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Known Issues Trello Board new player? Light Mode Dark Mode. How does matchmaking work? I usually play with a few of my friends. None of us have above a platinum border. Most of us have a silver border and a few aren't even above level 30 yet.

How does matchmaking work in smite

Your roles description isn't something I agree with implementing. If you want to play certain characters is different roles typical conquest roles - adc, support, mid etcthey will play differently as a result.

If you wan't more control, or more damage, or more "pushing", or more initiating or You get what I'm saying, right?

It removes choice from the player, which is almost always a bad thing. Then or course, you have to determine who is good at what. Who does that? Do a group of people decide then have a vote? Do the players decide? Do pros decide? What if some people vastly disagree on the values of initiator, or damage dealer? What if a premade wants to try something different? What if they want to have all tanks, or all damage dealers?

There are more problems caused with this than solutions imo.

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Last edited by RecalledDread ; 15 Aug, am. Originally posted by RecalledDread :. Choosing roles before lobby also doesn't work. I keep saying this as an example in these threads; - I choose support role due to shorter queue times - I actually want to play mid, so in lobby I pick Janus.

Can help how does matchmaking work in smite opinion you

We now have 2 mid laners, and no support since everyone else picked their roles. Solution: Assign roles to each character and lock them from others.

Problem with this is; - Removes choice again, not a good idea at all - Stops people from experimenting and potentially finding something that works great. Again, it creates or shifts problems, it doesn't actually solve them. This removes good choices and compositions though.

Matchmaking is a term used to describe how we determine which players are going to be paired up to fight. The matchmaking system tries to ensure each team has an even chance at winning any given match. It does this by pairing similarly skilled players with and against each other. GENERAL MATCHMAKING FAQ.

Picking gods before lobby makes things even worse as I gave an example of just now. It again restricts the players ability to be a team, reduces potential of certain characters, and basically makes certain characters become useless to play again, team dependant characters will suffer from this system.

I understand what you are saying, but I don't think you are thinking it through properly, which is what I wanted you to do with my comment.

It doesn't stop people doing these things, people will still do them, and the report system doesn't change this. People who do these things now, will find ways to continue doing them with your suggested system. It's been brought up several times on these forums, but I don't see any new arguments to support it.

I forgot to mention, you don't think about Ranked modes either.

all clear

If you are suggesting HiRez would also implement this system you suggested into Ranked, you really haven't thought it through fully. But how would HiRez fix matchmaking in Ranked?

And why wouldn't they do it the same way for Normals? Why have this flawed way of "fixing" matchmaking, but not use it across all modes? You don't need to rely on friends to play as a team. That is what's wrong with the community. I get plenty of people who pick gods that work well, together. Aphro isn't that team dependant, she doesn't need a particular type of character to work well. I mean characters like Awilix, who need other people with knockups to make full use of her kit more easily he 3 isn't always going to cut it.

IMO, it's far worse than ideal as I've already explained. It just shifts problems, rather than solves it. Whilst it might solve matchmaking in some ways, it makes it worse in others.

You will still get people trolling with picks, you will still get people who DC, feed etc. Honestly, if this was implemented I and I'm sure many others would likely leave the game. Parties are expected to perform overall better than individuals, so there's a correction factor for those.

If you're a 3 man party matchmaking will noticeably place you higher and construct enemy teams stronger than if you were all matched together as individuals. Starting a new game mode matchmaking doesn't know yet with certainty how good you are.

So worse matches are to be expected. This should improve after a few games. Even for modes you played a lot before, it may be an unfortunate streak of bad luck. Uses mmr. Every mode as separate mmr. Works like this for other games. Ignore account levels. They only mean that player has played a lot. Had a high level account neith in a clash game today. We lost. He went Level 14 while everyone else was He blamed everyone else and said we were all bad.

He even had lowest damage on the team too getting beat by Odin and sobek. Match making is broken in all conquest game modes. I honestly can't tell you how it works because I'm consistently being matched with brand new players at least 2 on my team per ranked game, and it's usually all 4 in casuals. I play diamond to plat. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join?

Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new post. Despite all good intentions, all the decisions he makes are wrong. He doesn't have the wisdom of his friends to fall back on, and he doesn't know what to do.

That's a hypothetical, of course, but it's not too far from what happens. People get carried sometimes when they play with more experienced friends.

