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I know how frustrating this can be! What did I do wrong? FREE: e-Book for attracting great men. When they start dating you, they want to feel validated as a good partner, which they do by trying to please you. So a man might totally wine-and-dine you at the fanciest places and open doors for you.

I know I sound crazy for even bothering to put effort into trying to figure this out, but I love him. My 7 year old daughter was highly involved as well. I feel as if I got no real explanation as if it were just the easy way out and he threw us out like trash after claiming how much I meant for the last 8 months.

How much he loved us and how much of an amazing person I was. Always wanting to be with me. I spent 5 of 7 days at his house a week for 5 months. It was like he just flipped a switch. At all. We never fought over anything. We had little disagreements but they never left us angry. We never had a real argument. We always got along. I gave this relationship everything I had. I am guilty of ghosting a borderline personality disorder women. I left her hanging, blocked her on all social media accounts.

I deactivated my own Facebook account for a while. She is not a bad person but sadly she is not normal due to her borderline personality disorder. I educated my self enough to let go. That does not make you a bad guy.

After a few months of dating I introduced him to all my family and he came to my cousins wedding. After 6 months we booked up to go to Greece together for our first romantic holiday, 7 months into the relationship and a week before our holiday he rang me up and broke up with me. Because of this I had to struggle to find a friend to do a name change with and take his place.

Once I came back off holiday it was a month after the break up, I went to his to get closure because I wanted to know why he did it. I stayed over a couple of nights and for another four months we remained in touch and close emotionally and sexually until he just decided to not contact me at all which was strange considering he told me he still had feelings for me.

I asked him if we could talk as I still had feelings for him but instead he just opened my messages and ignored me then blocked me off all social media. I am glad now I realise he was just leading me on to suit his own selfish needs. However he has left room for someone who will value and love me like we all deserve to be, moreover we all deserve an explanation when people do not reciprocate those feelings that have been invested from the other party, as it takes a bigger more responsible people to do that and some people just do not have that capability.

Therefore time-wasters do not deserve our time! I had realised she was playing with my emotions so instead of reacting to her I chose to drop her like a hot potatoe to protect my own heart and feelings. So am I the bad guy? After a few months of dating I introduced him to my family and he came to my cousin so wedding.

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After 6 months we booked up to go to Greece together for our first romantic holiday. Once I came back off holiday and sour a month after the break up to talk. We spoke and it was like nothing had changed, I stayed over a couple of nights and for another four months we remained in touch still until he just decided to not contact me at all. I asked him if we could talk as I still had feelings for him but instead he just ignored me and blocked me off all social media.

Are you ladies really this dense? You created this world. Your wanted feminism. You got it.

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No man worth anything is going to commit to you. Then u reach your mid 30s and you think some White Knight wants to come along and marry you?

Are you out of your mind? How delusional can u be? This is all because you were sold the Feminism bag of goods.

You feel entitlement. Everything is about the woman. Girls go on instragam and Facebook and all they do is post pics of themselves. Look at me! Love me! Cause you want attention. You want Men to bow down to you. The men there are and on Dating sites which are all men too by the way - only have 1 objective: sex with women. Thats it. Thats what Women have reduced themselves to. Never once does a Woman ask - what do I bring to the table?

What can I do for HIM? Its all about me, me, me, and oh by the wayme again. Give me more MEN. While us men - just bang away. You ladies are so freakin delusional - its unreal. Such a crybaby. That helps nothing. I was distant, i am always scared of getting hurt. I was not texting that much, scared of disturbing him.

That friday, he texted me, it w. This is really great advice - for dealing with the facts and the damage. We are made to relate, react, love, hate, reciprocate. They should - they must - come forward and deal with the situation, as they have equal part in having created it. It is not cool, not cool for most of us, but beacuse we seem to tolerate, now it has become common practice for men to leave without any accountability on his part.

Lets please be real. Now, this advice is really good in the case that the said party does not respond, despite our effort to reach them only once. In that case, we have done our part -for ourselves- and this person was a coward - not a man we could have counted on with our lives. Matters of heart are no joke!.

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One or multiple heartbreaks, ongoing dysfunctional relationships. I like what you wrote there. By allowing an easy exit to such people, we are forcing ourselves to tolerate bullshit, when we completely deserve an explanation. Why should one person bear the brunt of a break up when both were party to it? Not fair. I am a hypnotherapist and study about relationships and advise others. I have not read anything until now that describes what you wrote, in such a simple, easy-to-understand format.

