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Flight attendants are often viewed as being the waiters and waitresses of the flying world, but their job duties are much more comprehensive than handing out snacks and sodas. This career option requires you to perform safety functions on an aircraft, handle customer service issues on or off the ground, and communicate with the flight deck to ensure that every passenger can have a safe experience while traveling. There are times when working as a flight attendant can be as glamorous as what it seems like on TV or in the movies. Then there are the moments which will make you wonder why you ever decided to pursue a career like this in the first place. As with any career option, there are some specific pros and cons of being a flight attendant that you will want to review before jumping into this job. There are plenty of travel benefits available with this career option.

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The job of an air hostess is considered glamorous. It is definitely an interesting job as one travels to many places and meets different people, but there is also lot of physical and mental stress involved.

Jun 29,   CONS: 1. Less stay from home: Those who love being always at home may have a limitation. This is because this career involves 2. Separation from loved ones: For those having love ties between a flight attendant and a non-friend attendant might 3. She has to remain calm and patient under all circumstances. An air hostess may come across ill-tempered and annoying passengers and have to manage them. She may have to listen to blames for delays, for the food, or other complaints from passengers but deal with them patiently. Not only being a flight attendant is sometimes tough, but also dating as a flight attendant is as well. You can't plan anything because you don't know when your schedule is coming out, or you are on reserve all the time.

There is an opportunity to fly around the world and one gets to see some beautiful and exotic places where one can also spend some days at expensive hotels. One has to be patient and tolerant with the different types of people and understand the needs of people of different ages.

This makes one more accommodating and understanding of people in general.

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Air hostesses working with international airlines have the chance to visit and explore foreign countries. Domestic airlines provide fewer opportunities to do so.

Cons of dating a flight attendant

There are rewards for flight attendants when on a holiday. However, they vary between airlines.

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Many airlines provide air travel for free. There are discounts or free tickets for immediate family members of the air hostesses, and the expenses for food, lodging and transportation are less. Many airlines offer health care coverage for flight attendants who work in a full-time capacity, which includes vision insurance, dental insurance and many others.

Jul 10,   However, there are still pros and cons to it just like any industry. As a dream job for many, these are the top three positives and negatives about working as a flight attendant. Flight Attendant Travel Benefits. One of the best perks of working as a flight attendant is . Nov 06,   Flight attendants know the value of economy when packing a suitcase. 9. Flight attendants are trained to be efficient, punctual, and organized-admirable qualities in a dating partner, especially if you've dated irresponsible, unreliable people in the past. Dinner conversation with a flight attendant is unlikely to be boring.

Many others provide a retirement savings plan or a profit-sharing program. An air hostess experiences a lot of physical stress due to standing for a long time. She has to be on her toes throughout the journey, as the job responsibilities include assisting passengers to find their seats, informing them about safety rules, serving them food and drinks, retrieving bags or other items for passengers and so on.

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There is hardly any time to relax. One has to work for long and odd hours, as long as 12 or 14 hours in a single shift. Separation from loved ones : For those having love ties between a flight attendant and a non-friend attendant might also be discouraged to meet.

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Less time may be available to make love in such cases. Lower pay for beginners: This is among the striking deals of being a flight attendant as those with less experience receive less pay. Always on the call : A flight attendant is always communicating with different people and departments. You should always be prepared to receive a call to attend a flight.

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Risky during hijacks: During terror ambushes by terrorists flight attendants are on the front redline to receive evils like shooting. More hours of standing: One must be well adapted to always be on the wheels.

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Flight attendants are always on move to service the crew and flight passengers. Fewer vacancies : Most airlines are in their fullest capacity of flight attendants. Busy during festive season: Sometimes especially during festive seasons more flights may be made and the work can be extremely tiring.

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One must, therefore, be ready for tight schedules. Requires profound skills in public relations: Flight attendants should always be social and quick to relate to anyone.

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This might not suit some people lacking these skills in public relations. Faces parenting setbacks: Due to the unavailability of free time, taking care of children may be difficult to handle considering the fact that one is always on flight schedules.

Apr 29,   Yes, having a relationship with some one who is a flight attendant is hard. But come to think about it, having a relationship with all of you who are not flight attendants is actually in reality, way harder. You are the difficult ones, not us. You are forced to go to work Monday to Friday, nine to five, week after week, month after month. 1. There are plenty of travel benefits available with this career option. One of the most significant benefits that you will find available to 2. There is a lot of flexibility built into your schedule. When you look at the average job in the United States, most people work either or 9 3. Jan 03,   As an Flight Attendant you will most definitely create memories that will last a lifetime. You don't even know what you're in for yet but trust me, it will amaze you! But just like anything else there are Cons to this lifestyle as well A lot of time away from home As a Flight Attendant you will be away from home quite often.

Sometimes flight attendants may tour in a country too far from home. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. These issues usually happen early in your Flight Attendant career. As times goes on, the more seniority you acquire it gets better because you have more "rank" to get your requested days off and maybe even score a holiday.

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It's all fun and new in the beginning but there does come a time when you miss sleeping in your own bed and just kickin' it on the weekends with your best friends. Reserve Life and Being on-Call. The reserve life at the beginning of your career as a Flight Attendant will be an interesting experience to say the least.

Flight Attendants and Relationships

You will pretty much be at the airlines beck and call. Then there will be other times when you will be stuck sitting around your crashpad because there's no reserve flying available. Lower Pay.

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There's this misconception that Flight Attendants are poor. As a Flight Attendant I am far from poor but I don't make as much as I could make if I were working in a traditional corporate gig. Now Booking!

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