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She is a girl with psychokinetic and telepathic abilities. Eleven appears to have been born telekinetic. However, the use of her abilities temporarily weakens her and causes her nose to bleed. At birth, Eleven was taken away from her mother by Dr. Martin Brenner and was raised in the National Laboratory in Hawkins, Indiana as a test subject to develop her psychokinetic skills. When placed in a sensory deprivation tank she can use remote viewing and access other dimensions , primarily for the purposes of international espionage.

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Eleven eventually finds the Eggos Hopper left for her and seeks him out. The two move into a cabin in the woods where he forbids her to leave, fearing for her safety. Hopper hides Eleven indoors for almost a year, telling no one of her whereabouts, not even Mike. During this time, Eleven gains better control over her powers; she is less weakened by the use of her telekinesis, and she is now able to project her mind without the use of a sensory deprivation tank.

She uses the latter ability to listen to Mike's attempts to contact her, though she is increasingly frustrated at her inability to reply. Eleven also significantly expands her vocabulary during this time, learning from both Hopper and television. Eleven becomes restless and longs to reunite with Mike, and this causes tension between her and Hopper.

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She runs away from home one day and travels to Hawkins Middle School. When she finds Mike, he is with Max, a new student. Eleven mistakenly thinks Max is flirting with Mike and, out of spite, uses her powers to knock her off of her skateboard before leaving. Upon returning to the cabin, she gets into a heated argument with Hopper over her leaving the cabin, ending with her using her powers to damage the cabin out of anger. The next day, cleaning the mess she made of the cabin, she discovers by looking through records in the cabin's basement her birth mother is alive, a contradiction to what Hopper had told her.

She then goes to meet her birth mother, Terry, and her aunt, Becky, and discovers what happened to Terry at Hawkins Laboratory.

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While there, she realizes Terry is trying to talk with her, but due to her catatonic state, is unable to. Eleven, using her powers, views a flashback from her mother. Terry, after her daughter was taken from her, attempted to force her way into Hawkins Lab to save her. As a response, Brenner and his assistants captured her and subjected her to electroshock therapy, resulting in her current condition.

Using her abilities once again, Eleven locates her sister and discovers that she is an older girl named Kali "Eight"with the ability to cause people to have visual hallucinations.

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Kali tells Eleven that while using her powers, she needs to think about what makes her most angry. When they go to get revenge on Brenner's assistant who helped hurt Eleven's mother, Eleven begins to choke him to death but stops upon realizing that he has two daughters. She then stops Kali from shooting him. Back at the hideout, Eleven witnesses Hopper and Mike in danger through the void.

While the gang are about to flee, Eleven realizes she needs to go back to her friends because they need her help. Eleven goes back to Hawkins and finally reunites with Mike with a heartfelt embrace and her friends after saving them from a Demodog. The group realizes that she needs to close the gate to the Upside Down, and she and Hopper head to Hawkins Laboratory.

There, Eleven uses Kali's advice and focuses her anger into her powers, closing the gate and draining her powers. Afterward, it is discovered that Dr. Owens has forged a birth certificate allowing for Hopper to become her legal adoptive father as a way to help keep Eleven in hiding. Eleven's new legal name is Jane Hopper. She meets up with Mike, dances with him, and they share their first kiss as a couple.

At the start of season three, Eleven and Mike have been dating for seven months, much to the dismay of Hopper, who is annoyed that El and Mike are constantly together, spending all of their time alone kissing.

When Hopper confesses to Joyce that he feels uncomfortable about the situation, she asserts that he should sit down and calmly talk to El and Mike about how he feels. This backfires, however, and Hopper resorts to verbally threatening Mike to stay away from Eleven, or he will end their relationship.

When Mike is forced to lie to Eleven about why he can no longer visit her, she becomes suspicious and seeks advice from Max, who asserts that Mike is pushing her aside to spend time playing games with the boys, and suggests that they have some fun of their own by going shopping at the new Starcourt mall. The girls spend quality time together, shopping, where they encounter Lucas, Will and Mike, who are attempting to buy Eleven a makeup present.

When Mike lies and says the present is for his sick grandmother, Eleven angrily breaks up with him and leaves on a bus with Max, where the girls spend the night sleeping over at Hopper's house and use Eleven's telepathic powers to spy on the boys.

This leads to a game they create in which they spin a bottle and spy on whoever it lands on.

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Eleven spies on Billy and it appears he has kidnapped someone, so the girls go to look for him and discover a fellow lifeguard has also gone missing.

