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But the sharks are kind of creeping me out. She smiled and practically threw herself at me. Kissing Annabeth was the best feeling in the world. I love holding her, so I continued to do so while rising to the surface. Our heads broke the water barrier, and she kissed me with so much passion, I lost my air bubble and her clothes suddenly were wet. We ran to my cabin, me carrying her in my arms.

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She was three months pregnant, and in tears. She was crying against my shirt, soaking it.

Percy Jackson: Truth or Dare 1

Not that I minded, being her husband and the son of the sea god. You'll be wonderful!

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She shoved me, "No, of course not, you dimwit! That's horrible! I would never even think of doing that!

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It's murder! She ran her hand over the slight bump.

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She wasn't crying anymore. I don't usually do that. I don't know who I am these days!

You're eating for two now. What would you like? Something high in water content?

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That is my baby in there, too, you know! As it turned out, she did want some celery, very nice water content!

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After we came up for air a few miles away from where the campers threw us into the lake, we spent the next few hours walking on the beach holding hands, talking, and kissing. When we finally did get back to the cabins I wasn't ready to let her go. We crept up to her cabin trying not to wake anyone up and after one more kiss I let her go and started to walk back to my cabin.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I always wanted to know so I decided to write my first - middleburyfloralvt.com about it!

The Best Percy And Annabeth Make Out In Bed - middleburyfloralvt.com Free Download And Video. Percy is confused and irritated by Annabeth's behavior in the beginning of The Lightning Thief, but they develop a solid friendship at the end of In The Hidden Oracle, Percy states that Annabeth had gone to Boston for "some family emergency" - searching for her cousin Magnus Chase. "So, you're dating Annabeth, huh?" Paul broke the comfortable silence. Paul met Annabeth after the Titans had been defeated. He had only talked to her for a few minutes, but Sally told him a lot about the girl who was apparently Percy's best-friend. So he had been shocked last night when he had caught the two teens kissing goodbye.

The Beginning 2. Sword Play 3. Another Day 4.

Authors Note - Character's Details 5. Old and New 6.


Betrayal 7. Let the Games Begin 8.

That's what happened to Percy and Annabeth. After the war with Gaea, Percy was eighteen, and Annabeth as well. Percy got a good job and became middleburyfloralvt.com a halfblood. Annabeth, she became the greatest architect in America. Their lives were so far apart that Percy ALMOST forgot about her. One day, Annabeth called him and they arranged to. Those first few months of Annabeth and Percy dating. Now this is my first story so any feedback would be amazing! I am going to try to ate every week, but I am super busy so I might be a bit late this month. *Annabeth PoV* It was the best underwater kiss of all time. My head was still spinning from it. Annabeth and Percy. Percy and Annabeth. Romance appears in several ways in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, and The Trials of Apollo series. Throughout both series, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase have shown many romantic feelings for each other, mainly in The Last Olympian and The Battle of the Labyrinth, though Annabeth shows it more than Percy, and Percy just thinks about it instead.

Capture the Flag 9. The Rock Wall Give Me Hope Most Dangerous Decision Starting With Sylvie struggling to fit back into her mortal life and Iona and Elliot flying across the Atlantic, old friends and new will have to band together when a death sentence is issued to a young demigod.

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During the Battle of Sokovia, the Avengers get unexpected help from a group of kids. Who are they? And how do they have a flying boat? More tags will be added as the story progresses. Rival gangs of the descendants of devils and angels are put to the test when Annabeth Chase and Percy Jacskon attempt to destroy the system once and for all.

Percy and annabeth start dating fanfiction

Seeing her wearing his crown and tending to his legs after a minor accident during one game of capture the flag with his friends, Percy wonders if he ever wants a Selection. But Percy is a prince. He can't manipulate the process of selection and he can only hope the universe sends the right people his way.

That day, Annabeth seemed perfectly calm and collected, totally at ease. Today, she was not. We were at the Big House, and Chiron was giving Annabeth an ultrasound. She was three months pregnant, and in tears. She was crying against my shirt, soaking it. Not that I minded, being her husband and the son of the sea god. "Percy, I'll be a terrible. Jul 14,   It's probably not a good reflection on his self-control that he already has his hands in Annabeth's pants barely three weeks after they officially start dating, but she's not complaining so he isn't going to either. "Percy," Annabeth says, pulling away from their kiss with a wet middleburyfloralvt.coms: 2. Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson) Nico di Angelo Jason Grace Piper McLean Leo Valdez Hazel Levesque Frank Zhang Will Solace Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano Exclude Relationships Annabeth Chase/Percy Jackson Jason Grace/Piper McLean Nico di Angelo/Will Solace .

Neither of them wish to spoil what they already have, so they swear to themselves that their friendship would come first no matter what. But with a wall of 34 other girls between them, is it possible to keep jealousy, possessiveness, doubt and all the other feelings from changing them?

Will they both find the strength in themselves to put their bond through it and come out unbroken? Ever wondered what Percy did for his first official Valentine's Day as Annabeth's boyfriend even though Hera made him sleep through it?

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Or how Connor seems to be the one who managed to get Katie and Travis together? Just a series of one-shots on some of my favourite, and series proposed, couples.

Someone, or something, decided it would be hilarious if he woke up in the body of girlfriend and his friends woke up in the body of his other friends.

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How are they supposed to complete a whole quest while Annabeth learns to control water, Piper learns to fly, and Will raises the dead? Featuring an actual Greek myth for the basis of the fic no spoilers.

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