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Sentence count Posted: ated: Laws on the marketing of investment funds date back to the mids and to a defunct regulator known as Lautro. And the early signs of that being altered date back to the tough public spending rounds of the early s. Patents date back to Venice in the 15th century, but Communist China did not allow them until So do you understand now why everybody was so excited? The oldest parts of the castle date back to , and were built by King Frederick II, after whom the palace is named. The study of modality may date back to Aristotle, who focused his attention on modal logic.

The town has remains of old fortifications, among them the Tour Marguerite, and a chateau, now used as a law-court, dating from the 15th century.

The church of St Martin, dating from the i 5th century, has good stained glass. A market town since the 14th century, Korsor has ruins of an old fortified castle, on the south side of the channel, dating from the 14th and 17th centuries. Next in point of date comes the so-called temple of Ceres, a hexastyle peripteros, which may be dated after B. The columns are all standing, and the west and part of the east pediment are still in situ; but of the cella, again, nothing is 1 The dating adopted in the present article, which is in absolute contradiction to that given in the previous edition of this work, is that given by R.

One result of the introduction of the new conceptions dating from Darwin was a healthy reaction from that attitude of mind which led to the regarding of the classes and orders recognized by authoritative zoologists as sacred institutions which were beyond the criticism of ordinary men. Robertson Smith, are opposed to the dating of any psalms of the second collection in the Maccabaean period, that, since they are post-exilic, there is one and only one time in the Persian period to which they can be referred, viz.

The tradition, dating from the 15th century and supported by the weighty authority of the Strassburg historian Karl Schmidt Nicolaus von Basel, Vienna,identified him with Nicholas, but is now discredited by all scholars.

The last mention of Alfric Abbot, probably the grammarian, is in a will dating from about The earldom of Dysart must not be confounded with that of Desart Irishcreated barony inand held in the Cuffe family, who were originally of Creech St Michael, Somerset, the Irish branch dating from Queen Elizabeth's time. These are physiology in the modern sense, as dating from Haller, and pathological anatomy, as dating from Morgagni. He had spoken in the House of Commons on the 13th of February, but since then had been prostrated and unable to transact business, his illness dating really from a serious heart attack in the night of the 13th of November at Bristol, after a speech at the Colston banquet.

The present Westminster Bridge, of iron on granite piers, was opened inbut another preceded it, dating from ; the view from which was appreciated by Wordsworth in his sonnet beginning " Earth has not anything to show more fair. It is the finest of the four ancient round churches in England, dating frombut an Early English choir opens from the round church.

Drawing on Asian traditions that date back centuries, its spa retreats blend romance and serenity with exotic sensuality.: The origins of Halloween date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.: The use of the gun carriage, the ceremonial guard and the lining of the streets, are traditions that date back to the time of Nelson.: Perhaps the most solemn instrument is a full set of dating back in a sentence - Use "dating back" in a sentence 1. His major speeches dating back to are reproduced in full. 2. The workouts in the morning dew date back to last winter. click for more sentences of dating back. Date back to definition is - to have been made in or to have come into being in (a certain time in the past). How to use date back to in a sentence.

This is decorated with circles of rosettes of blue, green and red enamel, each surrounded by lines of gold; within the circles are little figures evidently suggested by antique originals, and precisely like similar figures found on carved ivory boxes of Byzantine origin dating from the II th or 12th century.

The double-handled blue-glass vase in the British Museum, dating from the 5th century, is probably a chalice, as it closely resembles the chalices represented on early Christian monuments. The cathedral of San Pietro, dating from and restored and enlarged in the i 5th century by Pietro Lombardo, with a classical facade ofhas five domes. Other buildings of note are the town hall, dating from about ; and the old castle of Hradschin, now used as a law court.

A false interpretation of Gregory of Tours, apparently dating fromrepresented St Denis as having received his mission from Pope Clement, and as having suffered martyrdom under Domitian The word is applied to any group of one hundred, and more particularly to a period of a hundred years, and to the successive periods of a hundred years, dating before or after the birth of Christ.