They discover that Billy has been taken over by the Mind Flayer. Brenner 's orders when under his control, she would be locked in a cramped room as punishment, potentially for hours on end. These painful experiences lead her to develop severe claustrophobia. She also showed some signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, frequently remembering her harrowing experiences at the lab following her escape. Due to a very limited vocabulary, she could not effectively communicate her thoughts and emotions and had little to no understanding of simple concepts such as friendships or promises.

These difficulties communicating often lead to misunderstandings with her friends. Episodes of intense stress and fear had the potential to trigger Eleven's powers, releasing them in umiddleburyfloralvt.comedictable and sometimes dangerous ways. She was reluctant to harm innocent life and had no malicious intent but was sometimes forced to maim or kill in extreme circumstances.

Mike and Eleven plan to stay in touch constantly and spend both Thanksgiving and Christmas together. El subtly brings up Mike's feelings for her but he gets nervous once again. Eleven takes the. Eleven is the daughter of Teresa "Terry" Ives, a participant in the Project MKUltra experiments conducted by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Eleven appears to have been born middleburyfloralvt.comr, the use of her abilities temporarily weakens her and causes her nose to birth, Eleven was taken away from her mother by Dr. Martin Brenner and was raised in the National Created by: The Duffer Brothers.

She did not take this lightly as these instances were always followed by strong feelings of guilt and self-loathing not to mention the physical toll these acts had on her body. Despite having killed before, upon being pressured by Kali into trying to kill, she refused to after seeing the man she was about to kill had children and then stopped Kali from shooting him.

In every event of having to resort to killing someone, she has done it in self-defense. After nearly an entire year of living with Hopper, Eleven's vocabulary expanded significantly, although she still struggled to understand complex words and social cues. Eleven was born with a vast array of preternatural abilities, acquired through a combination of inheritance and exposure to hallucinogenic drugs while in utero during her mother 's time as an MKUltra test subject.

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These abilities were the reason she was abducted at birth and raised at Hawkins National Laboratory, where she was experimented on. The effect of the subsequent direct experimentation on Eleven and her powers is unclear. It is possible that her powers laid dormant and could only be unearthed through further experimentation. However, it is also possible that Eleven had access to these powers at birth, but merely gained understanding and experience of them during her time in the laboratory.

As her mother displays similar psychic powers, it is possible the experimentation on her mother during her pregnancy augmented her powers or she simply naturally developed stronger abilities. Initially, exercising her abilities to accomplish small tasks was shown to be rather difficult for her.

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However, with practice, Eleven was able to accomplish greater and greater feats. Nearly a year after the events of NovemberEleven became able to use her telekinetic and telepathic powers far more easily and without as much effort and concentration, easily closing doors, lifting objects, and entering her mental void by simply placing a blindfold on and using the white noise from a television.

Her abilities are somewhat linked to her emotional state, being at their strongest when influenced by her anger and fear. Being in distressing situations would occasionally cause Eleven to unleash her powers involuntarily.

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This was most likely how Eleven had opened the Gate : her fear of witnessing the Demogorgon possibly magnifying her powers to the point where she was able to open an interdimensional portal.

This was also observed in " The Flea and the Acrobat " when she unintentionally flung Lucas across the junkyard during his fight with Mike.

With help from KaliEleven learned to harness her anger at will, allowing better control over her powers. She would go on to use this knowledge to aid herself while closing the Gate.

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Using her powers takes a physical toll on her body. When using her powers to perform more menial tasks, Eleven usually only suffers from nosebleeds. Based on how her powers are executed, it is likely the source of this blood is actually her brain. When accomplishing more daunting tasks, however, she would become physically exhausted, often to the point where she'd be unable to walk.

Her most extreme acts caused bruising on her face, her eyes to become bloodshot, her ears to bleed, and occasionally even unconsciousness. However, if Eleven was sufficiently satiated, this physical toll could be alleviated. Eleven's powers would occasionally affect the nearby electricity; when attempting psychic communication, nearby lights would sometimes flicker or even go out entirely.

The Demogorgon, while traveling between dimensions, had remarkably similar effects on nearby electricity, suggesting her abilities may also cause distortion of the electromagnetic field.

Eleven dating mike

After removing a piece of the Mind Flayer which had been lodged under her skin after being bitten by one of the entity's mouthed tentacles, Eleven's powers ostensibly vanished. While the exact cause of this is currently unclear, it is presumed to be an aftereffect of the Mind Flayer's bite.

Three months following the incident, she was still unable to use her abilities. It remains to be seen if they will ever return.

