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This is a multi chapter fic I've been working on based around the "fake dating" trope. Hopefully I'll be posting every week, though I'm not sure of what day exactly. Annabeth digs her fingers into her curls and stares at the report spread across her desk. The grammar is perfect, the figures are exact, and every name is spelled correctly. She glances at the clock on her desk that ticks down to doomsday.

It doesn't take her long to pick out the one guy sitting alone off to the right. Annabeth feels the same half worried look that appears just before he gives her the speech. There are no strings attached to this and even if you do like him that doesn't mean you two have to rush out and get married. Weigh the options here Annabeth, what do you have to lose?

And I now realize that's kind of like teaching a kid to swim by throwing him into the ocean. Annabeth mulls over her options; she could run and blow the guy off but that means dealing with an irate Piper and Jason, she could feign and emergency part way through and bail which still leaves her with an irate Piper and Jason, or she could suck it up and spend a few hours with this guy.

And remember to take it easy on him. Jason tucks his hands into his pockets and heads towards home. Annabeth watches him until he's turned the corner before moving back to the window and finally scrutinizing her date.

Percy And Piper Dating -, online dating for cats, keisha from pregnant and dating baby daddy, free real dating games. Sortierung: Bekanntschaft mit Frau Trau dich Percy And Piper Dating - einfach, diese Frau, 38 Jahre, anzusprechen. Sie sucht doch das Gleiche wie Du, einen Partner fur Gemeinsames Kochen! Percy and piper dating - A double date early, and his free. Sadly hazel levesque jason mutter a computer. This includes gods, a fandom books community. See more ideas about percy jackson. Everyone loves percy realized that jason grace. Instead emilia de la cruz is in truth, annabeth chase. So slightly. Sadly hazel levesque jason. Jul 01, † Piper and Percy are trying to get over there break up with Jason and Annabeth. What will happen when Piper and Percy start dating and have to deal with truth or dare, friendship, even Tartarus, and worst of all high school? #cheater #- #jasongrace #love #percyjackson #percyxpiper #pipercy #pipermclean #romanceReviews: 3.

He's tucked against one of the walls pushing the wedge of lemon in his water around with is straw. From what she can make out he's got raven black hair and poor posture but he's dressed nice. The glare off the window makes it hard to pick out any real detail but he seems harmless enough. She tells herself this is going to be simple, that it's one date and then it's over. She'll make small talk, ask him generic first date questions, answer his generic first date questions, maybe get a dessert to make the night worth it, go home, and never hear from him again.

Admittedly it's not the most optimistic outlook but she's not exactly a willing participant in this pseudo-science experiment Piper and Jason have contrived. Really it's him that's getting the short end of the stick being set up with a grouchy spinster but that's not on her. He can blame the matchmakers for pushing her into this, even if she's trying to torpedo the date. Annabeth gnaws on the inside of her cheek for a second before squaring her shoulders and heading inside.

She brushes past the hostess, winds her way between empty tables and stops a few feet from him. She has to clear her throat to get his attention and he lifts his eyes slowly from the table. Piper must have given him a description of her because he jumps to his feet, nearly knocking his chair over in the process, and brushes at the wrinkles out of his shirt. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Dating isn't in the cards for Annabeth Chase, not while she's working her way to a major promotion.

Her friends, Jason and Piper, have other plans and decide to set her up on a blind date with Piper's friend, Percy in order to boost her love life.

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The problem? The date doesn't go that bad. Annabeth isn't ready for a relationship, but she may have an arrangement that can work. Cover art is by the lovely anxiouspineapples on! Shout out to ananbeth for helping me out! Go check her out on Chapter 1 2.

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Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. She and Jason went to explore the Labyrinth and became separated. They met up again and he would not tell her what he found. The two eventually broke up. As movers are emptying their house, she is visited by ApolloMeg McCaffreyand Grover Underwood and they talk outback. She tells them how her father has lost everything due to Triumvirate Holdings and will be on Oklahoma by the end of the week.

