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apologise, but

He is 37, divorced with one teenage kid that he sees every other weekend. Here is my dilemma. You wait and pray for there to be a good guy left on this earth and finally one comes along and you find him boring or at least not challenging. He is completely into me. Calls, writes me letters, texts, takes me out, does family outings, asks about my day, washes my car, is clean, is fit, responsible, understanding, compliments me, etc, etc. It was okay, not mind blowing or anything.

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Someone to do things with? If you were crazy about him, there is nothing you would want more than all this attention. I married the nice guy, I probly jumped to fast having had two young kids. My kids would ask for a daddy for xmas, I felt pressure at 26 to marry, and felt old for my age having been a mom at I dated alot of mr.

I was looking for a nice guy, I found him, then I was attracted to him, now 9 yrs later he let himself go, I just left him for lack of attraction and his constant yelling and complaining and other reasons. We grew apart, were more friends then lovers. Now the last thing I want is just nice, there has to be a strong physical attraction too. You say you can live or without a man, so can we all, but at sometime you have to want to lean on him or you wont every be happy married, you have to give up some of that independence to be a couple.

I'm not talking about laughs-at-fart-jokes guy or lists-beer-pong-as-a-special-skill guy. This is all about the boy in a man's body. I recently broke up with my boyfriend [insert pity party here]. It wasn't over some big dramatic fight, or because he was unfaithful, and it certainly wasn't because I stopped loving him. Sep 11,   A: No woman wants to date or marry a broke guy. It's unfortunate when you think about how women always say, "There aren't enough good men out there". The truth is, there are. But they don't all come making big bucks. Some are blue collar, others have bad credit records. Nov 30,   While a bunch of society has caught up to the fact that women are people too (with, GASP, their own money!), way too many dating books and columns aimed at us gals still make a big deal about making sure the person you're going out with is "financially stable."That puts a lot of pressure on a guy to act like he's not secretly checking his bank balance under the table when you order dessert.

You have to be happy first before the kids or him. I use to fall for a guy just because he was good with my kids, ohhh he would be a good dad, DONTYah that is important to, but you have to sleep with this guys for the rest of your life.

sorry, that

He took offense to the fact that I always liked my space and figured I didnt want to be with him, no I like my alone time, always haveI am a night owl he was a day person, so I stayed up all night to get my alone timeI left home at 15 and raised myself and mom at 17, I was use to my independence and alone time, not that I was ever single for long, but always my own boss, being married and giving up your independence is tough, now I am trying to learn how to be independent again, having just left husband a week ago after 9 yrs, its tough.

Good luck, but dont settle just because he is a good guy, lots of them around, you need to know down deep he is the one, he makes your toes curl when he kisses you, cant wait to here from him, not thinking oh god he is calling again.

You sure are picky for a single mom. Your lucky to be getting a jerk let alone a nice guy. No self respecting man want to raise another mans kids. Geesh Danny - I came here to read the comments and find this massively disrespectful post. Way to go. Mixed families are a thing of the present. So let me get this straight, say a women is married has three kids, her husband dies. How should I feel about men with children? I am young, acceptably attractivebut they are damaged baggage, huh?

No room for grey between your black and white? No room for expanding self-awareness, sharing love, going tolerant?

Sorry your fault for chasing after the wrong guys for the longest periods of time till you got married and had kids with them. A woman posts a comment about how an amazing guy is boring to her. Because it does.

consider, that

Is that person supposed to stay on their own forever. Why should she give up on her needs? Because she is a single mom she should settle for whatever the cat dragged in gtfo.

Im dating a broke guy

Your clearly not one of the nice guys or you would be way more understanding and respectful to this woman. Not all women with children need to find a new man but if they want to they have a right to expect what they need to feel fulfilled in their new relationship.

It shows exactly how ridiculous western society really has become this day and age when females come onto a story like this, find a comment such as this and immediately set out to insult and degrade the male who made it. No thanks. Ladies, if we men are held accountable for our bad decisions, its only fair that you should be also.

You made your bed, now sleep in it. The comment was directed at HER settling for some dumb ass jerk, no one said anything about men accepting another child.

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Well I dated the nice guy for a year. I was heading for 30 and thought I could make it work.

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Well, he broke up with me because he felt like I was trying to change him. He hates me now, he completely resents how I treated him. Boy did I learn my lesson.

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I will never settle again and will only pursue a relationship if I am absolutely sure of my feelings as well as his. You disrespected him treated him like shit you never loved him and his the ass hole? I went through the same woman as ou.

3 reasons not to date a broke guy

Women are ten times more hypocrite than man. We men and women should learn how to love a person for the person he or she is when we can. But some of you women over regard yourself. Like the world is your yoyo can of soup. Hi ladies, just ran into this website - i am a guy and i can say one thing - i notice, that all the responces in favor of diana are ladies whose relationships havent worked out too.

Diana, there is no Mr. Nothing could be further from the truth. Otherwise, most of us will never get auto insurance, because most rookie drivers tend to make the most driving mistakes. I still believe that one of the major reasons why people remain single is because they simply are not ready to commit, not because there are no suitable partners. And we have too many choices because of the availability of technology.

We know the blinding light,the red hot passion fades a little in long term relationships,but it should still be there should still occurr.

