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Welcome to the home of The Question Evolution Project. Presenting information demonstrating that there is no truth in minerals-to-man evolution, and presenting evidence for special creation. Piltdown Superman. Except for fundamentalist evolutionists, many people know that radiometric dating is tenuous at best. It involves a number of assumptions, which is bad enough, but there is a passel of circular reasoning and cherry-picking of data to fit deep time presuppositions. The same is true in radiocarbon dating.

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You will be redirected to your dashboard shortly. We will also call you back in 24 hrs. Capital city of Bihar, Patna is a land that is always bustling. This ancient city is sitting on the southern bank of the mighty Ganges river. Offering fine alchemy of ancient and contemporary worlds, Patna is a city that is filled to the brim with crowds. This town is certainly an acquired taste. Patna is often considered as just the transportation hub of the country.

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