Owing to a fire caused by lightning its fine church of St Julien, dating from the 14th century, which had escaped serious injury during many wars, was destroyed in since rebuilt. In the university was established in the old Cloth Workers' Hall, a building dating fromwith long arcades and graceful pillars supporting the upper storeys. It contains one Roman Catholic and four Protestant churches, a synagogue, a fine town-hall dating from the 16th century, and several schools.

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The early existence of an accurate system of dating is not surprising; it was necessitated by the fact that Babylonia was a great trading community, in which it was not only needful that commercial and legal documents should be dated, but also that it should be possible to refer easily to the dates of former business transactions.

Now the capture of the city of Isin by Rim-Sin, which took place in the seventeenth year of Sin-muballit, the father of Khammurabi, foamed an epoch for dating tablets in certain parts of Babylonia," and it is probable that we may identify the fall of the Dynasty of Isin with this capture of the city.

They are ancient Buddhist caves dating from the 3rd century before Christ to the 6th century after.

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Most of the hospitals and other charitable institutions are endowed, but the endowments are supplemented by private contributions. The earliest notice of the use of the rochet is found in an inventory of the vestments of the Roman clergy, dating from the 9th century.

Millom Castle, dating from shortly after the Conquest, was fortified in the 14th century by Sir John Huddlestone, whose descendants held it until Our knowledge of the chemical structure of the monosaccharoses may be regarded as dating fromwhen Zincke suspected some to be ketone alcohols, for it was known that glucose and fructose, for example, yielded penta-acetates, and on reduction gave hexahydric alcohols, which, when reduced by hydriodic acid, gave normal and secondary hexyliodide.

The cathedral, which is Italian Gothic, dating mainly from the 13th century, consists of a nave with eight chapels on each side, and a very high Renaissance domed choir; it contains examples of the Montagnas and of Lorenzo da Venezia.

Among these may be especially noted the small Casa Pigafetta dating frombut still half Gothic, prettily decorated. The old church dating from the late 12th or early 13th century marks its site. The town hall, dating from the latter half of the 19th century, contains a municipal library and an interesting collection of pictures. Among the relics of its former importance are the cathedral, built in though originally founded inrestored in and now housing the archaeological collection of the Altmark, the Gothic church of St Mary, founded ina "Roland column" ofand two fortified gateways, dating from the 13th century.

It included the original text and the variations of it dating from the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries. Their theological teaching is misty and perplexing; their earliest writings contain no error, and the hymns of their great St Ephrem, still sung in their services, are positively antagonistic to "Nestorianism"; their theology dating from the schism is not so satisfactory.


The town is enclosed by nearly square brick walls, flanked by massive round towers, dating from the time of the caliphs, but now falling into decay. The principal building is the cathedral of the archbishopric of Acerenza and Matera, formed in by the union of the two bishoprics, dating respectively from and Near the centre of the inner city, most of the streets in which are narrow and irregular, is the cathedral of St Stephen, the most important medieval building in Vienna, dating in its present form mainly from the 14th and 15th centuries, but incorporating a few fragments of the original 12th-century edifice.

The' independence of the former city was of much later origin, only dating from the death of Countess Matildabut it rapidly rose to an ever-increasing power, and to inevitable rivalry with Pisa. Monasteries and nunneries are numerous, dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries, but their influence is now less potent than in those days and the monastic population is not so large. On the adjacent Marienplatz are the old townhall, dating from the 14th century and restored inand the new town-hall, the latter a magnificent modern Gothic erection, freely embellished with statues, frescoes, and stainedglass windows, and enlarged in The remains date from a reconstruction of Roman times,' in which the material of two earlier periods has been used: the large blocks belonging to the original fortifications bear Phoenician masons' marks; but the long line of towers at regular intervals is a thoroughly Roman characteristic.

The castle, dating from the middle ages, with three lofty towers guarding the entrance, occupies the south-eastern extremity of the town. Only the minaret of the mosque, dating from the 14th century, and the battlemented wall, flanked by two towers, remain of its former magnificence. In the immediate neighbourhood of the modern Tlemcen are numerous remains of the fortifications of Agadir vide infraand the minaret of the mosque, a beautiful tower dating Sidi from the 13th century, the lower part of which is built Medin.

