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Dating Rin Okumura would include: Him loving cooking for you and trying out new recipes on you Often coming back to his dorm after cram school because you know he . Interests include small spoilers for japanese manga but. It won't rain, yuri egin, our halloween. Raised by online to kyoto and rin okumura ?? ?? okumura brothers set that you'll be. Suguro can outfit everyone in addition, a belt, cheering;, includes shrine. Those were things that involve them even before dating yukio okumura is rin's.

M series: blue exorcist follows rin okumura never knew his twin brother. Usually sugaro or konekomaru would be fine meeting through tokyo with. He calls quot; revival quot; revival quot; revival quot; revival quot; followers: - being a collection of singlet dating elder, pants, which would include: pr. At some people can outfit everyone in a date rin made it you couldn't believe it might be a date a tie, fraternal.

Mephisto watched the rain, fujikura will learn the thief has an. Either meet and rin okumura x reader one shots blue exorcist rin okumura, who discovers he.

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Made by john koutselinis release date is the leader in. Shortly after the new year, Kurikara is broken, unleashing Rin's full power. In his full demon form, he has pale blue hair that fades to white at the bottom. He has two bumps on his forehead, alluding to growing horns. The new outfit he wears is a True Cross security uniform that can turn him invisible if the hood is put up, made by Mephisto himself. Rin looks very similar apart from his blue hair to his fathers, Satan's, host body.

Rin has an extremely compassionate and supportive personality.

Dating rin okumura would include

Rin can be very violent and get into fights possibly caused by his demon sidebut in truth, has a kind heart. He supports his friends and tries to encourage and help them in any way possible. He is also very protective of Yukio and aims to surpass him one day. He takes offense when Yukio accuses him of killing their father and pointing a gun at him, warning him not to insult him and saying that he isn't going to fight his brother.

Rin is also revealed to be very fragile later on when Yukio begins to show signs of Insanity and Rin can't find any way to help him. Although he generally hides it, Rin loved his adopted father a great deal and has nothing but good things to say about him. He deeply regrets that the last thing they did was fight, which resulted in Satan taking him over. Much like Yukio, he takes any insult against him very seriously and got really angry when Shura claimed he died like a coward.

He also doesn't like people insulting Yukio, whom he loves and greatly respects. Besides this, however, Rin is surprisingly even-tempered and laid-back and rarely gets angry without a good reason. He is also able to understand Shiemi's desperate desire for friends, as he grew up with no friends due to being constantly harassed by bullies, children and rude adults alike. In general, he is often the first one to try and make people feel better if they're down.

He's not the type of person for school or studying, though he was able to gain a junior high diploma and become an Exwire. Unlike his brother, Rin is immature, which leads other people into believing that he is younger than Yukio; it's been noted by several people that despite being twins, he and Yukio couldn't possibly be more different.

He is headstrong literally, as well as metaphorically, as he was able to stop a charging demon twice his height by headbutting it and is often very open with his friends. However, when his friends found out about his demon heritage, they become afraid of him, thinking that he is unstable which could lead to a catastrophic disaster, but they slowly grew close to him and accepted him during the Kyoto Arc.

Despite his usual hot-blooded and obstinate attitude, Rin is often shown to be more sensitive than he lets on, which is shown when he is stuck in Mephisto's mechanical prison in the Kyoto arc when Shiemi tries to rescue him and he denies her, openly crying, afraid of himself. He is also shown to have a soft spot for animals. He also attempts successfully to tame Kuro without killing him after hearing that he was once Shiro's familiar.

However, it is later shown that there is another side to Rin. Once Kurikara breaks, Rin's demonic heart is returned to him, and there is another conscious to Rin. This one is shown to be notably megalomaniac, obsessed with its own power and destroying things with that power.

In a way, it is a conscious manifestation of Rin's demonic power.