She agrees to join them in finding the Oracle of Erythaea. She gets her weapons and leaves with the others to enter the Labyrinth. She borrows a car from Mr. Bedrossianher neighbor, and they head to downtown Los Angeles. She leads them to the entrance and shoots the guard with a poison dart. After the poison takes effect she leads everyone to a service elevator and into the labyrinth. She, Meg and Apollo continue on and find an abandoned parking garage where they run into Medea.

They two exchange a brief Wars of wards and she warns her companions they are being persuaded by her. The sorceress unleashes her dragons on them.

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She and Meg take out the dragons, however, Medea traps the others and teases Piper with what Jason was told by the oracle. Piper baits her into a fight and she chooses her blow dart tube as her weapon while Medea chooses Helios. The fight moves quickly with the daughter of Aphrodite receiving severe burns that she could die from hours later. Apollo tells her to shoot Medea with a blow dart and she hits her shoulder.

Helios states to intensify his heat and the three flee. They make it to the surface and pass out. They are taken back to Aeithales for better healing. He tells them what the oracle told him, but she knows he is holding back.

She borrows a school van after their borrowed car was towed. They drive to Santa Barbara and search Stears Wharf. During dinner they see a fleet of yachts form a blockade around the harbor with mortal military and law enforcement helping with security. They agree to search the center ship. She talks some mercenaries out of a dingy and they take it. When they reach the center of the blockade Jason flies her up first. The two are quickly captured and, with Meg and Apollo, are taken to an interrogation room to hear their story.

All no the way she sees a painting from her house. After Meg tricks the Pandai into revealing the locations of the boots and Caligula, the daughter of Demeter attacks.

She and the others take out all but Crest and separate with her and Apollo going after the shoes while Meg and Jason go after Caligula. Apollo dresses her head would and they head out.

They go a few boats without being noticed and when they are she sings with Apollo playing the ukelele. Piper tells Apollo that even though she likes Jason, she feels their relationship was forced into them by Hera and continued due to her mother.

She says she wants to define herself by herself and Apollo agrees to that. She wants to know what she wants without people pressuring them. They make it to the shoe boat and get the location from the guards. They find the room and the shoes, the same sandals that gave Caligula his nickname. They are found and told by Crest that Meg and Jason have been captured. Before they can move she and the Pandos are knocked out by Incitatus and taken to Caligula with a wounded Apollo.

She is awakened by Caligula in his throne room and held in a standing position. She collapses on the floor again and watches Apollo stab himself. She punches Medea and helps Apollo up.

Luke had only come back from the dead a month ago, to find out that Annabeth and some girl named Reyna were that wasn't the weird part. When Luke had come back, he was sixteen and scrawny again. Only last Friday, did he and Percy began to date. He was just about to throw out the stick when he saw a sign-a plus sign. Piper was slightly fascinated by the way Percy's face darkened like a thundercloud - she felt a chill run up her spine at the look of utter fury flashing in those eyes. But as quickly as it had come, the fury seemed to dwindle away like an extinguished ember, leaving an annoyed and tired look in it's wake. Dating isn't in the cards for Annabeth Chase, not while she's working her way to a major promotion. Her friends, Jason and Piper, have other plans and decide to set her up on a blind date with Piper's friend, Percy in order to boost her love life.

They watch in despair as the emperor kill Jason and flee on Tempest. They arrive at her house. She refuses help from Apollo but accepts ambrosia from Meg. After Tempest brings Jason to them, they suggest ways to heal the deceased son of Jupiter to no avail. Her father arrives and tells the others to use the landline to call an ambulance. She angrily tells Apollo to leave, blaming the former God for having involved her and Jason in the quest, which caused Jason's death.

Just as Medea is about to kill Apollo, she arrives with the Meliai and stabs Medea in the back before pushing her into the flames of Helios. She tells them she received a message from a cloud nymph and hunt to the labyrinth entrance and, with the help of the elder dryads, took out the security and found the room they were in.

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She notices the prophecy on the floor after Meg points out the message, tells Apollo he needs the help of Reyna. They exit the maze and are surrounded by Incitatus and a dozen Pandai.

She is stopped from attacking by Herophile. There would be executioners are killed by the Meliai, she goes back to Malibu. The next day Piper meets up with Apollo and Meg at an airfield in Santa Monica Beach and gives them the plane to take themselves to Camp Jupiter while her family and the Hedges drive to Oklahoma.