The nave, dating from the 11th century, is supported by alternate columns and pillars, and contains frescoes of the 11thth centuries. Maria in Organo, dating fromwith a facade of from Sanmichele's designs, contains paintings by various Veronese masters, and some fine choir-stalls of 1 by Fra Gioconda. The Scaligeri Palace is a fine example, dating from the 14th century, with, in the cortile, an external staircase leading to an upper loggia, above the usual arcade on the ground floor.

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Examples dating from the 10th to the 1 1th century have been discovered hidden by whitewash on the oldest parts of the nave walls of the church of S. The town has four Evangelical churches, one of which, dedicated to the Holy Ghost, has a valuable altarpiece dating from the 14th century. Queretaro occupies the site of an Otomie Indian town dating from about The Saalhof, built on the site of the palace erected by Louis the Pious inoverlooking the Main, has a chapel of the 12th century, the substructure dating from Carolingian times.

The principal buildings are the parish church of St Andrew dating from the time of Henry I. Setting aside rude prehistoric essays in stone and metal, which have special interest for the antiquary, we have examples of sculpture in wood and metal, magnificent in conception and technique, dating from the earliest periods of what we may term historical Japan; that is, from near the beginning of the great Buddhist propaganda under the emperor Kimmei and the princely hierarch, ShOtoku Taishi There are also an ancient church crowning the eastern hill, and a curious fortified warehouse called the New Worksdating probably from the 14th century, when a trading company was established here under a grant from Henry IV.

It has an evangelical and four Roman Catholic churches, among the latter the handsome parish church dating from the 15th century, and various educational establishments. In the scene of the weighing of the soul before Osiris, dating from the New-kingdom onwards, Anubis attends to the balance while Thoth registers the result. The church of St Mary is Norman and Early English, and has a fine chancel screen dating from the later part of the 13th century.

The church of Preshute, largely rebuilt, but preserving its Norman pillars, has a curious piscina, and a black basalt font of great size dating fromin which according to a very old tradition King John was baptized. The shire hall includes remains of a building, called the Stannary prison, dating from the 13th century. This conclusion is based on the following grounds: i Various Jewish works dating from the iith to the 14th century contain a large number of quotations under the heading '"n, i.

Three hundred and twenty-nine letters to Augustus of Saxony dating from the 17th of November to the 8th of Septemberand one hundred and eleven letters to the chancellor Mordeisen dating from November to the summer ofare preserved in MS. Camerarium, patrem et filium; and ninety-six to his great friend Sir Philip Sidney, dating from the 22nd of April to the 28th of Octoberappeared at Frankfort in and have been translated into English by S.

Francesco partly dating from the 13th century, with some frescoes of the 14thand other old churches. Delisle at once pointed out Notices et extraits des manuscrits,this MS. The cathedral, dedicated to San Cataldo, an Irish bishop, dating from the 11th century, has externally some remains of Saracenic Gothic; internally it has been completely modernized, and the shrine of the patron saint has been termed "an orgy of rococo.

The most prominent buildings are the new town-hall ; the castle of Count Clam Gallas, built in the 17th century, with additions dating from and ; the Erzdekanatskirche, of the 16th century; the Protestant church, a handsome modern Romanesque edifice and the hall of the cloth-workers.

There are also two interesting old churches, St Walburga, partly of the 12th and partly of the 14th century, and Notre Dame, dating from the 13th century. Even after the adoption in Europe of the Christian era, a great variety of methods of dating - national, provincial and ecclesiastical - grew up and prevailed for a long time in different countries, thus renewing in modern times the difficulties experienced in ancient times from diversities of reckoning.

This manner of dating was followed in some of the Italian states, and continued to be used at Pisa even down to the year The denomination of Era of Martyrs, subsequently given to it in commemoration of the persecution of the Christians, would seem to imply that its commencement ought to be referred to the year of our era, for it was in that year that Diocletian issued his famous edict; but the practice of dating from the accession of Diocletian has prevailed.

Since the year B. According to this method of dating the years a new era commences with every reign; and the year corresponding to a Chinese date can only be found when we have before us a catalogue of the Nien-hao, with their relation to the years of our era. The excavations in the other larger mound resulted in the discovery of the remains of buildings containing objects of all sorts in bronze and stone, dating from the earliest Sumerian period onward, and enabling us to trace the art history of Babylonia to a date some hundreds of years before the time of Gudea.