People just vanish both men and women. Avoidance is painful. Anyone, either male or female, who has been ignored or avoided, understands that this hurts. I say the truth always sets you free. There are tactful and diplomatic ways to step back from any relationship, while being honest, direct and respectful. How would you want someone to reject you tactfully? Be kind always. They will not comply with the rules of ethics and decency. This is why we need to be as clear minded and clear vision as possible and make an effort to not get entangled in hopeless love affairs.

You know putting the cart in front of the horse. Sometimes we just invite in the Trojan Horse. I have this guy who has pulled away from me for a while now We truely enjoy being together out or in bed but he rarely contacts me while we would just talk 2 or 3 hours a day before that. He said ok sure but no change I asked him if he wanted to get out of the relation and he just said no!

He said all this while holding your hand and looking deeply into your eyes. On top of it all, he said you were this amazing mix of adorable and sexy. In fact, he'd never encountered this combination in his whole life. He was literally blown away by you. The wind must have been blowing really hard, because days later, he was nowhere to be found. Dec 29,   The old disappearing act Unfortunately, this is a common phenomenon in today's dating world. There are probably as many reasons this may occur as there are couples. No doubt it can leave a woman wounded and hesitant to keep her heart open when someone she cares about abruptly disappears without an explanation. May 04,   So if he acted like he was interested and then disappears, it might be because he's realized that the two of you don't belong together. He might ghost because he doesn't want to face the music and come clean that you're not right for him (and vice versa).

Sorry, sounds like he is using you for emotional support, intellectual support and sex. Does he ask you what you want or need in any life area? Is he curious about you? Does he give you what YOU need? Im guessing no but would love to hear otherwise. And if indeed no, please look for the nearest trash can and dump him. We meet from a reputed matrimonial site and started relationship in Dec when we met for 2 day vacation. We were texting and talking on phone a month before we met personally. We were in relationship for months and I started seeing decline in interest after months.

The meetings starts getting canceled and then I was out for business trip for 2 consecutive months and then went to my home country. But he was making plans to go for a trip the other weekend But never mentioned that we are gonna celebrate my birthday. I got heart broken and I asked him that I want to talk and then he just stopped texting me back and opened his profile on the online dating site where we met first.

He texted me after 2 days of my birthday just a wish and I just said thanks. After a week I felt that may be I should initiate a contact and wont mention about our differences. I called and texted and he never responded. I also started moving but after a month I really missed him so I though I will give one more try and I emailed him just a simple saying sorry and that I love him. No response after a month he texted me saying he needs help with some of his school work.

He again started communicating showing interest but never talked about what happened. But again after the week I was on a bussiness trip out of country.

Texts again started to get less and less. I would see him on facebook but not text me back and I got angry and blocked him. But then again during halloween I just wished him just like to other friends and he immediately started responding. We started communicating once again. Then he asked me to join him for thanksgiving dinner with his family.

It was great time his dad liked me :. He also treated me as if I am his girlfriend and was perfectly treating me. Until I came back to my city. The texts started slowly getting less. Now the last time was when it was 31 dec and I wished him for new year and he responded. After that I also stoped texting and after 20 days I texted asking how he is doing. I texted times in week and telling what was going on with me.

I could see he has read messages but didnt bothered to respond. I just did a final text saying that I am relieved he is ok as i can see he read texts.

It has been 10 days I havent heard from him. I sent him birthday gift which he should have received when I was texting him but ne never bothered to say thanks. But I will just think that may be we were not compatible all along. But I am in Love with him and it does hurt sometimes. Does anyone have insights? Or just leave it on time and move on. As they say, if it is meant to be then it will be.

Move on, girl. He sounds like a selfish jerk,no matter how sweet he might have been when things were new. I am a female and I met my disappearing man in Febhe flirted and flattered me and as I was single saw no harm in becoming FB friends.

Words... dating then he disappears excellent

I kept saying we should just be friends but when the onslaught continued I deleted him. Our paths then crossed a few weeks later, he was polite but that was it. I thought that maybe I had acted a bit harshly so suggested he looked me up on FB again, which he did. Funnily enough this made me relieved as I had thought he was a psycho He deleted a load of girls without me requesting it.

We spoke or texted every single day, normally many times throughout the day. I told him how I felt when he gave me the silent treatment, he seemed to listen as it did stop. However he does love playing games, he loves the drama - he admitted it. He also let slip that when he ignores me he knows that all I will be thinking about is him all day every day.