When Leo arrives she tells him about Jason and he tells her about Camp Jupiter. He insists on taking Piper to Oklahoma on Festus as it is on the way back to Indianapolis. Hazel demands who is in the casket, but she can tell that from Apollo's expression that it wasn't good. Hazel continues to cry and asks "Why did you do this? This isn't fair to Piper.

Jason and Piperís Story

Piper McLean is a calm, but rebellious spirit. Always loyal and protective of her friends. She is not afraid to stand up for her family and friends. Piper has always followed her heart and her guts, which does her well in Blood of Olympus. Piper is also a leader, as she is the counselor of Aphrodite cabin. Her disagreement with the rite of passage and Drew's tortures on her siblings show that, unlike most of Aphrodite kids, she doesn't care about looks as much as the personality and shows children of Aphrodite aren't cowards and gossip-aholics like a lot of people from the other cabins think.

She stands for her believes and fights to right the wrongs in her cabin. Piper was very caring and loving towards her ex-boyfriend Jason and is frightened, sad and angry at anything that may pose a threat to her bond with him, such as when Drew claims that Piper needs to break his heart as an initiation into the cabin. She is greatly saddened by the possibility that her first relationship with Jason was a Mist -induced illusion and breaks down in tears when Annabeth asks her what Jason 's last name is which she doesn't know.

She also likes to touch Jason in very kind and loving ways such as holding his hand, leaning against his chest, resting her head on his leg, wrapping her arms around him and having his arms around her, probably since they were together in her Mist-manipulated memories. These memories are much sharper to Piper because she is a daughter of Aphroditeso she can sense possibilities.

She also seems to have a soft spot for her friend Leo Valdez. Compared to the other children of Aphrodite, Piper is much more aggressive and down to earth and is also somewhat tomboyish, not constantly focused on herself or her looks. She has a funny sense of humor, and laid-back most of the time. When claimed by Aphrodite, she complains that she can't get rid of her makeup or her new hairstyle and finds it to be annoying, to say the least.

Aphrodite herself also said that she was much smarter than most of her other children. Piper hates make-up, skirts, magazines, dresses, and popular girls. She said that if she started craving for fashion magazines, she would complain to her mother.

She also has no care of her looks at all. Piper also does not like it when Drew bullies the other Aphrodite children. She feels that Drew is running her cabin like a dictatorship and she doesn't truly understand what love is. Piper is not afraid to stand up to Drew, and because they can both use the charmspeak ability, Drew cannot control her as she does with the other campers.

After Piper returns from her quest, she challenges Drew for her position as cabin leader because Drew has never been on a quest and thus, Piper is able to take the leadership role. At the end of The Blood of OlympusDrew seems to not mind Piper's position of leadership as she can spend more time gossiping and doing in-cabin makeovers. She appears to be more perceptive of others' feelings compared to the rest of the members of the Argo II.

Out of the seven demigods, Piper is the most compassionate and understanding one. Like everybody on the Argo IIshe had an insecurity with her own identity. As seen in The House of Hadeshers appeared to be that she felt useless and not a hero at all without her friends. This was exploited by Khione as she attacked the ship.

Though those thoughts have likely stopped after she found confidence during that same confrontation. In The Lost HeroPiper was first described to be a very beautiful girl of Native American Cherokee descent, with chocolate-brown hair that was cut choppy and unevenly, and had thin strands braided down on the sides. Her eyes seemed to change color like a kaleidoscope, going from brown to blue to green, and she was dressed in a fleece snowboarding jacket, faded jeans, and hiking boots.

Though she wore no makeup, and she had facial imperfections such as pimples, namely one at the base of her nose, which had been there for some timeshe was still so beautiful that she drew attention even when trying not to. After Piper was claimed and subsequently blessed by Aphroditeshe temporarily became the most gorgeous girl in Camp Half-Blood: her hair turned lush and long, braided with gold ribbons down one side so it fell across her shoulder, and she wore perfect makeup that made her lips cherry-red and brought out all the different colors in her eyes.

