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Age is just a number but love is eternal. No matter the difference in color, language, region or religion, two people can live together as long as they have a selfless love for each other. But what if the difference is in their age? Can two people with a substantial age gap live together ever after? Will their relationship stand the test of time? In this post, we throw some light on the age gap in relationships, its merits and problems, and ways to make it work. A relationship depends on the understanding and connection between two individuals, regardless of their age.

Some couples also consider an age gap relationship rule, which dates back to more than years. Certain factors have a conscious or sub-conscious effect on individuals while choosing a partner:. While a decent age gap might bring in advantages, a wide gap might have more drawbacks than merits.

It is not necessary that all the age-gap relationships have these drawbacks because it all depends on how well you understand the relationship and take it forward. Love, trust, care, and affection are the elements that matter in a relationship to work.

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You can make a broad age gap relationship work if these basic elements are intact. Whether or not to have a far older or younger partner is purely a personal decision.

But once a decision has been made, you need to give your everything to make the relationship work. Andrew Francis-Tan and Hugo M.

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To spend the eternities with a companion who shares the most important fundamental values with us and who will discuss them, live them, and join in teaching them to children is among the most soul-satisfying experiences of true romantic love. Men: How many years older than you are you comfortable dating?

Couples With A Wider Age Gap

I have a different answer; let me tell you in the comments. I am a woman and I want to see the answers. Men: How many years younger than you are you comfortable dating? Women: How many years older than you are you comfortable dating? I am a man and I want to see the answers.

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And than if the age difference is too high you may not have many things in common, which of course can also be the case when dating someone your age. But other than that, if you find someone you love, the age difference doesn't really matter. Dec 26,   Not only does society judge dating outside our ages, but it also expects that we all age and develop at the same rate. Furthermore, it is expected that with age comes maturity, which isn't true. When It Comes To Dating, Do Age Differences Matter? A recent study lends insight into age differences in romantic relationships. Posted Aug 19,

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Does Age Really Matter in Relationships? Around 10 years older. Would you actually like to refute the points I've mentioned in my answer?

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Alright, lol. Perhaps you may want to pursue a different social circle. There is something like mental age that is very important to me.

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I was talking about serious relationship not just short term or one night think, as then everything goes through the window and I only care about body and she needs to want to spend time in bedroom with me Obviously she has to be legal age for it in any case!!! Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. I dont really care for things like age when I really like and connect with someone however life is not that simple.

In a long term relationship, the age difference may come between the couple for they might have different choices and plans for the future. Age determines long term potential - you can date a person a different age but the chances it will last forever are lower.

Xper 5. I saw a study where it concluded that men begin to feel old at 59 while women begin to feel old at That is almost like dog years to human years. It appears that most women are more sensitive to age gaps since deep down they know there are more like a carton of milk.

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Biologically an older man and younger woman couple can have a future while the inverse is rapidly fleeting. However, age gap is purely at the discretion of the couple, minors notwithstanding. Yes, at least to some degree. You do run into legal issues when trying to date a minor, which is good.

And than if the age difference is too high you may not have many things in common, which of course can also be the case when dating someone your age. But other than that, if you find someone you love, the age difference doesn't really matter. Lost-Wicked-Artist Xper 1.

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Yes, yes it does. It doesn't matter. And if you are a legal adult with a child who hasn't gone through puberty, you are a pedophile.

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Now let's say both of you are legal adults, then I don't see any problem. I think there was a study done stating how marriages with women 5 years or older than the male are often more successful.

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I mean, as long as it is legal and isn't toxic, it's fine. To some extent. If the 82 year old widow next door asked my 14 year old nephew out, I would be a bit weirded out. On the other hand, my long-term plan is for my heart to give out when I'm 90 and getting it on with a 19 year old Yes it matters.

But i think it depends on person to person.

And both the people involved should agree to it. But its all about the couple's life. BeingAnzalKhan Xper 5. Age, I dont think so but the maturity level really matters a lot.

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It matters if it matters to the adult couple. I've seen 18 and early 40's work Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night.

Jun 23,   Does Age Really Matter in Relationships? Generally, it doesn't. A relationship depends on the understanding and connection between two individuals, regardless of their age. A couple can have a strong relationship as long as they love, respect and care for each other. Having a partner, who is a few years older than you, is considered normal. Oct 14,   So despite all the unspoken rules, does age matter in a relationship? We spoke to a variety of relationship experts to get to the bottom of this "age-old" dating conundrum and here's what we found: The age of your brain matters. Sometimes a chemical attraction really is just that: chemical. Oct 29,   Some single adults have observed that age does matter to others in the dating pool. "Unfortunately, the majority of society, at least what I know of in the LDS dating world, make (age) into a matter," stated one female friend in my mid-singles ward.

ShawnBalshaw Xper 1. Age doesn't matter on any level at all it doesn't make any difference only thing that makes a difference is connection in the chemistry that you have with someone.

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