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If you like interview shows, you'll love this OG podcast hosted by comedian Marc Maron. Anyone who comes from a church background will recognize a lot of the tropes in this satirical podcast.

Just like a real church, there are some real characters in this hysterical podcast. Some movies are so bad, they're great. If you love bad films, you'll also get into this gut-busting podcast from comedians Jason Mantzoukas, Paul Scheer, and June Diane Raphael. You don't have to watch the movie to enjoy each episode; the hosts' banter is great on its own.

The writers of the BBC show Qi share their favorite trivia and facts they've learned over the past week in this podcast, which is often recorded in front of a live audience. Try this one to gather factoids to share at your next cocktail party or water cooler encounter. Most of us have held the kinds of soul-sucking jobs that are so inane, you just have to laugh. So has Brooks Wheelan, and he and his guests talk about the highs, lows, and hijinks that made up their own entry-level gigs.

Listen for a hit of inspiration that there's light on the other side. Longtime true crime podcast listeners will find themselves chuckling at this podcast that pokes gentle fun at the true crime genre and podcasts as a whole. It even has fake ads and sponsors to complete the package. And each episode is relatively short, so it's perfect for binge listening. Those who wiled away long hours reading the Ann M.

Martin series will also love this podcast, in which hosts Jack Shepherd and Tanner Greenring read the books, delve into the Baby-Sitters Club universe and share what they learn along the way.

It's perfect for comedy and BSC fans alike and no, the name isn't a typo. Full disclosure: I'm no sports fan. But even I found lots to love about this basketball-centric podcast from host Eric Silver and Mike Schubert.

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It covers all of the wild behind-the-scenes drama of the NBA, and you don't have to be a basketball expert to follow along. Those of us who remember making playlists for our crushes back in high school will love the emotional rollercoaster that is this unique podcast hosted by comedian Eliza Skinner.

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Each episode, she shares a playlist for a specific event or moment, as well as insights and contributions from celebrity guests. Trust us: Grab a snack before you hit "play" on this addictive podcast.

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Comedians Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger invite special guests to review fast-food and chain restaurants with them, and then share the results in each episode. The hosts frequently go on long tangents outside the actual restaurant in conversational episodes that will definitely make you hungry.

Pour yourself a big glass of your favorite beverage and get ready to sip some tea with comedian Ashley Nicole Black.

She's got the hot takes on everything from current events, to friendship struggles in this podcast that will have you snickering in recognition all the way through.

The tagline for this cult favorite podcast says " Three brothers answer questions with a slew of asides, lots of brotherly teasing, and plenty of jokes along the way.

Conan O'Brien really needs no introduction, and we probably don't have to convince you his podcast is as funny as his late-night show. He invites guests to talk about what's going on with them and whether they can be real friends once the cameras - and microphones - stop rolling.

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Conan is a master of banter, and it shows in this infectious podcast. Authors and journalists Doree Shafrir and Kate Spencer started this beauty and wellness podcast because, as women over 30, they didn't see themselves represented well in the mainstream media.

They wanted to talk about the things that mattered to them and their friends with a wider audience, so they started a podcast that does just that. When you put two funny people on mics, you're bound to get some laughs out of the deal and that's exactly what happens in this interview podcast hosted by comedian Pete Holmes.

They talk about the business of comedy but of course, it always devolves into a series of great jokes.

It's a major discovery! We'll watch it with our funniest friends, and report back to you with the results.

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Coeur D'Alene, ID About Podcast Each week, Dan Cummins takes fascinating listener suggested topics and enthusiastically dives into time sucks about everything from Charles Manson to the Lizard Illuminati, absurdly and sarcastically sharing the best of what he uncovers with you.

Time to get curious! Time for Timesuck. About Podcast Phil Hendrie's historic improvisational genius goes to work everyday in this divinely hilarious satire of the modern media. And that's only part of what's really going on here.

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Get a hold of this top shelf entertainment from one of the acknowledged masters of comedy and social satire. New York City About Podcast A comedy podcast to help better understand humanity and also to make fart jokes.

Fifty-Three Best Dating Podcasts For Latest was The Dating Relationship Show - Sunday, July 5, - Gut Health. Listen online, no signup necessary. Comedy All Topics Podcast Top Black Culture Business & Finance Comedy Coronavirus ates Crime Curiosity Entertainment Food Games & Hobbies Health History Kids & Family Latino LGBTQ Music News Politics Relationships Science & Technology Society & Culture Spirituality Sports.

Vegas, Baby! We'll examine religious news, talk about monkeys, and anything else that seems funny or makes us mad. We'll also take your suggestions for things you feel like talking about. We will be running a live video feed from the Vintage Nudes Studio for people with the time and inclination to watch people sitting and talking.

Topics include current events, pop culture, politics and even intimate details of their lives.

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Every show is guaranteed to make you laugh! Los Angeles, CA About Podcast InJimmy Pardo became a podcasting pioneer when he began hosting the raucous-but-smart weekly podcast 'Never Not Funny', which Entertainment Weekly called 'one of the sharpest and gut-bustingest shows on the Internet.

Now we are on our own and making our way through the world! The show is comedy, call-ins, music and fun. It's Scharpling and Wurster and everyone else! Tell your friends that we're back and we're coming for your children! Also in areas they're not qualified to talk about. Hollywood, California U.

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Hosts Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette spend each episode meandering through current events, offering their unique opinions and jokes about what's going on in the world. United States About Podcast Citation Needed, a podcast where we choose a subject, read a single article about it on Wikipedia, and pretend we're experts. We have had an absolute blast putting this show together and we hope you like it, too! London UK About Podcast For anyone who writes comedy, makes comedy, loves comedy, or just has an interest in comedians and what makes them so annoying.