Her skin also became perfect, she was adorned in a beautiful, sleeveless, ankle-length white gown with an embarrassingly low V-neck, and her biceps were circled by delicate gold armbands, while an intricate necklace of amber, coral, and gold flowers glittered on her chest.

Her pimple also disappeared too. However, Piper still preferred her old look. In The Blood of Olympuswhen Piper used her charmspeak to its full potential, Leo observed that her smile was "so warm it would've melted the Boreads". In The Burning MazeApollo describes Piper to have a "finely chiseled nose", "perfect complexion", and a "softly curved physique. However, despite her stunning beauty and her parentage, Piper is described as having a relatively simple, tomboyish style most of the time.

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As one of the seven, Piper is definitely an extremely powerful demigod whose powers develop rapidly throughout the series. Aphroditeher mother. Jason Graceher ex-boyfriend.

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At the end of The Blood of Olympushe kisses her passionately under the stars. He reminds her of their first kiss, which was really just a trick of the Mistbut has now finally come true.

He tells her that they're starting over, and that was their first kiss. They then rest there, and Piper says that, for once, she feels like it is it possible to start over. Despite this, it is shown throughout The Burning Maze that she still had feelings for Jason, which she herself admits but managed to not act on them.

Sadly, this is short-lived when Jason sacrifices himself to allow Apollo, Meg and Piper time to escape from the third Triumvirate Holdings emperor, Caligulawhich devastates Piper and causes her to shake in anger. A heartbroken Piper demands Apollo to save him, but Apollo says death is not in his hands.

Piper then asks Meg to save him based on a Cherokee myth that plants save. However, Meg also fails. She desperately tries to use the Physician Cure or the Doors of Death but Apollo tells her that none will work. The death of Jason causes Piper to initially be enraged at Apollo for what his quest had caused them, causing her to act coldly and angrily at him, even screaming that he get out of her sight.

She also took pleasure killing Medea for her part in Jason's death and having to retell Jason's death caused her to break down on Leo. Reyna, her former rival and good friend. When Piper first met Reyna in The Mark of Athenashe initially prepared to hate her for liking Jasonbut came to admire her for not showing her feelings at all, having total control of herself, and acting silently considerate. She is constantly afraid that Jason still has feelings for her, although Jason claims he never did have romantic feelings for Reyna, even in his 'previous' life.

Reyna was unpleasantly surprised, and additionally jealous of Piper when Jason introduced Piper as his girlfriend. Annabeth mentioned that Reyna was trying to hide her pain and anger inside when talking with her. Piper was also uneasy when Jason asked Piper to talk to Reyna and when he talked about his and Reyna's quest together. Jason seemed entirely oblivious to both.

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During The Blood of Olympushowever, the two grow closer, as Reyna begins to address Piper, not Jason having successfully moved on from her feelings for the son of Jupiter. The two, along with Annabeth and Hazelbecome inseparable, as they help the camps get along after Gaea's defeat.

The three other girls valued Piper's skills as a go-between to smooth over any conflicts. Shortly before leaving Camp Half-Blood, Reyna speaks to Piper, asking her about something the latter's mother, Aphrodite had once told her in Charleston, about no demigod ever being destined to "heal her heart", something that Reyna had never spoken about to anyone before. Piper cheers her up, saying that it need not be a demigod that heals Reyna's heart, hinting at the possibility of her future soul mate being a mortal or a god instead, and in the meantime, promises to always be there for Reyna as a friend.

Reyna says that Piper has a way with words, even without Charmspeakthey shake hands, with Reyna claiming that she has a feeling that they'll meet again soon. Drew Tanakaher half-sister and former councilor. Drew and Piper dislike each other from the get-go, because they both liked Jason.

Piper also disliked Drew as head of the Aphrodite cabinfor being cruel and unkind to Piper and her cabinmates, and for supporting things that were unkind. Drew, on her part, is unimpressed and harshly critical of Piper's tomboyish style, and is horrified after Aphrodite claims the latter shortly thereafter.

