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Sometimes people mess up and make one mistake that costs them their relationship. For others, cheating becomes a regular habit because of some internal flaws. Knowing that your partner has cheated in the past is enough to send some people running. But you might decide that they are worth the risk. Someone who is able to admit transgressions that they could have just kept from you is someone who understands the value of transparency. You might think that ignorance is bliss, but hearing their story will stop your mind from running wild with trust issues and concerns.

Oct 23,   Honestly, having cheated in a previously relationship is a minor flaw. Sure, you hope that he doesn't repeat it again. But if this guy has everything else going to him, that flaw is nothing. If this is the type of guy who pays his electric bill on time and flosses, a little bit of cheating in the past in nothing. You've only been dating a few months, so I'm not really sure why you are concerned with marriage so early in the relationship. Because someone has been cheated on doesn't mean they can't find someone else and commit again in fact he is more likely to be a better more caring person do to the fact he knows how it feels to be betrayed. Oct 21,   The problem is, my boyfriend and I were dating 5 months ago. I tried to save face in front of this guy, but when I left I was pissed. My boyfriend and I got in an argument, because I hate feeling blindsided, and I feel he cheated on me. I get we weren't official until 4 months ago, but at 5 months, I thought we were just dating each other.

If they are able to see that cheating was wrong and that they needed to address issues within, you can be confident that they have changed. Do they constantly flirt with other people or act secretive? On the other hand, are you overreacting or being too cynical?

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Take the time to check in with yourself to make sure you feel confident that your relationship can progress. Building trust on a rocky past is challenging, but not impossible.

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Is that what you would want people to judge you on forever? Understanding that your partner wants to move on from their past just as much as you do will help you forgive and forget.

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Remind yourself that the past is the past and your relationship is different. If your feelings are so strong that you want to take a chance on them, lean into that. The last thing you want to do is push someone away by making them feel like they can never set your mind at ease.

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They never had kids. But knowing how he had a messy divorce scares me.

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It makes me wonder how he even wants to be in a relationship at all but he has always been very committed to me and very clear that he wants a real relationship. He's also very loving and romantic.

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But I worry that he will keep me hanging for years as the girlfriend and I'm not ok with that. I told him before I don't want to date someone for years on end if the relationship isn't progressing and he told me he is not wasting my time.

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Dating a divorced man whose wife cheated on him? Add Opinion. Its not your fault to be concerned and cautious. His was in a bad state "ex wife blah blah blah" he doesn't want it to happen again for obvious reasons if his just taking his time and doing things really slow, its becausr his being cautious to and he doesn't want to do the same mistake twice.

Probably stop asking him about it. He will open up to you when he wants to and when his more comfortable. Nobody likes talking aboyt such things. Just be there for him and assure him time to time that you do love him and you miss him etc.

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All men loved to feel aand be wanted. Im sure you won't be.

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Just remember he did say he will remarry. You've only been dating a few monthsso I'm not really sure why you are concerned with marriage so early in the relationship. Because someone has been cheated on doesn't mean they can't find someone else and commit again in fact he is more likely to be a better more caring person do to the fact he knows how it feels to be betrayed.

Generally speaking, dating a guy who's cheated in a past relationship - maybe even more than once - probably isn't the brightest idea. Sure, he may say that he's changed, but in all likelihood, that's total BS. Still, you might decide that this guy is worth the risk, take a leap of faith and hope for the best. I was seeing a very emotionally abusive horrible guy, you'd think he was a stand up guy if you didn't know the real him. His ex had cheated on him but you wouldn't blame her if you had heard the way he had treated her, vile emotional and verbal abuse and made her feel like dirt. I think she cheated . More so, having dated several "David's" over the years, I knew a man who had been cheated on presents certain challenges that make it difficult to sustain a long-term relationship, specifically: 3 Reasons I Stear Clear Of Men Who've Been Cheated On: 1. He bears a psychic wound.

So if he is as good of a person you say he is relax and give the guy a break and get to know him better. Could go either way. If he was cheated on he could be the most loyal, faithful man.

Dating a guy that was cheated on

Or he could develop an I'll get her before she gets me attitude and he'll cheat on you. Really depends on how he deals with his ex cheating.

Jun 03,   Loving someone who has been cheated on also means loving someone who is strong, someone who doesn't take any shit, someone who knows that love always isn't forever, that love isn't always enough. This is someone who knows how to pick themselves back up after being heartbroken. They've gotten on a first name basis with their worth and. Jun 12,   Dating a guy who cheated on his ex or has a history of infidelity can be off-putting. No matter how much you like them, or how strong your feelings are, knowing that the person you're dating Author: Alice Kelly. Aug 21,   The story of how I cheated has nothing to do with the girl I was dating, but everything to do with an internal conflict that I'm sure plagues many cheaters: the notion that we're undesirable.

Men that get divorced are actually very likely to get remarried again. I don't think you have anything to worry about. It doesn't even sound like he is obsessing over it, since you had to pry it out of him. If you are holding out for a guy that was never cheated on, chances are you will end up alone, or with a guy that cheated on the girl.

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