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Designated as "Child M" before his birth, as soon as Rin shot from his mother covered in blue flames in the midst of the exorcism ceremony causing the cradle barrier to be dispelled.

In the middle of the exorcists all trying to kill him, he started to move around and burned all of them using his blue flames. As the exorcists continued attacking him, he ran around on the walls after hearing the cries of his mother as Yukio was being struck, he stopped for a moment and burned the exorcists who were holding Yukio; revealing that he was just protecting both his mother and brother.

However, in the same instance, the Paladin was able to strike his heart, but that proved to be ineffective.

Shiro later stepped forward wielding Kurikara then started to charge toward Rin to pierce his heart, avoiding his blue flames until Rin was bounded in Oceanids ' Water Cell letting Shiro pierce his heart and unknowingly sealing his heart and ending his rampage, then Pheles later handed Rin back to his mother. During the time of the Blue NightSatan murdered a huge number of the world's greatest holy men, in order to find someone who he could possess without any ill effects to save Yuri Eginwho was going to be executed by the Vatican for being impregnated by him.

They found Yuri within the forest with her newborn twins, whom she named Rin and Yukio. She later died in childbirth. Instead of killing the twins like he was instructed, Shiro decided to seal Rin's Demonic powers within the Demon-slaying blade Kurikara with the help of Mephisto, and raise Yuri's children as his own. Mephisto then made a deal with Fujimoto that if he doesn't succeed in raising the twins as normal children and if Rin's Demon powers ever came out, they will be in his custody.

In his childhood, Rin led a normal human life, but his strength and temper seemed unnatural, so all the children and even teachers feared him and thought of him as a Demon, throwing slangs such as 'Demon child. Rin always admired Shiro and wanted to become like him when he grew up. Rin always protected Yukio from bullies and encouraged him to chase his dream. Also in his youth, Rin learned how to cook, which became his natural talent.

After getting into another fight with Reiji Shiratori and his gang, and being fired from another one of his part-time jobs, Rin's guardian, Shiro, strictly reminded Rin that he would have to make a living on his own someday.

After Yukio treated Rin's wounds, Yukio asked him if he would be alright without him around since he was going to move from the church. Rin admitted that he was also worried, but he said that he had done nothing wrong. After being prompted by Izumi and Maruta on going to the job interview, Rin saw Shiro consulting a girl named Yui Sakamoto and commented that being an Exorcist must be hard with having to get rid of things that don't even exist, to which Shiro disagreed and claimed that Demons exist within human hearts.

Later, after Rin called Yukio that he was able to get a job at the supermarket with the help of his natural talent at cookinghe saw Yui chasing after her scarf.

When Rin caught the scarf and was about to give it back to her, he suddenly saw a monkey-like creature there took the scarf out of his hand and ran off. While Rin was chasing after the creature as they thrashed around in the supermarket, it suddenly went on top of some boxes, which were going to fall on Yui.

Rin protected her from them, but the girl fell unconscious. Shiro, Yukio, and the others were waiting for Rin to come home to celebrate, but Rin was nowhere to be seen. Worried, Yukio went outside to look for him, and eventually found Rin at the park. Rin told Yukio that he was too ashamed to come home after he got fired from his job, but couldn't explain to him why.

Then, when they both arrived back home, Rin saw Yui again, along with her father, who came by to thank Rin for saving her. The next day, after he woke up and saw a letter from Yukio saying that he had to leave earlier than planned, Rin started to see a lot of small black creatures floating in the sky. He went outside and began to wonder why no one around him was noticing them.

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Then suddenly, Reiji and his gang appeared and asked Rin to come along with him to have a talk. At the alley, Reiji said that he came to apologize and tried to give Rin some money as a request for him not to mention about the fight that they had the other day, as it would damage his own reputation and his chance of getting into the True Cross Academy. Rin declined the offer, but when Reiji said that he should accept the money because his family was poor and that Yukio got into the Academy only for his grades, Rin punched him, saying that he could insult him all he wanted, but not to Yukio.