Out of fear, Drew steps down anyway. By The Blood of Olympushowever, Drew seems to not mind Piper's position of leadership, as she can spend more time gossiping and doing in-cabin makeovers as a result. Leo, one of Piper's best friends. Piper trusts him enough to tell him the truth about her father, Tristan McLeanwho is a famous movie star. Leo knows enough about her to know that she doesn't like when people fight her battles for her. When he was given fake memories by the Mist about Jason Gracehe had feelings of become a third wheel to Jason and Piper, something that begins to happen again when Jason and Piper start getting close all over again.

Despite Piper being very beautiful, Leo never flirts with her or asks her out, acting more like a brother who looks out for her. In The Mark of AthenaPiper gives him a sisterly kiss on the cheek after he returns safe and sound from Camp Fish-Bloo showing that she really does care for him, even if the two sometimes tease each other. She also isn't upset at Leo for shooting down on Camp Jupiterand sticks up for him, since she claims that Leo for her is "like the annoying little brother [she] never had", promising to always stick up for him.

In The House of Hadeswhen Leo returns from Calypso's island, Piper is one of the first ones to hug and kiss him, showing a very strong friendship between them. Leo was also the one of the first to praise Piper's unexpectedly beautiful singing in The Blood of Olympus. After Leo's death in The Blood of OlympusPiper is devastated, and several days later, she and Jason do their best to remember all of the cheerful memories associated with Leo and stay up all night on the roof of Cabin 1 in the process.

Part of her is still hopeful that Leo has somehow survived, despite all odds. Piper and Leo's back-story is a rare one, since they are the only two known demigods who meet and befriended each other before they even knew they were demigods. Percy, one of Piper's good friends. Piper states that when she initially met Percy Jacksonshe was initially not overly impressed by him when compared to boyfriend Jason Grace, however she seems to have gained more appreciation for him over time.

Their relationship is not shown in depth in The Mark of Athenawhich simply implies that Piper sees kinship with all the members of the Prophecy of the Seven. Piper and Percy get along reasonably well, with Piper technically saving his life twice as well as Jason's.

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The instances are charmspeaking Jason and Percy into not killing each other and Piper, Jason, and Percy combining their powers into Piper's Horn of Plenty to save them in tainted waters when Jason and Percy's powers were useless. She seems to think he is a bit reckless and rebellious but has no complaints having either Jason or Percy being the "leader" of the Prophecy of the Seven.

Later she admits she feels guilty for letting Blackjack knock Percy on the head. She also seems worried when Percy almost drowns in the tainted water along with her and Jason. She is shown to trust him enough to use her Katroptris just because he asked her to despite her overall reluctance in ever using it. She once notices that he smells like the ocean. Percy is shown to trust Piper enough to use his life-force along with hers and Jason's on the Horn of Plenty despite his concerns of the water killing them faster.

In The Blood of OlympusPiper notes that Percy can be scary many times, even when he doesn't want to, and wonders what could he do if he actually wants to be intimidating. She later witnesses Percy and Annabeth kiss in Greece, and she approves of Percy, confirming that he is indeed a great boyfriend for her friend Annabeth.

Annabeth, one of Piper's best friends. Piper was angry at Annabeth at first when she called her a Half-Blood, since she is mixed race, but she calmed down when Jason explained what it meant. Piper and Annabeth later took a walk, where Annabeth told Piper about camp and being a demigod.

Percy and piper dating fanfiction

Annabeth also told her how most demigods have ADHD and dyslexia and are labeled as troublemakers. Annabeth also told Piper how her memories about Jason were manipulated by the Mistand Piper told Annabeth all of her fake memories about Jason.

Piper cried, and Annabeth comforted her, telling her she can relate losing a boyfriend. Annabeth also helped Piper pick out her weapon, Katoptris. Piper mentioned that Annabeth would make a cool friend in better times, and hoped she would be claimed by Athenaso they can be in the same cabin together. Annabeth was furious when Rachel told her that Hera took over her body. As they spent more time together, they became friends by the end of the book, with Annabeth standing up for Piper when Drew called Piper dense, saying that she asked a fair question.

Piper also told Annabeth that the prophecy and her losing Percy are connected, but was not mad at Annabeth when she decided to not go on the quest.

