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Being in a relationship can definitely have its perks. During the beginning, especially, you're both starry-eyed and happy. It's fun texting each other throughout the day, you look forward to the next time you see them, everything is just fine and dandy But this "honeymoon" phase doesn't last forever, of course. So when should couples have their first fight? And can you use it to actually improve your communication? We all know that relationships take work.

This can take a long ass time to figure out, but once you do, it will help you solve arguments more efficiently in the future. For example, some people are quick to jump to low blowseven if they don't mean it, while others are more calculating or manipulative in their angry words and you might need to do some emotional digging to get to what's really bothering them.

First argument while dating

By giving one another space, you both have the opportunity to process what's happened and figure out your next moves accordingly. Also, I can't recommend honesty enough! I want you to XYZ Just make sure you give one another time before deciding what this fight "means for your relationship.

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Don't forget that you and partner are happy every other moment you've been together. Try to not let your anger get the better of you or let their anger make you paranoid.

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By Jamie LeeLo. But here's the thing: We fight now, like, kind of a lot.

How To Argue With Your Partner

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The ones who rise to the occasion are the ones worth holding on to. No, you're not being a prude if you're uncomfortable when a virtual stranger no matter how attractive begins getting frisky via text.

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It amazes me how many single women who are hoping for serious relationships get drawn into sexting with guys they've only just met. And these same women seem genuinely perplexed and frustrated when things never advance past the hookup phase. If a guy likes you, yes he will want to have sex with you.

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If he likes you enough to potentially have a relationship with you, he won't sext you prior to the beginning of that relationship. The ease of texting invites a definite casualness that can lead people who would never flash their body parts to someone they barely know to taking photos of those same body parts and sending them via text.

Same goes for engaging in sex talk.

Jul 17,   The argument goes: If he really liked me, he'd call me, not text. The truth is: you don't have any idea what it means to him (or her) to text you in the early stages of getting to know each other. Release your assumptions - maybe texting is something you reserve for people who are a low priority for you, but that isn't the case for everyone. The first fight is a great time to set up ground rules for future arguments. After you have your first fight, take a day or two to breathe and let it all sink in. Take a few minutes and talk about the argument with your new partner. Tell him or her that you want to take a minute and go over some ground rules for arguments. Apr 10,   Holding onto your first argument and using it as ammo for anything in the future (be it a reason to break up, to win a new argument or to guilt your partner into something you want) is nasty, Author: Jamie Leelo.

If you want more than a hookup and are seeking an actual relationship, cut it out! If he or she - I'm sure there are women out there who are guilty of this as well does, do not respond in kind.

Do not engage! If they persist, block them.

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You two are not on the same page and are better off parting ways. This might sound like it goes without saying.

May 05,   When my wife and I were first dating, we were close to pathetically agreeable on everything - where to eat, what movie to see, where to go on a weekend away. The bliss hit a speed bump around our 11 th date when we had a major argument. And, while I don't remember the exact cause of the disagreement, I do remember it leading to a nasty. Oct 09,   Richardson explained that there's no magic number to when couples should begin arguing, but that getting into an argument within the first five dates should be a red flag Author: Alison Kresta. Mar 14,   If you're asking yourself, "When is it normal to have your first fight," it's certainly not on your first date and probably not over a fudge brownie, either. I mean, dessert is great and all but I.

But as I mentioned, I see a lot of relationship-seeking people throw caution to the wind when it comes to texting. As you're getting to know someone, the bulk of your communication should happen face-to-face if at all possible. By relying on text communications with someone you are just getting to know, you are tempting gross misinterpretations.

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There's the " What does he mean by 'K'? We're definitely almost in a relationship " delusion. Having instant access to a person at nearly all times creates a false sense of intimacy before that intimacy is earned in the relationship.

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And that can take an emotional toll if and when the actual relationship never happens, or fizzles out quickly. This becomes particularly hazardous with people you've connected with online but not yet met in person, or people you've been out with only once or twice. I hear women say things like " We were texting all day everyday until we went out Saturday and now I haven't heard from him.

The only way to protect against this potentially harsh letdown is not to indulge in it in the first place. As tempting as it might be and as flattering as it feels to have someone constantly reaching out to you and therefore thinking about youlet the relationship unfold at an emotionally safe pace. Where is there to go from there?

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Texting can be tricky, but following these guidelines will definitely help you to minimize a good deal of the drama! Good luck and happy dating!

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Here are a few rules of the road to help you navigate this minefield of modern dating:. Texting means different things to different people. Don't assume. State your preferences, gently.

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