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About Once you get close enough to someone you've been dating, your S. And if they mention depression, you could have a million questions-from what you can do to help to what this will mean for your relationship. To help you navigate the situation, we chatted with mental health experts to get the ins and outs of what to expect when dating someone with depression. The stereotypical idea of depression is someone who feels sad all the time, but that's not the only way it can affect people.

Encourage and support them, but don't put the whole weight of their depression on your shoulders. It can look so obvious from the outside: If they just focused on the positives and counted their blessings, they'd feel so much better!

But try to refrain from offering your two cents when dating someone with depression unless your partner has asked for it. In the same way, saying things like "cheer up" or "things aren't so bad" won't help-depression is a mental health issue, not a bad mood.

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Instead, just remind your partner that you're here for them and you believe in them. Losing interest in activities is a symptom of depression, so don't be surprised or offended if your partner would rather stay home than go out.

The first step is to encourage your partner to get out of their comfort zone and follow through on your plans, says Kissen.

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But if they insist on skipping, you can only control your own actions-not theirs. When your partner isn't up for grabbing dinner outit can be easy to lapse into a relationship that mostly happens over text, points out San.

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But when one partner has depression, it's more important than ever to make sure you're actually seeing each other in person often. By making a point of meeting in person, you can help fight those feelings of detachment your S.

7 Signs Someone With Depression Likes You

Because depression can lead to feelings of detachment, you might feel like your partner is starting to lose interest. If that happens, don't just accept it as the new normal without checking in with your partner.

It's scary and uncomfortable to hear someone talk about suicidal thoughtsbut it's important to have an open dialogue.

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But actually, I don't think that's necessarily a very helpful way to respond," says San. By figuring out what's really going through your partner's mind, you can figure out if dying is a fantasy that they'd never act on or if there's a real emergency at hand, she says. Either way, it's important to get those feelings out in the open and encourage your partner to get help.

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In some couples, the non-depressed partner starts doing the brunt of the chores, like making dinner, paying the bills, and cleaning up, says San. When dating someone with depression, keeping an open conversation will help you and your partner get through depressive episodes together.

Talking about what hasn't worked in the past can be just as helpful as knowing what does work, says Kissen. Maybe your partner's parents used to try to overcompensate with peppiness, so that kind of sugar-coating sets their teeth on edge.

Kissen recommends coming up with a code word for when your partner needs space.

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It can be tempting to look at a significant other who's been acting distant and uninterested and assume they must have undiagnosed depression. But unless they've actually gotten a psychiatric workup or you've talked about the change of behavior, you can't assume that mental health problems are behind their actions. Some couples aren't meant to be.

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If your S. You might feel guilty adding to your partner's list of things to feel down about, but it's not your responsibility to make them happy, and you shouldn't feel stuck in a bad relationship. All Rights Reserved. Save yourself the thumb carpal tunnel by doing some research on which app that kind of person could be found on.

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And the way to do that is to ask your friends and acquaintances that fit into the bracket of partner you're trying to find.

Which apps do they use?

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There's no point just selecting a site because you like it, if the people you're interested in wouldn't use it," Lester points out. Almost everyone uses dating apps these days, so don't be shy to ask for that info. Apps only give you around characters to introduce yourself, but a lot can be relayed in that short snippet.

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Samantha Burns, Licensed Counselor and Dating Coachtells in an email with Bustle, "Only message people who have filled out their profile. If you open up your app and let loose a sigh that sounds like it came from a hopeless place, it's time to take a step back for a week or two. You're no longer searching for the fun of it. You have to put time and effort in, otherwise messages go unanswered, and people move on.

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But if it's all starting to feel a bit much, take a step away and give yourself some time off. It shouldn't feel like a second job! If you take a break for two weeks and focus on yourself, you'll come back feeling refreshed and with a new mindset.

Dating Is Depressing AF When You Genuinely Want To Find Love. Single AF; By Andrea Wesley; If you're dating because you truly want to find love with a great guy you can build a future with, you probably end up disappointed a lot of the time. Finding someone that you click with and who wants the same thing in life as you do might seem like a. online dating is known as bottom of the barrel dating for most men. online dating is a good metaphor for the current state society finds itself in regarding inter-gender relationships. women want an idealized mate and they want it NOW without really willing to contribute . Aug 31,   If you think joining the online dating world is a depressing and hopeless move, then you need to come out of the '90s. You can make online dating less depressing Author: Marlen Komar.

If you put too much pressure on people's profiles, then flipping through them can become quite stressful. If you're more game to meet up people even if they're not percent dreamboat material, then the whole thing will feel more carefree and casual.

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If you feel embarrassed or hopeless when you're online dating, then you need to change the atmosphere around it. Listen to music, or watch TV while you're replying to messages.

Link up with other single friends and keep each other posted on your progress. If it's not a fun experience, make the necessary changes to help you enjoy it more," Lester recommends.

Turn it into a normal, fun part of your life, not something you should cringe over. Don't try to be the type of person the cutie on the other side of the message is looking for. Be authentically you and you'll have a lot more fun with the experience.

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If you click with someone that vibes with the real you, the whole thing will become all the more exciting. Calm down. Online dating is fun in the fact it allows you to meet a variety of people you probably wouldn't have bumped into on your own in your city or town.

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That doesn't mean it's the secret key to unlock your soulmate. Take it down a notch and take the tool for what it is: A way to meet cool people to try new bars and restaurants with. In person, chemistry is clear right off the bat, but you two might have little in common.

So the next time you take out your phone, do it with a little more relish. You never know what amazing person you'll meet with a swipe!

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