In return, Piper never had a better friend than Annabeth was, and was glad to see her happy with Percy near her. Annabeth confided in Piper how Percy being missing was consuming her every waking moment and tormenting her. Piper even stressed out about the Prophecy of Seven because she could imagine what Annabeth would be like if Percy died. Annabeth also looked to Piper first to heal Percy, Jason, and Leo, when they were possessed by Eidolons. Piper cannot imagine Annabeth doing anything vengeful.

Annabeth could tell that Piper was afraid to tell her what she had seen in the blade of [[Katoptris]. Piper began to greatly appreciate Annabeth even more on the voyage to Rome, when she appreciated how she and Jason began to trust each other and how she was taking up such a huge responsibility with the Mark of Athena.

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She reassured Annabeth when she was worried, saying that she was going to kick some serious booty, because she could tell she was terrified and trying to hide her terror. After Annabeth defeated ArachnePiper knelt next to her and worried about her cast on her foot.

Feb 21, † Seeing Percy's cum on her hand caused Piper to cum as well. Percy pushed Piper onto the bed, and slowly stuck his cock into Piper's wet pussy. Piper gd as she felt how big Percy's cock was, and moaned "Yes, Percy fuckk faster yes fuck meeee". Percy starting thrusting faster as Piper's moans became louder and middleburyfloralvt.coms:

However, Piper was determined to rescue her friend at Epirus. When Piper first saw Annabeth again, she threw her arms around her and cried. In The Blood of Olympusthey were closer than ever. Piper thought that Annabeth was the bravest person she ever met and had a lot of love for her friend. Annabeth had confided in Piper about the horrible things that happened in Tartarus, like Percy suffocating the goddess Akhlys.

The two later went to Sparta together to defeat the giant Mimasand get the Makhai for the Physician's Cure. The two went to museums together while looking for him. While looking for Mimas, Piper could tell that Annabeth was worried about Percy and reassured her that Percy was smiling more and adjusting.

Annabeth ended up breaking down and crying to Piper about how helpless she felt seeing the god Tartarusher anguish of Percy disappearing, and how angry and scared she is about everything.

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Piper comforted her by talking to her and taking her hands as she cried. When they made it to Mimas, Piper gave Annabeth advice to not think, just feel and only think about revenge for Bob and Damasen, and cupped her face and had their foreheads touch to calm her down.

They also learned they could tackle problems together from two different sides. When Kekrops arrived to lead them to Gaea, Piper and Annabeth both agreed that it was a trick. Piper later encouraged Annabeth to talk about the family that she would miss, causing her to open up about her family in Boston and the family she used to resent. After she defeated Gaea, Piper, Annabeth, and Reyna became inseparable as they helped the two camps get along.

Annabeth came to admire Piper as a mediator between conflicts. The two are still in contact, and meet up for monthly Argo II reunion parties. Hazel, one of Piper's best friends. Piper and Hazel first meet in The Mark of Athenaand seemed to be on good terms.

Hazel encouraged Piper to coerce the Eidolons to leave, and Piper comforted Hazel after Jason and Leo accidentally insulted her by questioning Nico's loyalties. In The House of Hadesboth are the only girls left on board the Argo IIwhich allows them to bond and become good friends. Hazel would constantly train Piper in swordsmanship with great successwhile Piper would attempt to help Hazel control the Mist by telling her about Charmspeak.

They also enjoy laughing about the bad habits of the boys, and had a number of good private talks, while also sharing tears about Annabeth. Both of them also rush to hug Leo right after he returns from Ogygia. Hazel is impressed at how skilled a swordsperson Piper has become by The Blood of Olympus.

In The Blood of Olympus, Piper stated if it wasn't for her being a demigod she wouldn't have "met her two best friends Hazel and Annabeth Chase ". At Leo's insistence, Hazel doesn't reveal his suicidal plan to Piper, and magically tricks the latter into believing that she has the actual Physician's Cure.

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After Leo's death, Hazel breaks down crying and reveals the truth to Piper, who initially looks furious, but her rage quickly dissipates by the time Hazel is done explaining, since Piper admits that staying mad at her was hard when Hazel was crying, and the plan sounded like the exact thing that Leo would have done.