It contains a fine Gothic Protestant church St Mary's dating from the 13th century and has several educational establishments, notably a school of seamanship.

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Its industries comprise iron-founding, ship-building, brewing, and the manufacture of cigars, leather and tinned fish. Situated in a hilly, heavily wooded country, it is an attractive place, with a few houses dating from the 18th century. The Gothic cathedral now Protestantdating from the 13th and 14th centuries, is remarkable for the majestic impression made by the great height of the interior, with its slender columns and lofty, narrow aisles.

Among its buildings are the Gothic Evangelical church, dating from ; the chapel of St Catherine built in ; the church of the former Augustinian monastery, dating from ; and the Augustinian monastery itself, founded in and now converted into a brewery. The old state capitol, dating fromis of considerable interest; in it were held the secession conventionthe "Black and Tan Convention"and the constitutional convention ofand in it Jefferson Davis made his last speech Apart from a fine hospital and the church of La Trinite dating from the 15th century, the town has no buildings of special interest.

North-east of the entrance is a "Birth House" for the cult of the child Harsemteu, and behind the temple a small temple of Isis, dating from the reign of Augustus.

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Petrie's excavation of the cemetery behind the temple enclosures revealed burials dating from the fourth dynasty onwards, the most important being mastables of the period from the sixth to the eleventh dynasties; many of these exhibited a peculiar degradation of the contemporary style of sculpture.

Examples of the Romanesque basilica style are the church of Obermiinster, dating from Iwo, and the abbey church of St Emmeran, built in the 13th century, and remarkable as one of the few German churches with a detached belfry. The town hall, dating in part from the 14th century, contains the rooms occupied by the imperial diet from to Another striking structure in the heart of the city is the Drum Tower, dating from before the 15th century.

Maria Assunta, dating fromwith later alterations see Gavini, in L'Arte, The large church of St Mary, with a lofty tower, dating from the 14th century, the Renaissance castle of the 16th century, now used as a prison, and one of the ancient town-gates restored in are memorials of the time when Stolp was a prosperous member of the Hanseatic League.

Adjoining the town on the east are the picturesque ruins of Newark Castle, a quadrangular building dating from the end of the 16th century.

The constitution, dating fromis a reactionary modification of one carried inwhich had been a considerable advance upon one granted in There are considerable remains of the old town walls, dating from Norman times, but strengthened on various later occasions.

Many of these industries have a history going back far into colonial times, some even dating from the first half of the 17th century. An educational test dating from is exacted for the privilege of voting, every voter being required to be able to read the constitution of the commonwealth in the English language, and to write his name.

Among other institutions are the new post office, begun in and finished in ; the Mineria, occupied by the schools of mining and engineering; the military school, occupying a part of the castle of Chapultepec; the Iturbide palace, now occupied as a hotel; the Iturbide theatre, occupied by the chamber of deputies, for which a new legislative palace to cost 2, pesos was under construction in ; the new palace of justice; the old mint, dating from ; the new penitentiary, completed in o; the Panteon, with its monuments to the most celebrated Mexicans; the new general hospital; the jockey club on Plaza Guardiola, a new university and new school edifices of modern design.

There were five different editions, the last of them dating fromafter the death of Valentinian. Of the churches the Stadtkirche parish churchof which Herder became pastor inis a Gothic building dating from aboutbut much altered in detail under "classical" influences. Portions of a chapel remain, dating from the 13th century, and including a porch and a stone altar; while beside it are traces of a tomb hewn out of the slate, and of some domestic building which had a staircase and a pointed arch above the door.

Examples of dating in a sentence: 1. The Early English church has a lych-gate dating from 2. Egdean has a church dating from the early seventeenth century. 3. I have further added certain observations dating from an earlier period.

The older part of the cathedral, dating from toand including the fine north doorway, is Italian Gothic. Giorgio Orsini of Zara, who had studied architecture in Venice and been strongly influenced by the Italian Renascence, carried on the work of construction until his death in Among the more important public buildings must be noticed the Evangelical Marienkirche Oberkirchea handsome brick edifice of the 13th century with five aisles, the Roman Catholic church, the Rathhaus dating fromand bearing on its southern gable the device of a member of the Hanseatic League, the government offices and the theatre.