Anyway, fast forward to now, he was talking about moving in with me but first he needed to visit his family over seas. We had a lovely farewell, I had lots of calls from him at the airport and then one or two when he arrived with them - there is a time difference. Then there was a tragedy in his family, I got a text telling me this, I responded sympathetically and he replied thanking me for my understanding and saying he loved me. For three days I tried to get in touch, I left voicemails and texts - nothing whiney, just hoping he was ok and to let me know when he is free to talk.

The fact we used to talk all the time has made this cutting off so hard. So am I the bad guy here? Thanks a lot to this article. And what I could do is to choose to wait for him to recover or to move on to find another man. These girls are actually smart and wise, they are mature in choosing a partner and they love themselves and also let men love them in the deserving way. I will be trying to be busy and stop checking up his social network and enjoy my life as much as possible. This article is the best among all I have read before for its enlightening truth thrown on the confusing fractions of life facts.

Ashley, you are right. I just think maybe it is just a matter of fact who clicks together. Relationships make us strong as we get most heartbroken in relationships. I have seen myself getting most affected whenever I was in a relationship.

Hope you get the guy you deserve soon :. I just recently got ghosted. Was seeing this guy I worked with for two months. I texted him a few times and never got a response. The other night when I was working with him, this girl came in to see him. Turns out he has started to date someone else. I never got a text saying any of that. The problem is when we meet a guy and we start to like him we fantasize about him too much.

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Be more simple. If a guy disappears then okay, be glad you can keep searching for a better one; theres so many good looking and interesting guys to meet! Paulina, You must be one of the lucky minority who can tread lightly and be able to disengage relatively easily. The only time i find i do this is when Im not in love with the man.

It does become difficult when I have strong feelings for the person. Unfortunately the more experiences I have had, the pickier I have become and therefore the people I give real chances to beyond meeting once or twice - boil down to whose I do care about. I have dated countless people. What is your strategy? Or do you think this is just the way you are in general? Woth other people, friends, etc too. Im curious.

I just got ghosted by a guy who seemed really into me. He called me two days ago, drunk in his moms basement, demanding that i leave work to get him. I told him to sit tight i could be there in 2 hours but i couldnt leave work. He got really aggressive and said i made my choice and he would not reason. I ended up leaving work early and he wouldnt answer my calls. I think he was looking for a way out. Things had been fast and intense between us. Well i blew up his phone and bitchrd him out in a voicemail.

I dont care what it makes me look like. He is a considerate person and hes talked about breaking up with girls. He could have tols me. At first i thought he was mad for not leaving work, but i called him asking him to tell me if he was ok. He owed that to me after his drunken agression. Well screw it ill be sad, but he was a total jerk to me about leaving work and couldnt wait just two hours. He got me from a bar once, but he was safe at his oen house he could have waited.

A guy did this to mewhy string me along? He then ignored me for a month after i told him not to contact me and that behaving like that and saying he was still into me was text book stringing someone along. He recently had the nerve to contact me like we where still friends and i would want something to ddo with him even though i made quite clear that ignoring me for a month at atime was both extremely disrespectful and upsetting for me?

Relationships unfold organically, at the right time, and not after a series of pointless dates with strangers. So yes, get angry, get upset - and then stop dating.

Agree with that completely.

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I dont come from a dating culture. People simply meet, like each other, and become lovers. They dont keep on deliberately meeting other people to make sure they have shopped around for the best deal. So I have dated now many times in this culture - and Im back to square one.

Damn right here! Not too happy with the current dating culture. Meeting strangers, and then having trust issues as we have no clue about how genuine or not their back ground is. Many are married cheaters looking for a quick lay and that is all. Relationships are meant to develop organically over a period of time, with a strong base of friendship and trust.

I met him at work. He would follow me around and even sit with me on break, tell me how beautiful I was. He always complimented me.

Told other co workers that he really likes me. Then poof, no more coming to find me or sitting with me at break time. Weeks go by and I run into him as we work in the same place. I gave it to him. I refuse to track down a guy. So I met this guy while I was at work. And everything seems to be going great. Even people at my work thought that he was into me as well and that it was pretty obvious. We finally texting each other and everything was just going awesome. And then one night he agreed on meeting up just to talk.

He basically stood me up and did not call or text nothing. I took the opportunity to talk to him again when he sent me something on one of the social media and told him that he was clearly ignoring me and hasnt said anything, I knew he opened it so I got upset and told him that I would be completely backing away now and that he could delete me off every social media.

consider, that

He didnt said anything and just did it. I thought that was very rude and of course it hurts. Especially when you believed in everything he said, I felt really stupid. I had been dating this guys for almost two months, we were not official but he gave me every reason to believe we were getting serious.