In the several days after that, Piper and Hazel, along with Annabeth and Reyna become inseparable, as they help the camps get along after Gaea's defeat. The evening after Hazel leaves, Piper already misses her, claiming that the camp now feels somewhat empty without her and the other Romans. Frank, a good friend of Piper.

Piper and Frank first meet in The Mark of Athenaand though not much interaction between them was seen, they seem to be on good terms. During the battle with Gaea's forces in The House of HadesPiper is very impressed at Frank's fighting under Mars' Blessingand calls it "completely terrifying, but amazing. She admits to liking the fact that he has remained sweet and soft-spoken after his transformation, since he would have otherwise been a scary guy.

She comforts Frank after the latter's relatives treat him coldly, claiming that they must be idiots, if they're unable to see how great of a person Frank is. Overall, Piper can't help liking him, since he was a kind and considerate boyfriend for Hazel,and was also the one to step up and take Jason's place as Praetortaking a huge responsibility off of her boyfriend's shoulders, leaving him free to spend more time with Piper.

At Leo's insistence, Frank doesn't reveal his suicidal plan to Piper. After Leo's death, Frank breaks down crying and reveals the truth to Piper, who initially looks furious, but her rage quickly dissipates by the time Frank is done explaining, since she admits that staying mad at him was hard when Frank was crying, and the plan sounded like exact thing that Leo would have done.

The evening after Frank leaves, Piper already misses him, claiming that the camp now feels somewhat empty without him and the other Romans. Nico, an ally of Piper.

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Nico and Piper first meet in The Mark of Athenaafter he is rescued. Though no formal interaction is seen between them at that point, Nico is definitely thankful to Piper for personally dragging him to safety after he fell out of the Bronze Jar during Jason and Percy's battle with the Giant twins. Like her friends, Piper is slightly intimidated by the gloomy son of Hades, though she seems to try to be friendly with him throughout The House of Hadesmaking sure that he's all right when Nico suddenly staggers inside of the Necromanteion.

Though they aren't close, Piper goes out of her way to personally ask Zeus about Nico's well-being after the Giants' defeat in The Blood of Olympushoping that he, Reyna, and Hedge are alive and all right after the completion of their dangerous quest to Camp Half-Blood. Nico, on his part, despite his brooding and gloomy exterior, did in fact greatly appreciate Piper's prominent role in saving him in Rome, and the fact that she and the others welcomed him aboard their ship.

While Nico had never up to that point allowed himself the luxury of friends due to his immense fear of somehow exposing his homosexualityhe feels like the crew of the Argo II was as close as he'd ever come, so even though he wasn't particularly close with any of them, the idea of any one of them including Piper dying as his father Hades had predicted would imminently happen made Nico feel empty - like he was back in the Giants' Bronze Jar, alone in the dark, subsisting only on sour pomegranate seeds.

Interestingly, several things that both Nico and Piper have in common are them both fluently speaking a Romance language Italian and French respectivelyboth of them having a close relationship with Hazeland both of them finally becoming close friends with Reyna near the end of the series, with the latter sharing secrets with them that she'd never told anyone about before. Tristan McLeanher father. Piper's father is Tristan McLean, a well-known actor with a powerful position and is of Cherokee descent.

Her father is always at work and busy. Piper wants to feel recognized by him which is why she gets in trouble and "steals" things with her charmspeaking. The two share a moment during The Lost Herowhere he explained that while he does love her, he tried to keep her away from him so she wouldn't be drawn into his crazy celebrity life. From then on, Piper is more understanding of her dad and accepts that he may not have as much time for her as she would like.

Aphrodite, Piper's mother. Her mother is Aphroditewho is as known as the goddess of love and beauty. When Piper meet her mom in her dream, the two seemed to act on good terms with each other and she thinks her mother is beautiful.

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Aphrodite also states that she's trying to make their love life "interesting," but in other words, it just means she's making it hard, as Piper thinks. In The House of HadesPiper is able to defeat Khione when she remembers how great and powerful her really mother is, which motivates and enhances Piper's powers to the point that she uses the love of her heart to melt Khione's ice.

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