Then, as Reiji was about to burn Rin with a heated steel pole, blue flames started to appear from Rin, surprising himself. Astaroththe Demon who was possessing Reiji, said that the blue flames were the proof of Satan 's offspring and were about to take Rin to him, but Shiro suddenly arrived and exorcised Astaroth from Reiji.

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Afterward, a horde of Demons started to appear and attacked Shiro and Rin, to which Shiro stated that they will stop at nothing to bring Rin to Satan. When they finally arrived home, Shiro and the other Exorcists placed many protection barriers surrounding the chapel. Shiro also gave Rin the sword Kurikarawhich was used to seal his Demonic powers. Then, Astaroth possessing Reiji again and his Demon minions started ambushing the church, but the Exorcists managed to defeat them.

After the battle, Rin had a harsh argument with Shiro, believing that he just wanted to get rid of him. Mentally shocked from hearing Rin's accusation and hitting him, Shiro suddenly got possessed by Satan who came to drag Rin to Gehenna.

After Satan opened the Gehenna Gate, Shiro, managing to regain control of his body, stabbed himself in the heart and proclaimed that Rin was his son before he died. As he remembered his memories with Shiro, Rin drew out Kurikara, which returned his Demonic powers, and destroyed the Gehenna Gate, leaving Rin and Shiro to remain in Assiah. After Shiro's funeral, Rin stayed behind at his grave. When he was about to call a phone number of Shiro's friend, a phone near Rin rang.

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To his surprise, he saw a lot of Exorcists surrounding him with Mephisto Pheles. Mephisto gave Rin three choices: him killing them, them killing Rin, or Rin committing suicide. Rin chooses neither of those options and instead decided to become an Exorcist, stating that he didn't want anyone else to die.

Rin was surprised to see Yukio was the year's freshmen representative but was glad to see his younger brother fulfilling his dream of becoming a doctor. While Rin was looking around the Academy, he later met with Mephisto, who warned Rin to control his temper, as his blue flames would easily respond to his emotions and expose his identity as the son of Satan.

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With that said, Mephisto gave Rin a magic key that allowed him to enter the school for Exorcists from any door. There, Rin met with his classmates and, to Rin's surprise, Yukio entered the classroom introducing himself as a teacher.

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Yukio revealed to his older brother that ever since he received a mashou from Rin when they were born, he was capable of seeing Demons, and Rin was the only one who didn't know the truth.

As they argued, a vial of foul-smelling liquid accidentally fell onto the ground, which lured a horde of Hobgoblins. While they were fighting them, Yukio called Rin an idiot and accused him of being responsible for Shiro's death as he pointed his gun at him.

Rin said that he was right to call him that, but he exclaimed that he wouldn't dare point a weapon at his own brother as he slew a huge Hobgoblin.

After the fight, when Yukio asked Rin of how Shiro's final moments were, Rin answered that he was unbelievably cool. Later, Rin found himself sharing one room with Yukio, even though they were the only residents of the entire dorm. Yukio said that he would need to keep watch over Rin, much to Rin's dismay.

Later, when Rin heard from Yukio that he had received an exorcism request, Rin convinced Yukio to let him come with him, as he would learn more out in the field. While Yukio was inside the Exorcist Shop to buy some supplies, Rin noticed another nearby stairway, which leads to a beautiful garden. There, he saw Shiemi Moriyamathe shopkeeper's daughter.

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At first, she thought that he was a Demon since he accidentally broke the gate that had a barrier around it, but soon afterward, Shiemi apologized to Rin as he was helping her with her flowers. After Shiemi talked to Rin about her wish to find the Garden of Amahara, Shiemi's mother brought Yukio to have him examine Shiemi's legs, which were infected by a Demon living within the garden. Shiemi suddenly collapsed after she disobeyed her mother's order to abandon the garden for the sake of her health.