He called me every day and we hung out a numerous amount of times. Then suddenly he was gone without a trace. Stopped calling, stopped replying to my texts. I pretty much begged him to give me closure but he didnt have the balls to do it, so i did. Called him a coward and a complete waste of my time. It just hurts that someone you spend every day talking to doesnt have the respect and common decency to give closure.

I ghosted on my girlfriend. Somewhere in the middle I began to experience severe physically debilitating symptoms to date. I think I gave her sevral hints that I needed my space, that I could not go on dates or even intimacy. She could not understand this, I mean she seemed supportive but our relationship could not go on, she kept making plans and asking me to do this and that, when all I had in my head was that I needed all my focus and attention on my health.

The last time we hanged out I was at a very low point health-wise. I could barely walk.

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The next morning she got up very early and said she had to leave even though I asked her to stay a little longer so she could help me, have breakfast etc. She said no and left.

She texted me for a few days but I did not reply, and that was that. After 17 months of being separated from my stbx. I decided to try dating again for first time in 17 years. Well a month and half ago out of no where i finally had a man start off conversation normal. I was very hestiant to even reply but something in me said its the first one just reply and see how it goes. So i did and it went very well.

So well i kept telling myself this man is just too good to be true. We talked and met each other for 3 weeks every day. He made me feel so alive again. The last time we were together we talked for hours about every thing and anything.

He left hugging me tight and kissing me like everything was good. Then bam never heard or seen him again. He ghosted me : i dont get why people do this to others. Why do you take all this time and effort to get to know and be with someone and then just ghost them. No reasons seen no red flags of it happening. It really is a coward move. With this it makes me feel its not even worth trying to date. He lied. He blocks me on Facebook the day or two before his overseas trip. Who does that?

When I found out I felt cheated, used, sad. Makes me think about why his ex cheated on him maybe because he has a hard time getting it up haha. I met this guy online and went out with him for almost 3 months.

understood that

I was excited that for the first time ever I met a truly decent guy someone respectful of me. At the end he said he was busy to meet up and not looking for commitment.

Oct 07,   If it's not OK with you that someone disappears for long periods of time and then re-enters your life, then let them know that. No one is a mindreader, and . But after it he did not texts or anything-I heard he told my friend he wanted to see if I care and texts first- so I did, just saying it was nice seeing him and blah blah and we talked for n month again over texts but he was not as flirty as always and my heart was obviously broken because I knew then he did not like me ones he saw me, then. Dec 10,   And then he'd disappear. So last Wednesday, when he popped up in her inbox once again, her first thought was, "Ignore his email", but her heart softened. "I'll give him one more middleburyfloralvt.com: Sandy Weiner.

Yet my profile was crystal clear that was why I was there online. Fortunately for him he looks like he has already found someone else in 3 weeks!!! Yes I checked his facebook profile.

New girlfriend, he never want to see me. I feel so painful So much. So we were planing to meet since 2 months after both of us saving money. But the day that we planed to talk about this. We used to keep contact everyday, and the day before we even had cam talking for almost an hour! I been crying since then.

We used to text everyday several times he telling me what he was up to, and me too. So it actually took me by surprise that after just 18 hours ago he was making plans with me of all the things that we will do when together again. He just dissAppeared. He knew he could say good by at any time in in the past 6 mo the that we were heading this long distance thing.

So why he waited that much! I even asked him several times and told him that tif there was someone else that he was into. I know him! He is not the kind of man that stays alone. He dumped it and left. But also he left me broke emotionally. Self care. So this one happened to me as well.

We had been dating for 2 months. And I really wished that this could work out well. We met at work. My look is also not bad as well, I have a lot of guys chase me, but I fell in love with him. Then we decided to start dating. For me, he is perfect. Then suddenly after one month of dating, everything was just falling apart.

And lately I noticed that he was always in bad mood every time I met him. It was always because something happened at work or about his family and everything like that, and I always tried my best to cheer him up. Until now. No explanation. No goodbye.

