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Regula makes the movements only and is a TradeMark name. One of these is named "SBS-Feintechnik" and is still a manufacturer of clock movements. One of the very last movement makers in Germany. Good Morning, I have a Regula cuckoo clock left to me by my mother. The back plate say 20 then G. I think she got it in the early 60's.

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Even today, most cuckoo clocks have mechanical movements, but quartz movements are a definite sign of a clock that dates from the s or later. Movements with wooden parts are extremely old and date to the earliest days of the cuckoo, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

How to Identify the Maker of a Cuckoo Clock. The Black Forest region in Germany spawned more than just fairy tales; it also served as home to the first cuckoo clocks. Black Forest craftsmen have. Oct 23, Home Forums Main How do you determine the date of an antique cuckoo clock? Tagged: cuckoo clock, decades, Germany, hubert herr, sarcasm, three generations, typo, weights This topic has 11 replies, 1 voice, and was last ated 3 hours, 7 minutes ago by liliaux Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of Woodcutters in the Black Forest region of Germany invented cuckoo clocks sometime during the 17th century. They derived an extra source of income during winter months by carving pendulum-regulated clocks with a cuckoo emerging every quarter of an hour. The mechanism to produce a cuckoo .

Take your cuckoo clock to an expert appraiser or antiques dealer if you are still having trouble identifying the specific piece. Web sites such as AntiqueClocksPriceGuide.

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However, detailed information is available by paid subscription only. Brian Adler has been writing articles on history, politics, religion, art, architecture and antiques since His writing has been published with Demand Studios, as well as in an online magazine.

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He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Columbia University. By: Brian Adler ated April 12, On this one, they one is missing are crossing near the bottom. The clock has been restored within the past 10 years, but I do not have any paperwork from that job.

It is possible the movement was replaced.

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I've provided a link to hi res pics in an album below - thanks in advance! Didn't realize you could post imagines directly in the thread.

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Bump with pics below:. Tinker Dwight Registered User. Oct 11, 13, 69 0 Calif.

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What is the tune on the music box. Sometimes that helps narrow it down some.

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There is sometimes a sticker on the side. Although, not the regular hunter design, it looks to be in the s someplace. If the number on it is a valid German patent, you can look it up and have a not before date. Tinker Dwight.

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JTD Registered User. Sep 27, 7, It concerns the count mechanism.

Dating cuckoo clocks

So we can know that your clock was at least after Plastic or other synthetic material used for the cuckoo or decorations was introduced after the s. Quartz mechanisms were introduced from the s.

Worlds Largest Cuckoo Clock - Sugarcreek Ohio

Examine the style of the clock case. The chalet-style, in reality an observation station for railway workers, was adopted by clockmakers from the s and has remained popular.

Make Offer - Original German Cuckoo Clock Quartz-movement Chalet-Style 25cm by Engstler VINTAGE Cuckoo Clock 8-day-movement Carved-Style " by Anton Schneider $ 1d 14h. Even today, most cuckoo clocks have mechanical movements, but quartz movements are a definite sign of a clock that dates from the s or later. Movements with wooden parts are extremely old and date to the earliest days of the cuckoo, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. By the 20th century, most clocks were fitted with cheap, mass-produced metal movements, and from the s onwards, manufacturers also made electrical cuckoo clocks. Because the change from wood to metal parts occurred gradually, looking at the mechanism is perhaps the best way to judge a cuckoo clock's .

The pine cone design for the pendulum weights was introduced in the s. Examine the Roman numerals on the clock face.

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A number four in the standard Roman style would indicate a modern fake. Beware of painted cuckoo clocks. Usually, the wood of the exterior case is unpainted. Prior to large-scale manufacture in the 19th century, the earliest cuckoo clocks were painted or enamelled but these items are extremely rare.

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Crafts Woodworking Woodworking Projects. Maria Kielmas.

Mar 28, Dating your Regula Cuckoo Clock Movement Many times customers will want to know how I can tell if a movement in a clock has been replaced. Aside from mismatched holes and differences in arbors, one can tell the age of the movement and case and if they do not agree it is a married piece (this used to be called a bastard piece, I believe it must. Dating the Antique Clock Hands. c - minute hands were introduced to longcase clocks. c - matching minute and hour hands were introduced; Although antique clocks were produced with only hour hands until around c - second hands began to be added to longcase clock dials. c - dots in the minute rings of brass dials were added. c - phases of the moon were. Nov 05, Regula Cuckoo Dating Help. Discussion in 'General Clock Discussions' started by jaypee, Oct 29, The NAWCC is dedicated to providing association services, promoting interest in and encouraging the collecting of clocks and watches. The NAWCC exists to advance Horology, which is the art and science of timekeeping.
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