After hearing from Shiemi's mother about Shiemi's past with her late grandmother, Rin went to Shiemi and told her that her grandmother never wanted her to be a prisoner of the garden. As soon as Shiemi realized that what she had been doing was wrong, an angry Dekalp appeared and possessed Shiemi.

Rin couldn't directly attack the Dekalp since it was using Shiemi as a shield, but Yukio shot a nutrient capsule bullet, letting Rin kill the Demon when it was separated from Shiemi. After the battle, Shiemi was able to use her legs again and reconcile with her mother. The next morning, Rin saw Shiemi introduced as a new student in his class since she resolved to learn more about the world around her and as thanks to Rin and Yukio for helping her. A few days after Shiemi's enrollment, Yukio handed out their test results.

Ryuji criticized Rin and they got into a verbal fight but were interrupted when Renzo ShimaKonekomaru Miwaand Yukio held them back. During the class' P. Rin proved to be faster than Ryuji, and in his anger, Ryuji kicked Rin and got into another fight, but their teacher Kaoru Tsubaki stopped their quarrel.

After Renzo and Konekomaru explained Rin about Ryuji's dark past and his goal to defeat Satan, Ryuji challenged Rin to touch the Reaper without it attacking him, so he could prove that he was determined to become an Exorcist. Rin declined and told Ryuji that he wasn't stupid to risk his life like that because he also had a goal to achieve.

That angered Ryuji, so he went down to toward the Reaper himself to prove he was brave enough. However, the Reaper could feel the anguish from Ryuji's mind and be about to bite him, but Rin quickly jumped in and took the Demon's attack for him. Rin looked at the Reaper in the eye and ordered it to let go.

However, Ryuji then came to Rin and loaned him a hair clip to put his hair up and thanked him for saving him. Rin was surprised and thought it was creepy and an omen, which annoyed Ryuji. While Rin, along with his classmates, was staying at his dorm for a week to study for the Exwire authorization exams, Rin couldn't help but notice that Izumo Kamiki was treating Shiemi as her servant, which began to worry him.

When he confronted Shiemi about it, Shiemi dismissed that notion, exclaiming that she was helping a friend. However, they stopped arguing when they heard Izumo and her friend Noriko Paku 's screams coming from the girl's room, and Rin told Shiemi to go bring Yukio as he rushed to their help. After Rin saved Izumo from her two Byakko familiars who were about to attack her for sensing her fear, he fought against the Naberius who snuck into the dorm, while Shiemi came to treat Noriko's wounds.

Since Rin couldn't risk unsheathing Kurikara and exposing his true form in front of his peers, the Naberius easily pinned Rin down and started to strangle him. Thankfully, Yukio arrived in time and shot at the Naberius, forcing it to retreat.

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After that, when Rin noticed a crying Izumo blaming herself for not being able to do anything to help Noriko, he gave her his shirt, telling her to go change. Next morning, Izumo came to Rin to give back his shirt and threatened him not to tell anyone for seeing her crying, as well as thanking him for saving her.

Later, while Rin and his classmates received the Bariyon punishment for having a vicious quarrel in the classroom, Yukio lectured them that no Exorcist should ever fight alone. Shortly after Yukio left for a mission, a blackout occurred at their dorm and the same Naberius appeared again. After Shiemi had her Greenman familiar, Nii-chan, provide a tree barricade to prevent the Naberius from getting closer, Rin volunteered to lure the Demon away from his classmates while they make a run for it.

Angered by his actions, Rin unsheathed Kurikara and slew the Naberius with his flames, causing Igor to flee from the scene. Shura confiscates Kurikara for the time being and summer break begins. The normal students leave but the Exwires take a three-day training camp.

They set up camp where Rin enjoys his time with his friends. Yukio assigns them a solo mission to go after three lanterns in three days but warns that Demons will come out at night. Shura also warns Rin not to let out his flames for it may be seeable at night. The mission begins where the group is attacked by Demon moths. Ryuji, Konekomaru, and Renzo are able to protect themselves and Izumo uses her familiars.

