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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. I was mostly a lurker, and so I didn't experience any problems with moderation like others have mentioned here. I truly enjoyed the dialogue on this site and the mostly sincere attempts to help others. The only downside I can think of is that sometimes posters in need of serious psychological help used the forums as pure and repetitious venting, which became frustrating for both them and the posters responding with advice. Some members are "paid members". An example could be "prepaph".

The moderation was insaneunbelievably one sided when it came to men and women to, guys couldn't say a thing he'd delete it but women could talk like disgusting gutter rats about men and he'd allow it.

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Over alll think it dissolving into oblivion has probably done the world one small favor anyway. Yes, there is an invite-only "other forum". A few points of note: - The forum that Paul P.

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So they left and continued their casual chatter elsewhere, as requested. Most people have better things to do. It lowers hosting costs, people feel safer posting personal information, and it almost removes the need for any time spent on moderation. There are hundreds of thousands of closed forums and groups e. What is the issue with this particular one?

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Critical highlights Ha where does one go when they can't bully helpless people reaching out for help? People are happy that this forum is back, because it enables their dysfunction and insecurity.

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Reviews that mention popular keywords people 31 forum 32 advice Comment Thank you Share Helpful 2. It's a garbage site - much like citydata. In many ways, the posters remind me of a neighborhood I lived in. You won't get any real or useful advice from this site.

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Anyone who takes relationship advice from someone who gives a thumbs up to affairs needs psychological help, not internet help. Comments 1 Thank you Share Helpful I was a longtime member on this site and will miss it if it's truly gone.

There were a lot of fine people who posted there and I wish them all well. It was a very special spot and I'm grateful for the support, discussion, banter, love and laughter throughout the years.

Jul 04,   eHarmony boards are the best online dating forum resource: rational real people, regulated content and posting: users within the forums are real daters within eharmony that have something useful to say Dating Forums Huge number of threads and posts in many different relationship and dating categories. LoveShack. BEST OF Bragging Rights: established in marriage, heartbreak and forum also acts as the forum for Internet Dating Stories and Way Too Personal. With all of the engaging members, you'll find a great resource, as well as some new friends - and all of that for free! likes. An interpersonal relationship advice and assistance center providing a forum to confront personal conflicts, promote participation in self-discovery and responsibility, and Followers:

To anyone who's reading this, until we meet again Bye LS! Comment Thank you Share Helpful People on that site must be foreigners with limited understanding of the English language.

Or brain damaged. is a community featuring dating advice and tips, articles, and discussion forums to help you improve and understand your relationships and other interpersonal issues. Visit Forum Forum Details. Forum is ranked 60 out of forums. Forum software: vBulletin. Site hosted in: United States, Dallas. Server IP address: What happened to the forum? Not a dating advice question, but related to dating advice because I'm sure a lot of people go on there too. but what happened to the forums? The URL doesn't work and I've been focusing on being single the last months. ?Dating - ?Online hoe is Used ?Always Dating Loveshack, first time sex. Aug 18, - We have not realized Dating Loveshack deep because of loveshack force eating pussy, he tight lost his job that is a big meaty with him he Dating Loveshack fucking.

I wrote a very clear question. Two paragraphs. One idiot who responded yammered on about something utterly irrelevant. Avoid at all costs!!!!! As others have said, the mods post under multiple user names. Even worse, some of them literally act like bullies and laugh at and mock your questions. They are extremely rude. My advice: Do not use this website!!!!

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Terrible site. This place condones affairs and thinks any woman with a child has a free pass to sleep with married men. Stay far away from this site if you care about your relationship. Tip for consumers: Stay away.

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Comment Thank you Share Helpful 0. Moderators change your content. Hi, I'm Underpants. Posted on that site for many years, and it was good back in the s. I of course got in a little trouble here and there, but then you could argue you case, email the moderator and work it out. Neither were moderators in my time.

I recall our moderator had a pee wee herman avatar and the name Tony. I recently logged back in and in the Political thread criticized support of Trump. I found a quote by Robert posting as Art Critic supporting trump. I did quote it and asked why? What is it, given all he has done do you still stand behind this person? I though it a reasonable question that anyone should be able to answer, I was asking the poster Art Critic, not the moderator Robert.

True Spin - the story behind Love Shack

I do not see a way to communicate with moderators directly as it used to be. My post was deleted and I was issued some kind of acknowledge your wrong doings to post again no way to reply, only acknowledge. I tried to rejoin in April, most of my posts were edited with content removed and edited, which altered the context of my posts and had other posters inquire if I was okay. My last attempt felt safe, a gardening thread, sharing gardening tips and how to grow our own food in a pandemic did not use scary pandemic word.

Just sharing tips. Again, my posts were modified and I was issued an "acknowledge to post" warning with no way to ask So I logged out and good luck. There was a movement a few years ago ? I just worry that without deleting my account the moderators can just make up words, as they already do, and I have no control.

No option to delete my account. Sad, used to be a cool place. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 3. Horrible, rude moderators. Tristian and Robert should not be moderating any forum, least of all this one.

72 reviews for, stars: 'Some members are "paid members". An example could be "prepaph". A fat old lady without children who trolls every topic personally attacking men. If you debate a "paid member" you are given "points" then banned from the site from biased "monitors" like Tristan. Do not go here if you have a relationship issue. A liberal bunch of "man haters" that can /5(72). Les cookies nous permettent de Loveshack Forum Dating personnaliser le contenu et Loveshack Forum Dating les annonces, d'offrir des fonctionnalites relatives aux medias sociaux et d'analyser notre trafic. Nous partageons Loveshack Forum Dating egalement des informations sur l'utilisation de notre site avec nos partenaires de medias sociaux, de publicite et d'analyse, qui peuvent combiner. Dating Please note: The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice. If you or someone close to you is currently in crisis or in an emergency situation, contact your local law enforcement agency or emergency number.

They basically operate like little Hitlers, in their little world. As you can see from other reviews, this is not a good place to discuss your personal life.

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They're asking for money now. Complete joke. Moderators will ban anyone they want to, I think. No second chances or appeals.

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Some posters can say almost anything, but if anyone complains, that's it. You are nobody to them, a nameless entity, so easy to delete anything.

Other forums have same issues, unfriendly censoring mods. No explanation given. Of course, no one is really banned. Your computer is banned. It's filled with people who think cheating is okay. If you want to get into an affair, it's definitely the place for you to get sympathy, but that's about almost good for these days.

He blocks and locks you down for the most pettiest of things. God forbid you say a cuss word or give someone some harsh advice because their clueless.

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Loveshack dating forum

We hope that using our website will give you a lot of fun and you will quickly find a suitable partner for the rest of your life!

CP its free. Your email address will not be published.

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