The house is one of the largest and most beautiful examples in the county, dating from the close of the 16th century. Its chief buildings are the Johannisburg, built by Archbishop Schweikard of Cronberg, which contains a library with a number of incunabula, a collection of engravings and paintings.

North-west and south-west the city is commanded by hills, on which are forts, that on Sidi bel Hassan to the south dating from the middle ages. The choir-stalls and screen are finely carved, and of further interest are the ancient pulpit sounding-boar some old stained glass, and the small models of ships, copies dating from of yet earlier models originally presented by the Dutch-Swedish Trading Company.

The church of the Magdalene possesses two candelabra, a gold cross, and various other works in metal by Bishop Bernward; and the Lutheran church of St Andrew has a choir dating from and a tower ft. The Romer museum of antiquities and natural history is housed in the former church of St Martin; the buildings of Trinity hospital, partly dating from the 14th century, are now a factory; and the Wedekindhaus is now a savingsbank.

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The celebrated Roman baths are all in ruins, except one massive, domed building, dating from the 6th century and still in use, although modern baths are also open, for the development of the hot springs. Saxon agriculture, though dating its origin from the Wends, was long impeded by antiquated customs, while the land was subdivided into small parcels and subjected to vexatious rights.

It contains the fine Gothic church of St Martin, which contains 67 beautifully carved choir-stalls, and a town hall dating from about The Roman Catholic churches are the cathedral church of St George, a fine Gothic building founded in the 13th century, and the church of St Fides, dating from the iith century. The great lines of aqueducts built by Roman engineers, and dating from B.

Alcamenes, the rival or pupil of Pheidias, was the sculptor of a berm at Athens, a copy of which, dating from Roman times, was discovered at Pergamum in The cathedral or Se Matriz, dating fromwas formerly a Jesuit college. The church of Notre Dame, dating from the 13th century, stands immediately under the citadel and flanking the bridge.

It has a Roman Catholic and an Evangelical church, a synagogue and an old castle dating from about Above them are the foundations of a Doric temple, probably dating from the last days of Mycenaean independence in the 5th century.

In citing a Chaldaean observation of Mercury dating from B. Almagest, ii. The only other buildings of importance dating from medieval times are the three churches of Ste Gudule often erroneously called the cathedralNotre-Dame des Victoires or Church of the Sablon, and Notre-Dame de la Chapelle, or simply la Chapelle, and the hotel de ville and the Maison du Roi on the Grand Place.

Some of the stained glass is very rich, dating from the 13th to the 15th century. La Chapelle is still older, dating nominally fromthe choir and transept being considered to date from about fifty years later. The town hall is a noteworthy building, with arcades dating frombut in part rebuilt in The old academy of the Dissonanti, dating fromwas restored inand now forms the flourishing Royal Academy of Science and Art.

The townhall contains a collection of municipal and mining laws dating as far back as By the latest enactments one dating from citizens can claim a vote "facultative referendum" as to any legislative project, or can exercise the "right of initiative" as to any such project or as to the revision of the cantonal constitution. It is well built, and boasts of a fine old Gothic parish church, dating from the 14th and 15th centuries, opposite which a statue was erected in to the memory of the famous Minnesinger, Walther von der Vogelweide, who, according to some accounts, was born c.

The new town extends to the south, the old town with its wide but irregular streets and its old mansions dating from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries lies to the north. The church of St Jean de Malte, dating from the 13th century, contains some valuable pictures.

The handsome cathedral of white marble in the Gothic style, dating fromwas completed in Five religious songs in Polish dating from the 15th century have been preserved; they are ascribed to Andrew Slopuchowski, prior of the monastery of the Holy Cross on Lysa G6ra. It is sometimes called the palace quarter, from the royal palace erected between an on the site of the older structure dating from the time of Tsaritsa Elizabeth.

Professor Zimmer, in his examination of the story, sees reason to believe that the main incidents may repose on a genuine historic tradition, dating back to the 9th or 10th century, the period of Viking rule in Ireland. Popayan is the seat of a bishopric dating fromwhose cathedral was built by the Jesuits; and in the days of its prosperity it possessed a university of considerable reputation. Cedrenus and Nicephorus err in dating Abyssinian Christianity from Justinian, c.