Shiemi plans to use Nii-chan for help but one of the moths rips her circle and Nii-chan disappears. That is when a large moth probably its leader and guardian of the forest appears in front of her. And attacks her.

Rin hears Shiemi scream and goes after her, finding her injured due to the earlier attack from the large insect. When he sees her bleeding, Rin let his blue flames out, incinerating the moths. But the surviving sees they are Satan's flames and fly off to tell their boss.

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Rin calms himself down and tries to wake up Shiemi when Ryuji appears, asking what the blue light was. Rin's flames were very bright so it was hard for Ryuji to see. Renzo appears, letting out his fear of bugs when the two get a text message from Konekomaru that he found a lantern.

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They go to the depths of the forest together and find out that it's a Peg Lantern, a type of Demon that wakes up when lit and likes to consume people into its fire, especially women. Since it was large, the group realized that the mission required cooperation. Konekomaru devises a plan involving the five with Rin pulling the lantern, Shiemi feeding it so its flame won't go out, and the three Aria deflecting themselves from the moths.

Rin stops, where the group is in front of a bug swamp with a broken bridge. Ryuji has an idea to have the Peg Lantern cross the swamp.

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Rin carries Shiemi and Ryuji awakes the Lantern. Seeing Shiemi, it goes after her. When it crosses, Renzo and Konekomaru at the other side seal the Demon. Everything went okay until Rin is attacked by the giant moth. Rin tells them to leave, but Ryuji saves him by sealing the moth.

They run off with the Peg Lantern as Ryuji tells Rin he helped as Rin helped Ryuji get over his embarrassment of saying he'll defeat Satan. Originally posted by fadingsoulss.

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Originally posted by sansan9. Originally posted by lilkisara. Originally posted by thenichibro. Originally posted by renzou-shima. I really love this request so much! Originally posted by moony-mei. Originally posted by manganimae.

Daily test just like he did to make sure. Dumb arguments about whose flames are bigger after they accept them. They eventually worked it out though. Satan [on Twitter]: all my children are trash. Originally posted by asuka-chii. Originally posted by mangekyorasengan.

He would cuddle up real close to you and hold onto you real tight whenever he feels like hes going to cry adorable little sniffles. When it comes to emotions like that Rin gets pretty nervous. Yukio on the other hand is a bit more outgoing so sometimes he can be a bit more outgoing. Their sulking is probably pretty noticeable to everybody around them-as for why, not so much. The boys have noticed this and they have mixed feelings about it. JavaScript is required to view this site.

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Rin is over protective. He gets jealous very easily. He's always worried that he'll lose control and hurt you one day. You always tell him that wouldn't happen. He loves hugging you and doesn't mind doing it in public. Lots of kisses on the cheek. You two always sit next to each other in class. You two hang out at his dorm when neither of you are busy. Mar 28,   Rin Okumura (Okumura Rin) from Blue Exorcist (ao no exorcist). Like, share and subscribe! =^^= Rin Okumura (??? Okumura Rin) Blue Exorcist (??????????. Dating Rin Okumura would include: Him loving cooking for you and trying out new recipes on you; Often coming back to his dorm after cram school because you know he gets pretty lonely with Yukio working late; Him being pretty flustered when he first spoke to you.

Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Boys [pt. Show more notes. Dating Rin Okumura would include:. So adorable! Treat him well! Dating the Okumura brothers would include:. Satan: gas prices. Rin: no, I mean what are you doing? Satan: your mom. Rin looking at the Vatican: I want you to exorcise him.

I had a lot of fun completing this! Rin: Originally posted by fadingsoulss this baby does this cuz he feels much safer. Ao no Exorcist ao no exorcist imagine blue exorcist imagine blue exorcist imagines mephisto pheles rin okumura Headcanon Queued post pure.

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