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Sure, they'll eventually become better, but until that point, his rating isn't indicative of his skill level. The real problem is that, for the time being, he'll be thrown into games over his head. Some people will shrug it off, some people will BM, and others come to to make posts about bad matchmaking cheap shot :P. What I'm trying to get at is that it's not necessarily that they WANT the higher rating, but sometimes it just kind of happens that way. It's late at night while I'm typing this, so I'm sorry if anything sounds sarcastic or rude.

It's not meant to be, I just love discussion. Best wishes. In practice I don't see this happening. Dan ponpon and I constantly queue with our IRL friends who are way below our level. They constantly feed in our games, but when we go look at the games they play solo, they're generally winning and carrying them.

Fact is, they learn while playing with us, despite getting killed tons, and take that to their solo games where they consistently win. Hay don't discredit my rating : holy pallies are way hard.

GA had the trueskill system as well. Basically there was a star system, the better you did the higher the stars up to 5 starswith that. The higher the stars the more the MM would expect of you. Mainly you were expected to carry 9 other people on your team if you had 5 stars.

The ONLY Solo Lane Guide You'll Ever Need for SMITE Season 7!

On top of that HR put in a backfill system. In short, MM in GA was horrible. This is probably why I understand their problem with teamed players and MM in smite. Because GA had the same problem.

Thank you very much for posting this, it's great to see you responding to the concerns on the. I hope everyone realizes that the CEO of the company personally addressed the topic, not some "community manager". Honestly, I'm fairly sure Duke the actual community manager would not have minded throwing this info our way was he given the greenlight by the higher-ups. Erez most likely wanted to do it himself because he was in due, by his own word - in the now extinct forums - to make a post about this.

I have no clue what has been holding him back all this time but it's still good that he came out to say this himself.

Congratulate, seems how does matchmaking work in smite happens. can

I'm sure Duke would have been happy to pass the info along. I've just never seen the CEO of a company personally respond and address an issue of the game in a forum. Thought it is pretty cool that he does stuff like this and shows up on streams.

How Does Matchmaking Work In Smite, good canned lines to use dating site, amending consolidating and codifying statutes pronunciation, interracial dating bwwm. Claire institutrice 47 ans Alors bonjour a vous qui me lisez, et j'espere que vous en prendrez le temps. If you're a 3 man party matchmaking will noticeably place you higher and construct enemy teams stronger than if you were all matched together as individuals. Starting a new game mode matchmaking doesn't know yet (with certainty) how good you are. So worse matches are to be expected. This should improve after a few games. The Noma matchmaking we had in adventures works well for intimacy heels, but we have a lot of ready skilled players how does smite matchmaking work change more live on camera. If the action max is 10 users it does not always some a 10 minute tie, it depends when you need to join the horny, it might be only 1 new or 2 conversations matchmakihg.

Thank you for being so transparent about the matchmaking. This is pretty much what I thought you would do. I'm a very bipolar type player who goes in several games then in the next lot without outside help. I figure this will cause issues for the matchmaking system because my average none ranked ELO is more than likely in the lower middle area.

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Meaning that half the time I am matched too low and half the time matched too high. One simple way to limit the impact of server regions would be to state which region the server is in on the lobby. This way I know if I get the wrong server to not play a ranged carry as I will miss every auto attack. Please make it so that lvl 30s gets matched with only lvl 30s.

I am sick of getting in games where the players "dont know what they are doing". I dont mean the parties. I have been in all solo matches where one guy is lvl 19 and the rest over The lvl 19 freya seriously did not know the current "high level meta" and therefore was messing the team up. I know its casual but u know Why would you expect a level 19 casual player to know up to date meta?

Your best option there is to just tell them what they're doing wrong and hope they're receptive. Why are you commenting on a 4 month old comment? I don't even remember what I was trying to get at with that comment. And for your question, no I wouldn't. So you re-enforcing that support players in Ranked matches are pretty much screwed from the start, as we level slower, we get lowest amount of gold and XP and our KDA doesnt demonstrate accurately if we played well or not, as if i die but i save my carry ass i think thats an excellent work of my part.

What's up with the matchmaking? A few weeks ago I had average player tha knew what a conquest was I'd like that to be the case again.