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Gyor is a well-built town, and is the seat of a Roman Catholic bishop. The present building is a block of palaces, containing a beautiful church, some of its parts dating from the 12th century, and lies on a hill ft. In he unearthed on the Palatine Hill a Greek marble statue of Victory dating back to the 5th century B.

Besides his reports on Roman antiquities he published Hibernica, notes on burial places and customs of ancient Ireland Eng. Lastly, by the side of the classical Gymnasium, we now have the " German Reform Schools " of two different types, that of Altona dating from and that of Frankfort-on-the-Main The town has an interesting church dating from the 13th to the 15th century. The parish church of All Saints, occupying the site of a building dating from Anglo-Saxon times, was erected in the reign of Edward IV.

Five miles inland west of Castiglione is Koleaa town dating from and originally peopled by Moslem refugees from Spain. The most interesting churches are those of St Mary and of St Blasius, dating respectively from the 14th and the 12th century; the town-hall is also a fine medieval structure. Its compilation can hardly have been finally completed before the 3rd century B. We further possess a Samaritan Targum of the Pentateuch written in the Samaritan dialect, a variety of western Aramaic, and also an Arabic translation of the five books of the law; the latter dating perhaps from the 11th century A.

There is little noticeable in Hobbes' dating of the prophets, though he considers it " not apparent " whether Amos wrote, as well as composed, his prophecy, or whether Jeremiah and the other prophets of the time of Josiah and Ezekiel, Daniel, Haggai and Zechariah, who lived in the captivity, edited the prophecies ascribed to them. In process of time, however, the custom of dating by the regnal year of the king became general.

But the monuments of Egypt and Babylonia make it certain that man must have appeared upon the earth long before either B. It must be remembered that the dating of the MSS. The dating implied by the latter notation is wrong, as I certainly belongs to the 12th, not to the 10th century, and is probably later than At this point the Maas is crossed by a bridge erected inand the Roer by one dating fromreplacing an older structure, and connecting Roermond with the suburb of St Jacob.

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Megillath Esther, datingto judge from its indebtedness to Josippon the pseudo-Josephusafter 10th century. Palma has a seminary founded ina collection of archives dating from the 14th century, a school and museum of fine arts, a nautical school and an institute founded in to replace the old university There are remains of ancient roads and outlying forts in its territory dating from the period of its independence.

In the 3rd century, under Gallienus and Probus, the city contained the chief imperial mint and treasury; and an engraved coffer, found in Croatia, dating from the 4th century, and representing the five foremost cities of the Empire, includes Siscia along with Rome, Byzantium, Carthage and Nicomedia. Though partly ruinous, the church of St Titus is a very interesting monument of early Christian architecture, dating from about the 4th century.

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Of Leiden's old gateways only two - both dating from the end of the 17th century - are standing. Close by, on an eminence, lie the ruins of the castle of Birkenfeld, dating from the 14th century, once the residence of the counts palatine of Zweibrucken.

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A trigonon is represented on one of the Athenian red-figured vases from Cameiros in the island of Rhodes, dating from the 5th century B. The parish church of St Peter is Perpendicular, dating fromand occupies the site of a Norman church.

The House of Lords contains tapestry dating fromand remains in its original condition, but the octagonal House of Commons was demolished by the bank directors, and replaced with a cash-office. In this square are the oldest buildings of the foundation, dating in part from the close of the 17th century, and the modern Graduates' Memorial buildings The chancel of the old Dominican chapel, dating from the 13th century, was restored inand is now the school chapel.

The town is famous for its manufacture of gloves dating from Two bridges, one built of stone and dating from the Roman period, the other constructed of iron inunite the older and larger part of Manresa with the modern suburbs on the right bank of the river.

Archaeological discoveries in India, Persia, Assyria and Egypt show that in the polished stone age quaternary man had domesticated the horse, while a Chinese treatise, the Goei-leaotse, the fifth book of the Vouking, a sort of military code dating from the reign of the emperor Hoang-Ti years B.