And then, poof, he just vanishes out of your life so completely it's like he's been whisked away into the witness protection program. You have no clue why he suddenly stopped all contact and you frantically call and text him to make sure he hasn't been in the terrible accident that keeps replaying itself over and over in your imagination. So what does it mean when the guy you're dating disappears? When he disappears, he's telling you he's one or all of the following: He's not mature; He's not ready for a relationship; He doesn't know how to communicate; He doesn't care enough about the relationship. This is why everything between you can feel like it's going wonderfully and he seems super into you, and then BAM! He has the revelation that maybe this isn't something he wants long term, and he disappears right in the middle of the process of wooing you. Therein lies the mixed message. One moment he was acting gaga, now he's GONE.

I tried to be cool and not to annoy him, but I lose my control for days and I did what I did. Because I just need some explanations about what happened, I just need him to clarify if we were okay or not.

still that?

I need answers. The worst thing that happened is I started to blame myself. If I did that, he would never leave me. This is really bad because I started to lose my self-confidence, I become more and more insecure.

But for now, I just let myself cry and time will heal. But he did. They said he was hanging out with his friend and he was fine. They even sat together. I feel you talking about my own story!!!

I really lived the same situation.

Why He Disappeared (It's NOT What You Think)

When I came back to my home country, we kept talking for almost 3 months everyday. He promised to come to visit me and visit my parents as well, but he vanished. My friend also told me that he saw him in a bar having a good time with his friends. And I never heard about him!! Well thanks for sharing your story. And stay strong!!! Although this happened in March it still brings fresh wounds. Yada yada. I never liked someone so deeply and strongly.

I embarrassingly cried reading this. He broke up with me the weekend before one nursing class ended. Sometimes, it can be just testing your interest level, if they have reason to believe you may not be that into them. There are other reasons as well, which they may not wish to confront you with. Believe me, he will pick up on small incongruencies in your behaviour and a lack of attraction on your part, some women can be incredibly flaky.

Jools, thank you. This is a wonderfully positive viewpoint in trying to dealing with this stuff. Number two - hats off.

Although i still think the dignified nimber two individual should swallow the bitter pill and prode and be generous to tell the person they are dating what is up.

Instead of disappearing. I have come across such a generous, good man once in my life and he is the only ex i have stayed friends with. He cared to tell me he was not interested over coffee, and from hia oint of view what i should stop doing. After three weeks of not talking he allegedly was on vacation, but due to my social media sleuthing, I found out that he had only been gone for a few dayshe randomly texted me and decided to ask me out again.

It's almost been a year since we've talked. I could have carried a baby in the time since we've had our last date! He had a lot of nerve. Ghosting is bad enough.

Dating then he disappears

So here is how to respond when the person who ghosted you ends up zombieing you. Obviously, when the guy I was seeing pretended to be out of town, didn't contact me for two weeks, and then casually showed up in my life again, I took it to the group text. I mean, this was crazy!

Is that what dating is now? Not in my world. I like to live in a mind space where I believe that chivalry is not dead and that people treat one another with honesty, kindness, and respect. Do not let it be all about your feelings and reactions. The last thing I want to mention is to be aware of your communication process.

Always remember that just because you can text him, it does not mean that you should. Do not make your boredom his responsibility.

casually found today

Try to have respect for his time. Make clear ahead of time how long the two of you will be on the phone and stick to the time limit. Not for who they may become in the future. Is He Losing Interest? Take the Quiz. Tagged as: Datingdating adviceghostinglovemen disappearonline datingrelationship advicewhy men disappear.

One, he was honest and upfront and I respected him for it. I wished him well and moved on. No ghosting necessary, because we each employed common courtesy; a rare find these days. I was confused but decided to not contact him. On the third day, he liked my pictures on FB.

I kept silent. The fifth day he messaged me again and we got back on track. I think he was losing interest because I had expressed myself before he ghosted me or he was playing mind games with me. It just happened to me two days ago. We never met in person, but we spent many way too many hours on the phone for over three weeks. The connection was instant.

Good idea dating then he disappears right! good idea

He was making plans eventually to sell his house and move to my area. Two days ago he just disappeared, like you said - radio silent. Hoping he will reappear and I can pay back with my silence. The ghosting. I am still devastated after not hearing from him for over a year. My self worth is shattered. He made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

He was madly in love with me and he showed me thru his actions how much he was in love with me. I agree I recently have been done like this. I met a guy and he was lusting over me and telling me how much he liked me. I was interested in him. He went all out of his way go pursue me. We finally hung out we had sex and he switched up on me. I feel so played. I sent him texts expressing myself and letting him know how i felt he never responded.

Well, I am a man who committed ghosting -with two women after about 2 - 3 dates, no relationship and with close friends in my 30s.

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