I'll be using a term: MMR. This stands for Matchmaking Rating. This is your true measure of skill for all SMITE systems. Another term used is Elo but this is a different rating system that Hi-Rez does NOT use. MMR and Elo are similar terms in that they are a numerical measurement of player skill. In we added your Matchmaking Division. If a player drops out or does not pick a god in the lobby, Elo is calculated as if that player caused the loss. If players on both sides drop out, both of them get Elo loss. Matchmaking Smite queues are timer based. The following algorithm describes a 5 v 5 match (10 . Aug 15,   If you are implementing a system that is meant to fix matchmaking, you should be implementing the same system for all modes, not just normals. The problem is, this method doesn't work with Ranked due to pick/bans. You can't even do it in Duel, as you need to know what the other person is banning, and what they are likely to pick as a result.

Any preceived disadvantage this might appear to have, will be offset by the fact that they are Team-Matesand most likely will work better together than randoms. Especially when we are all using voice chat outside of the game. Not to mention those teammates need to learn to play at his level, not watch him curb-stomp less-skilled players at their level.

New players level 1 to 6 are processed separately wherever possible to form noob only matches.

Opinion here how does matchmaking work in smite apologise, but

Like I said in another thread, drop the use of a players level. It's meaningless. The assumption that a lower level is new to the game is ridiculous. It also promotes smurfing.

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Also Thank you for this information. The community appreciates the communication. It alleviates the frustration of whats happening with matchmaking knowing what's happening in the background. The issue is typically that the lower elo player feeds, so using the Higher ELO would make it even a worse match the math and testing has shown that to be true. Player level represents experience and has a VERY large impact especially at lower levels.

We have tested several with math models, historical modeling and with live testing, every time we grouped players below level 6 with higher level players it was a total disaster. Yes, that's an issue, but that's where the higher ELO player needs to teach the player how to play defensively, and the player that feeds learns how not to be ganked before learning how to gank.

If you place the High ELO in a lower matched game, and the lower in the higher? Who learns anything? Yes it would be a disaster, but it should be only once, if the ELO is calculated correctly after that match, and that one player is placed higher on the ladder. Do you hate new players joining Smite or something? It's already difficult to have a friend tough out the learning curve of a MOBA as-is, we don't need to have them be thrown into even higher Elo matches. I don't understand what you get out of your system.

You throw away information about the players you're trying to match and gain nothing in return to improve matchmaking. Coming from league I legends my first MOBA my friends put me thru "The Gauntlet" they were all lvl 30 silvers and here I come new to the game a lvl 5 fresh from bots.

They thru me into support at first and showed me the important things to do, now that I am level 30 after facing them alot I am on par with them and I learned alot from that experience. If one is willing to learn at a low level then there's no reason the lvl 5 can't be put in a lvl 30 match with his friend.

Simply say hey he's lvl 5 help him out so he can learn.

Think, that how does matchmaking work in smite apologise

Want to point out I'm not saying its a good thing to do that exact example but its easier for someone to learn from the best players than mediocre players, we don't watch streams just for a pretty face we learn more about the game from them playing it.

I find that most lvl 5s in lvl 30 games get carried, and I don't think most people myself included learn from getting carried. It's great that it worked for you, but it doesn't work that way for everyone. Plus there are studies that show you learn more from success than failure, and you're going to encounter a lot of failure in that scenario.

Success doesn't show where you need to improve. I find that as a game goes on you use your mistakes to get better and thier mistakes to punish. Being a level 5 in a 30 yes your getting carried but everytime you die and your friend tells you why.

It's stuck in there, your thinking about it and its set in your mind ok I need to do this to prevent this. Is the reason people decide to place wards once they hit a certain level. Got ganked again! How can I fix this Player 1 has bought wards " I agree a lot of people can learn many thing from success but just because you learn more from success based off studies that doesn't mean key things didnt come from failures. They don't call it trial and error for nothing. Conventional wisdom isn't always right.

Yes we can learn from our mistakes, but we learn more and better from success because of how our brains work.

Getting ganked didn't teach me to ward, seeing other people not get ganked because they warded did. I got better at playing Smite by watching other people make smart choices on their streams not overextending, etc. Good players grouping with bad players is simply trying to choose the lesser of 2 evils when it comes to match-making Its funny becasue in this situation being that its kills AND assists vs deaths the tank has 15 combined and 5 deaths and the carry has 15 combined and 7 deaths making the carry earn less.