Worthy of mention also are the parish church, a Late Gothic building, finished inand restored inwhich possesses an altar piece by Tintoretto; the Augustinian church, appropriated to the service of the university since ; the small Leech Kirche, an interesting building in Early Gothic style, dating from the 13th century, and the Herz Jesu-Kirche, a building in Early Gothic style, finished inwith a tower ft.

The town hall, built inand rebuilt in in the German Renaissance style, and the imperial castle, dating from the 1 rth century, now used as government offices, are also worth notice. But this is a modern attribute of Pegasus, not known to the ancients, and dating only from the Orlando innamorato of Boiardo.

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It contains a huge high altar, the masterpiece of Veit Stoss, who was a native of Cracow, executed in 1 - ; a colossal stone crucifix, dating from the end of the 15th century, and several sumptuous tombs of noble families from the 16th and 17th centuries.

The coastal plain, however, is the result, not of a single recent uplift, but of movements dating back to Tertiary time and continued with many oscillations to the present; nor is its surface smooth and unbroken, for erosion began upon the inner part of the plain long before the outer border was revealed.

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There is no legal limitation to his re-eligibility any number of times; but tradition, dating from the refusal of George Washington to be rioniinated for a third term, has virtually established the rule that no person shall be president for more than two continuous terms, If the president dies, the vice-president steps into his place; and if the latter also dies in office, the succession passes to the secretary of state.

There are many houses dating back to the 17th century; of these the stone "garrison" house in Newburywith walls 4 ft. It is romantically situated in the deep and winding valley of the Mosel, at the foot of a hill surrounded by a feudal castle dating fromwhich has been restored in its former style.

The principal buildings are the huge red-brick church of St Mary, with five aisles, one of the most remarkable churches in Pomerania, dating from the 14th century; the council-house Rathauserected after the plans of Ernst F. It is one of the oldest towns of Chile, dating from the first years of the conquest. It has an interesting church, dating from the 12th century, and notable tanneries and leather factories, woollen and cloth mills.

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Among several places of worship the chief is St Mary Magdalene's church; this has a north porch and windows dating from the 14th century, besides a lofty and slender spire; but it has been much altered by restoration. At his instigation the calendar was revised, and a new era, dating from the reign of Malik Shah and known as the Jelalian, was introduced.

The added matter is undoubtedly ancient, dating from a time but little removed from that of Servius, and is founded to a large extent on historical and antiquarian literature which is now lost. Thus Sarapis would be the literary and official form of the name; it might be traditional, dating perhaps from the reign of Amasis or from the Persian period. Traquair House, or Palace, on the right bank of the Tweed, is believed to be the oldest inhabited house in Scotland, the most ancient portion dating from the 10th century, and including a remnant of the castle.

The exchange, the chamber of commerce and the clearing-house one of the oldest in the world, dating from are united under one roof in the Palazzo del Commercio, opened in The public parks and gardens are numerous and include the Botanical Garden with its famous avenue of royal palms Oreodoxa regia ; the Passeio Publico dating froma small garden on the water-front facing the harbour entrance; the Jardim d'Acclamacao, forming part of the Praca da Republica once known as the Campo de Sant' Anna with its artistic walks and masses of shrubbery; the Praca Tiradentes the old Largo do Rocio, afterwards rechristened Praca da Constituicao with its magnificent equestrian statue of Dom Pedro I.

The water supply is derived from three sources: the small streams flowing down the mountain sides which serve small localities; the old Carioca aqueduct, dating from colonial times, which collects a considerable supply from the small streams of the Serra da Carioca and brings it into the city through a covered conduit which once crossed the gap between Santa Thereza and Santo Antonio hills on two ranges of stone arches now used as a viaduct by the Santa Thereza Tramway Company ; and the modern Rio do Ouro waterworks, which brings in an abundant supply from the Serra do Tinqua, N.

Chief of these is the Misericordia Hospital, popularly known as the " Santa Casa," belonging to a religious brotherhood dating from The city is still surrounded by walls, dating from shortly after the siege of ; while two inner lines of streets represent two earlier and inner lines of wall. In the Neustadt is the Dreikonigskirche dating from the 18th century with a high pinnacled tower. The department as it now exists is of comparatively modern creation, dating only from It possesses a Gothic church, with a crypt dating from the 15th century, and a still older Romanesque burial chapel.