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While Terry is her biological mother, Eleven originally had no knowledge of her or even the fact that Brenner had kidnapped her at birth. However, Terry tried desperately to get her daughter back and still believed she would one day return. After learning that her mother was alive through the Void, Eleven defied Hopper's rules to meet her. However, when Eleven finally met her mother, she was heartbroken to see her mother catatonic and learned that Hawkins Lab was responsible for causing her mother to be mentally unstable.

Despite this, Eleven harbored some love towards her mother, even though she knew that Terry could not raise her as a result of being mentally broken.

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Although Eleven was saddened and horrified of her mother's tragic fate, she still loved her mother. Becky is Eleven's aunt. Like Terry, Eleven had no knowledge of her due to not knowing the circumstances of her birth. Becky believed Terry really miscarried and in extension believed that Jane did not exist. Becky helped Eleven Jane look for her "sister" Kali. Eleven stayed the night at Becky's house, but ran away due to her calling the police in regards to her being found.

Chief Hopper was an ally of Eleven and later became her adoptive father. He rescued her and her friends from government agents, safely bringing them to the Byers house to meet with the others.

Their relationship likely had little opportunity to develop at this time as they were preoccupied with saving Will. Hopper ultimately had to reveal Eleven's location to Hawkins Lab in order to save Will, a decision he did not take lightly. Hopper appeared to have some awareness of Eleven's status following her self-sacrifice, providing her with Eggo waffles on Christmas Eve.

Eleven's disappearance reminded Hopper of the loss of his daughterand he became determined to find her.

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Hopper eventually found Eleven in the woods and began taking care of her, relocating her to his grandfather's old cabin. The two developed a complicated father-daughter dynamic as they lived together for almost a year. For her safety, Hopper neither permitted her leaving the cabin, nor did he permit her to communicate with Mike or her friends.

After the shutdown of Hawkins Lab, Hopper officially took Eleven in as his adopted daughter and allowed her to attend the Snow Ball.

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Eleven's history with Dr. Martin Brenner runs deep: not only did he define her childhood, but he was potentially responsible for her very existence. Brenner had experimented on her mother Terrywho had volunteered to become a MKUltra test subject. While undergoing these tests, Terry mysteriously became pregnant. After discovering the pregnancy, Brenner took the child away directly from birth, raising her at Hawkins Lab.

Throughout childhood, Eleven was treated harshly and severely. Brenner appeared to be Eleven's only source of social engagement, and thus she grew to be dependent on his attention. Brenner built himself up as a father figure, establishing a somewhat tender demeanor when in her presence.

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However, an unstated threat was present in even the most affectionate words he uttered, lurking just beneath the surface. When Eleven performed well, Brenner would "reward" her with affection.

When Eleven disobeyed him, she would instead be subjected to cruel psychological torture. Even when Eleven was on her best behavior, she spent much of her time in solitary confinement, locked in a "bedroom" cell.

Brenner's only true interest in the girl was her extraordinary power; her physical or mental health was merely of tangential importance to his goal. When Eleven performed extraordinary feats, Brenner appeared proud of her accomplishments. When he eventually found her and promised to take her home, she rejected his offer, instead crying and reaching out to her new friends.

Mike and Eleven developed a special relationship in the six days they knew each other, as they quickly fell in love with each other.

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Out of the three boys who found her, Mike grew the closest to Eleven, partly due to her staying at his house. Although Dustin and Lucas eventually developed trust for her, Mike was the first to do so. Eleven, in turn, was clearly at her most relaxed while alone in the company of Mike. Unlike Dustin and Lucas, Mike understood right away that, despite her powers and strange appearance, she was ultimately just another kid and did not mean to cause trouble for him and his friends. His respect for her deepened when she aided and defended him and his friends in the search for Will.

Mike even invited her to be his date to the Snow Ballan offer which she happily accepted and kissed her. Due to her love for Mike, to protect him and their friends, Eleven used all her powers to disintegrate the Demogorgon and vanished to the Upside Down.

Mike became devastated at this and called her on his Supercom for days in a row as well as keeping the pillow fort in perfect condition in regards to her memory, unaware that Eleven was actually alive and also trying to contact him through the Void.

After almost a year, when they finally reunited they shared a long awaited hug just to be separated again. When I was 13, I remember that dating was pretty much the equivalent to holding hands on the bus after school, hanging out at the park together, or sitting with each other and friends at lunch.

Very rarely do you end up going on an actual date. Not to mention the fact that there is still the Upside Down looming over Hawkins, even with the portal closed.

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