later started a modeling career and became a teacher for "Sing it Louder! The Rooney's moved into her home after their house collapsed in the season three finale.

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Ruby shared a room with Liv and Maddie and considered them her sisters. Unfortunately, the series was canceled.

She had a major crush on Joey and they eventually became a couple. InGarcia married her true love Adam Celorier.

The series was renewed for a third season which will premiere in The egotistical, self-centered character was also the brother of Diggie Smalls. He was known for hanging with a group of students he called his 'minions. Bellinger has stayed pretty busy since playing Artie Smalls.

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