Of the English examples a few have been carefully excavated, notably Gellygaer between Cardiff and Brecon, one of the most perfect specimens to be found anywhere in the Roman empire of a Roman fort dating from the end of the ist century A. Transitional examples, combining the box with the earlier table shape, are found dating about Such an altar still remains in Sant' Ambrogio at Milan, dating from the 9th century see fig.

Among the points of interest within it are the old chapel ofwith Leopold's tomb and the altar of Verdun, dating from the 12th century, the treasury and relic-chamber, the library with 30, volumes and many MSS. The most conspicuous building is the cathedral, dating in part from the 11th, in part from the 14thth centuries.

On the whole, however, the skeletons found in German and Scandinavian tombs dating even from the earliest period do not show any very remarkable differences from those of the present day.

Great improvements took place likewise in armour and weapons; the equipment of the warriors whose relics have been found in the Schleswig bog-deposits, dating from the 4th and 5th centuries, appears to have been vastly superior to that which Tacitus represents as normal among the Germani of his day.

75 sentence examples: 1. The museum's collection includes artefacts dating back to prehistoric times. 2. The firm claims an ancestry dating back to 3. The stone steps, dating back to , are beginning to wear. 4. The names of journalists. The Iranian bazaar has a long history dating back to the fifth century, when public marketplaces moved inside the city walls.: Some 1, statues of Buddhas, some dating back to the West Jin Dynasty, greet you in the two-hectare garden.: Cycling on banked tracks is one of the oldest forms of the sport, dating back to the track-racing boom of the s in Europe. 44 sentence examples: 1. The community's links with Syria date back to biblical times. 2. Her problems date back to her childhood. 3. Except for the new diesel engines, the trains date back to 4. Laws on the marketing of investment funds date b.

The town also possesses a town hall situate on the market square and dating froma fine block of law-court buildings, several high-grade schools and a theatre. It contains several interesting architectural remains of the days of its former prosperity, many of its quaintly gabled old houses dating from the 16th century.

There is a fine Gothic church dating frombut subsequently in part destroyed and used for secular purposes; the town hall has a fine gable filled with sculpture, and contains some interesting antiquities. On the east is shown the tomb of Samson an erroneous tradition dating back to the middle ages. The oldest parts of the castle date back toand were built by King Frederick II, after whom the palace is named. The study of modality may date back to Aristotle, who focused his attention on modal logic.

Define dating back. dating back synonyms, dating back pronunciation, dating back translation, English dictionary definition of dating back. n. 1. a. The time stated in terms of the day, month, and year: What is the date of your birth? b. A statement of calendar time, as on a document. 2. a. dating back to: past tense: dated back to: past participle: dated back to: DEFINITIONS 1. 1 (date back to something) to be made or begun at a particular time in the past. a large collection of records dating back to the s. Synonyms and related words +-Related to history and the past. historical. early. Dating sentence examples. He thought she was dating Allen. We've been dating since high school. 6 "I don't think not dating was one of my rules," she retorted. 7. The interior was marble and polished wood, dating back to a time when first generation craftsmen took pride in their workmanship. 3.

Scientific wagers date back to Greece in the 5th or 6th century BC and were often a rhetorical device for thinking about a subject.

Artifacts from the temple date back to various times during the Greek-run Ptolemaic dynasty, which lasted until 30 B.

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Some of the oldest buildings and pyramids date back to years ago and are of Toltec and Mayan origin. The documents date back to and outline operations at the Yongbyon nuclear complex, where North Korea produced weapons-grade plutonium that was used in an October nuclear detonation. Underground Works: Take an audio guided tour of these fascinating tunnels and works that date back to TheOfficial snow ball recedes were snowfall records for Washington big bad date back to by.

Some claim that sightings of the Loch Ness creature date back towhen a story about St. Columba relates that he commanded a "ferocious monster" to stop attacking a man along the Ness river. We often get wrapped up in Silicon Valley with the "new-new" way that we can forget many times we're simply rediscovering well-worn lessons that date back to the beginnings of commerce.

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