To put your mind at ease, here are a few signs that you are in fact dating a great guy who you should never let go. 1. He loves you for your dorky, awkward self. Source: giphy. Not all girls can have as much confidence and grace as Marilyn Monroe. You may have an awkward laugh, or a weird way of walking. Maybe you stutter, tell bad jokes and Author: Elizabeth Andal. May 27,   Vanessa, a single mom with a teenage son, says that she's not going to write a guy off for being broke. In fact, the last man she dated she describes as 'cinders broke.'. I'm not sitting on the couch every night because he's too broke to do anything. I cannot emphasize enough what a huge turn-off it is when a guy can't afford to go do anything. I'm an adult. I don't want to go blow hundreds of dollars at a a club, but I do want to experience the world around me. I'm an explorer and an adventurer.

I decided to give things more time. We live an hour apart so saw each other a few times a month,we had nice times and sex was good,i never felt any great bond or desire ,he however was in love ,he told me this after 8 weeks. I know i could have had a good life ,been looked after,had whatever i wanted,but at what cost.

Good luck its a tough one. I say dump him and put him out of his missery for being with someone like you.

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And continue the visious cycle. So congrats woman. Turns out after all YOU are the reason why there are no nice guys. I have returned to being the nice guy I always was at heart, and I am, of course suffering for it. I have NO problem getting sex when I am single, but it either goes no further than that, or it appears to go further, but I end up getting used.

I still endure this, however, because if I lose the ability to open up, and let a woman in, I will never have that level of closeness that I very much want above and beyond the sex, and companionship.

If a man were to change and turn into the stereotypical bad boy after being dumped by a woman, then he has effectively let a woman dictate how he lives his life. We will continue going after real nice men that actually are men!! All the stereotypes are making me sick. How is that helping either of them? Make herself fall in love with him? It sounds like she wishes she could. Stay with him out of pity or fear of hurting him?

If not you do the responsible thing and break it off. The OP is actually being very responsible writing in for advice to make sure she can make the most informed decision.

A guy with balls would learn from his heartbreak and move on, not blame all women kind for his problems and seek to purposely hurt the next woman that comes along.

Jul 19,   Needless to say, they broke up weeks later. "When the guy you are dating has time for his friends on the weekend, his colleagues at happy hour . Mar 18,   IF YOU CAN'T BORROW $ FROM HIM, DON'T FCK HIM!!! | -Derrick Jaxn - Duration: Derrick Jaxn , views. Jul 23,   So no, I'm not dating a broke guy. I had to go through all this when I realized that men are not reliable and will not help out. There was noone there to help me - I worked my ass off. So now.

As I mentioned above, I am a nice guy who was treated very poorly by several women in a row, and it made me very bitter, angry, and cynical for a number of years. I had to become a hermit, and regain a love for myself before I could get back to being the nice guy I am at core. I have noticed a callousness in so many women these days. I have been strung along and used by ones I have dated, and abused by one that I had married and ended up divorcing. I think that many women believe that all the effort in a relationship should come from the man, with minimal effort, if any, on their end.

To make a guy think he has a chance, and to string him along thinking that you have deeper feelings for him than you do just because of all the nice things he does for you is beyond wrong.

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It makes a guy feel used, betrayed, and like some toy, or object that the woman seems to think is ok just to throw away when they get tired of it. If you are very clear at every stage with a guy on where you are at in the relationship, you might find that you have more peaceful breakups, and possibly will be able to keep the guy as a friend afterward.

I did everything for her and always put her foot first in front of mine because she was going through a lot of personal issues. She dumped me Her only best friend because I was too nice, seemed too clingy and etc. It was painful for me to reject her although every ounce of my body wanted to help her through the pain. Try and hurt people after getting hurt. Some other woman might find a reliable and relatively attractive man sweet and charming.

This just infuriates me for some reason.

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Like, what is that? Why are you trying to compete with someone who would literally destroy you in the blink of an eye?

Grow up! Relationships are NOT a contest to see who can care the least.

To make a guy think he has a chance, and to string him along thinking that you have deeper feelings for him than you do just because of all the nice things he does for you is beyond wrong. It makes a guy feel used, betrayed, and like some toy, or object that the woman seems to think is ok just to throw away when they get tired of it.

Being bored occasionally is fine. Being reminded by a man that he could literally destroy me is not. Threatening women with your physical strength is dealbreaker trait IMO. I was responding to you talking about how you could destroy someone physically. I would steer clear of anyone from whom I got the faintest whiff of this type of mentality. You seem to have some tremendous anger problems.

The biggest players are narcissists and constantly create drama. They feed off the drama. My sister and one of my former friends were like this. My sister still is: her husband is on his way to morbid obesity after many years of being involved with her twisted abusive reality.

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They both enjoy the misfortune of others. I keep well away from them. One day I asked one of my senior-citizen male patients for his advice. At the time I was 30 yrs old, and seeing a perfectly good man.

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He picked me up in his BMW and took me out for dinner. I found it great counsel. Who knows? Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Maybe you're both traveling all of the time for work, or even living in separate cities.

Any case. im dating a broke guy are

No excuses. Not everyone loves text banter, but if whatever you've got going on is moving towards relationship land, you should both miss each other when you are apart.

seems excellent idea

We are all busy. We are all trying to juggle our schedules. You are not special. Don't go crazy stalker mode, but pay attention. If you are going on two months of dating and you haven't met your semi-significant other's friends, you might consider what's going on. Have you made an excuse for your "halfsie" one too many times when he's ditched on a happy hour with your people other than just you? Follow her on Twitter and Instagram. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our ated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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