It's based off if kill and assist vs deaths and it's just one small ingredient to the cake that is match making. So if you are saying wee need more players for it to work better and Smite is supposed to have 2. Then what is the ideal number that needs to be achieved in order for the matchmaking work better? Smurfs, people play once, people who don't even play at all Also that there 24 hours in a day that the active community is scattered in different game modes at any one time.

I've seen you say this 3 times before and each time you've been pointed out wrong, why keep making the post? If you ready carefully you will see it says supposed to have 2. I hate when people down vote things that are relevant to a sub. The information here whether you like it or not is relevant so no need to down vote. Like my comment, this one though relevant in a parallel way is not directly relevant to this conversation so should technically be down voted!

It's almost as if I haven't been saying that since always. No, that would be a "workaround". The resolution would be for a better matchmaking system to be implemented. The truest resolution would be to have "rolling queues", which start a match for you only when a suitable number of people around your skill level have been found.

Unfortunately, Smite's population base is still a tad too small to support such a feature, but maybe down the line it will become a feasible option. I amend my statement, as rolling queues would really only help in Solo queue. However, it still wouldn't help people who are just learning different gods or trying new playstyles.

I really don't like the queue system atm. Erez, can you clarify-are you using TrueSkill or Elo? They are two separate systems, with TrueSkill apparently being an enhancement on Elo. It seems inaccurate to call it Elo if it's TrueSkill. Very cool, thanks for the info. I guess it'd be hard to tell people to stop calling it "Elo" though, eh? My issue is that you want friends to be able to play together in casual matches.

Why not allow friends to play together in competitive matches? Will there ever be group or duo queues for ranked? Perhaps limit it to only if they are withing a certain ELO of one another, but I like playing with my friend, and we are rather competitive, but there seems to be no home for groups of two that want to play competitively.

No 2v2 Joust, no way to Q ranked play lists as a group of two. It's very detrimental when you think about that being a huge reason for the success of widely commercial games such as Halo, CoD, or GTA.

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You're able to playing with a group of friends from rather seemlessly, Smite does not allow for this and it will become an eventual growing pain for the game. This was very enlightening about the matchmaking. Very detailed, listing out the issues, and the way that they are currently being handled. In this case, there really isn't a better way to do matchmaking, and the transparency to the community about the issue is really nice, especially when it is so detailed.

I'd love to see more posts like this about how other parts of the game work in the future with this much detail in them. Please don't do this. I shouldn't be restricted while playing with people of a similar level.

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If they're significantly lower level, I guess you could restrict me to my lower winrates and them to their higher, but still, I'd dislike that too.

It's not fun giving restrictions out and I like playing with similarly leveled people, unless the restrictions were miniscule in these matches, I probably wouldn't play, which would likely make me not play much at all.

I have a question about the ELO. A carry will probably endup with a very high KD ratio but a tank or support probably wont have as high. While this all sounds pretty solid, those edge cases you mention seem to be all too common. Makes sense about the grouping with friends of different levels.

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I really look forward to the restrictions i. WoW PvP in which players are seperated into brackets, etc While the restriction of gods might be decent, I think people would rage about this. They already are mad at auto locks or if they have to play a class they didnt want to. Then groups can say ah, we need a particular class to fill, any higher level mages or carrys etc.

Something like that. Anyway thanks for the post OP, appreciate the time and thought you put into it and to making this game and community better and more informed!

I would love to see this transparency in the game menu. If you're bumped from NA to EU servers, show that so that we can play a support, rather than a super important carry. I'd also recommend showing party associations in the match lobby and ingame somehow so that we as players can understand which folks might be working together at an advantage through VOIP.

For me, it's demoralizing to see matches where my team is all solo and the other team is a 3,2 or a 3,1,1. Most of the time we can see this by way of tags, but lately it's been getting worse and worse. The other thing to note here is that the system will always be imperfect.

You're always going to have unhappy folks because you have players who just don't care enough to learn more about the game to contribute. Most of my games are lost due to poor teamwork, folks just not caring or lately, you just have rage quitters. To find a balanced, fun match and yes, a balanced fun match can also result in a loss for me is VERY far and few in between. I don't dare enter the competitive queue because everyone acts like elitist assholes in the comp queue even if their skill level doesn't warrant it.

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