Evan Marc Katz - The Art of Dating Well - The Art of Charm Ep.#744

Joined by fellow comedians and other interesting people with a focus on the weird and the real. With Ken Daly, Andy Paley and more. The show is a weekly eruption of comedic comment about the world's most, and least, important news stories.

We currently feature more than 15 different shows and release at least ten episodes each week. The network began as a single podcast hosted by comic Adam Tod Brown. Facebook fans 1. The format of the show is really simple just people sending in their questions on absolutely anything they like. London, England, United Kingdom About Podcast Join comedian Deborah Frances-White and her special guests as they discuss topics 'all 21st century feminists agree on' while confessing their insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that underlie their lofty principles.

She is an Edinburgh Fringe regular, screenwriter and is hugely in demand for her corporate seminars. The duo then watched Sex and The City 2 52 times. What started as simply a stupid idea, quickly turned into a public mental unraveling of two grown men, week by week. The podcast has been downloaded over 5 millions times since it began in Feb It's self-help for the helpless.

London, England About Podcast Carl Donnelly and Chris Martin are both UK stand-up comedians who between them have won awards, appeared on television and generally been funny all over the globe.

The fun podcast has received positive reviews due to its unique concept of talking about things that are going on in the world that no one else is really discussing. The hosts welcome live audience input through calls and texts, making this an interactive experience.

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The show airs two new episodes each Friday and is currently in its 13th year. WTF with Maron has become one of the most iconic comedy podcasts since its release in New episodes are available every Monday and Thursday.

Comedy dating podcast

Maron often references his own life, as well as happenings around the world. His raw conversations with well-known personalities are honest, funny, and thought-provoking. The premise revolves around a guy, Jamie Morton, who discovers that his dad wrote pornography throughout his life, simply as a hobby.

Many people find this interesting concept as one of the funniest podcasts available. This podcast has gained a large following since its beginning inboasting over million downloads. It comes out with new episodes every Monday. The episodes revolve around the brothers using comedy to answer questions that have either been submitted by listeners or uncovered on Yahoo!

The brothers release ates for this show every week, and even have a television series based on the podcast. Each episode highlights the family solving puzzles, battling their enemies, and moving their characters up in a series of comedic encounters. This podcast was developed after the brothers played Dungeons and Dragons on an episode of My Brother, My Brother and Me with their father, which was met with rave reviews. This podcast is hosted by stand-up comedian Bert Kreischer.

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Each Wednesday, a new episode comes out featuring Bert interacting with a fellow comedian. Since its inception inBert has recorded the episodes for this podcast from his Man Cave, which was built thanks to a home renovation reality TV show. Listeners appreciate the hilarity and approachable vibe of this podcast. The hosts feature a new guest for each episode as they make jokes about movies that they find to be hilariously bad.

This podcast has gained a large following since its beginning in Hosted by Pete Holmes, this podcast began with the concept that Holmes would ask his fellow comedian guests about three obscure facts he knew about them.

However, the show has evolved into a more natural conversation about a variety of topics, such as comedy, religion, and sexuality. The podcast has also grown to feature guests outside of the comedy profession, including pastors, authors, and scientists.

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This weekly podcast is hosted by comedian Jimmy Pardo and co-host Matt Belknap. Listeners can enjoy free episodes every Wednesday, and prime episodes each Sunday.

Feb 19,   National Public Radio listeners will recognize this iconic comedy game show podcast. Guests try their noodles at a weekly news quiz that will have . Apr 29,   Enjoying a funny comedy podcast is an excellent way to middleburyfloralvt.com much as we love getting sucked into a true crime listen, following an absorbing story, or catching up on political news, a good laugh provides your brain with much-needed stress relief, according to the Mayo middleburyfloralvt.com, once you've found some favorites, the hosts begin to feel like old friends that you have regular (one-way. Jul 13,   Elle Fanning's Quarantine Birthday Included Taylor Swift and Face Masks - Duration: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Recommended for youAuthor: Quarantined Happy Hour Podcast.

The hosts welcome a guest in the second half of each episode and engage in insightful and hilarious free-form conversation with them. The topics discussed on this podcast range from pop culture and music to personal or interesting anecdotes. Listeners especially enjoy a segment called Judge Jimmy, where the cast settles a dispute submitted by a listener. This comedy podcast is hosted by married comedians Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky. The couple discusses topics such as ongoing events, comedy, and anecdotes from their daily lives.

This podcast was nominated as a comedic finalist in the Best Comedy category of the Stitcher Awards. Listeners enjoy weekly ates on Tuesdays.

This daily audio and video podcast is hosted by comedian, actor, sports commentator, and TV host Joe Rogan, and has grown to become one of the most popular podcasts worldwide. The concept of the podcast is Rogan having a conversation with friends and famous guests, such as Brian Redban, Sam Harris, and Andrew Yang.

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Rogan also welcomes various other comedians, actors, musicians, authors, and more. There are over 1, episodes of this podcast to date. Listeners find this podcast to be hilarious and umiddleburyfloralvt.comedictable. The duo watches and reviews the same film each week for a year, which is typically one that neither has seen and is largely considered to be a bad film. Some films that they reviewed so far include Grown Ups 2 for 52 weeks and Sex and the City 2 for 52 weeks.

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This year, they are reviewing We Are Your Friends. New episodes are released every week. This weekly podcast with ates released on Mondays has been up for several awards. This live, semi-weekly comedic podcast started on June 6, This podcast started as a live, monthly show, but became a weekly occurrence after Harmon discontinued his work on Community. Harmon and Davis envisioned that this could happen with the creation of a lunar colony that would occur in front of a live audience.

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