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Email: billy guitars. The charts below will explain how to read the serial numbers and decode the model numbers. From July of until September of the date code system included a letter of the alphabet in the serial number. Here are the letters with their corresponding years. The letter B was skipped because the letter A was used for 18 months and the letters I, O and Q were also skipped to avoid any confusion being mistaken for numbers. The serial number on a Marshall amp is usually located on the back panel of the chassis but some amplifiers made between and had the number on the front panel.

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The sound of a valve amp cranked nice and loud is synonymous with rock and guitar heritage. Valve technology was predominately found in televisions and radios from the mid to the late 20 th Century, before transistor technology advanced and took its place. Vintage Marshall Artist 30 Model Combo Guitar Amplifier $; VINTAGE ORIGINAL MARSHALL 4 x12 CABINET greenback celestion pulsonic cones $3,; Marshall 4x12 with 25 Watt Greenback Celestion Speakers, Basketweave $2, The Marshall MG series is one of the most coveted amp series for its reliability, tone quality, and performance. For those who are looking to purchase a high-quality Marshall amp-without breaking the bank-the watt combo amp is the best Marshall amp to consider.

Email me: billy guitars. Reissue Series. Super Bass - Watt. Super Lead - Watt.

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Super PA. Tremolo - Watt.

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Tremolo - 50 Watt. N- C- P- D- R- E- S- F- T- G- U- H- V- J- W- K- As a combo amp, the Marshall DSL5C series allows users to recreate any classic Marshall tone, making it a great option for musicians who are serious about tone quality. Not only does the Marshall Code 25 come with Bluetooth and USB connectivity, but it also features a versatile and time-saving app to control the amp remotely.

This digital combo app also comes with an impressive presets and 24 FX models, making it the perfect addition to a home or professional studio.

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With a wide range of capabilities, enhanced technology, and an incredibly affordable price, this Marshall amp comes with the best overall value and versatility. This powerful little combo amp comes with four storable channels to choose from, making it a versatile option for any beginning musician.

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Select Clean, Crunch, Overdrive 1, or Overdrive 2 to create the best possible tone. Using the preset mode allows for these channels to be stored, recalling unique settings for each channel.

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Storing settings is easy since analog functions are digitally stored to make precise sound adjustments. As a combo, this Marshall amp combines the best of both worlds, offering dynamic tones and programmable features. It also offers both reverb and digital effects, allowing users to choose between Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, or Delay. At slightly over 20 pounds, this Marshall amp is perfectly suited for boosting that classic electric guitar sound for a fraction of the price.

The Marshall MG series is one of the most coveted amp series for its reliability, tone quality, and performance.

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For those who are looking to purchase a high-quality Marshall amp-without breaking the bank-the watt combo amp is the best Marshall amp to consider. Beginning guitarists will appreciate the headphone and MP3 inputs, making it much easier to attach additional devices for playing along with a track.

Two channels come standard for rhythm and solo performances. Although the speaker is smaller than other Marshall amps, the sound quality is solid and features three-band EQ to enhance tonal control. Made of carbon-fiber, this amp packs a ton of power in a lightweight package.

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At only 16 pounds, this is one of the most portable-and efficient-amps for aspiring musicians to start out using. There has been a wide array of changes throughout the years, which is certainly understandable given that half a century has passed since the first Marshall amp entered the music scene.

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In turn, there are multiple options of Marshall amps to consider, ranging from the technology inside the amp itself to the size of the speaker cabinet. For those who are looking to purchase their first Marshall amp, it may help to know how each of these components contributes to the overall sound and performance of the amplifier.

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This is the oldest design for Marshall amps, and it uses vacuum tubes to amplify sound. Rather than using vacuum tubes, solid-state amps employ transistors for the power and pre-amp portions. This makes a clean sound more affordable and therefore more accessible to a greater range of musicians.

Just as the name suggests, these Marshall amps operate solely through digital technology.

Marshall amp dating

Rather than relying on vacuum tubes or transistors, the same classic tonality can be achieved through digital programming. What makes these Marshall amps particularly desirable is that they can be programmed to match a variety of different tones.

Jul 18,   If your amp says Model on the inside, that does not mean it was made in This is probably the biggest area of confusion when dating Marshall amps. True serial numbers weren't really used by Marshall until July , so specimens made prior to that can only be accurately dated to a fuzzy span of several years. The serial number on a Marshall amp is usually located on the back panel of the chassis but some amplifiers made between and had the number on the front panel. From July to December , the letter denoting the year was put after the serial number. For example: S/ E. S/ would indicate the model which is 50 watt. Marshall amps with a Barcode Present: In Marshall changed to the latest dating system which is the easiest to decipher of them all. It is simply the year followed by the week. Example: this tells us that the amp was built in week 35 of

For the best of both worlds, these are the most versatile Marshall amps to invest in. They use a combination of valves, vacuum tubes, and digital programming to create an amp that can work with multiple instruments and be used in multiple roles.

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Aside from technological differences, there are important constructional differences to consider with Marshall amps. Consider these structures:.

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These types of amps do not have a speaker cabinet, called head-only amps 3. Some of the most popular Marshall amps are head-only, mostly because these are the most powerful and are best suited for large venues.

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That said, a head-only amp is most efficient when used in combination with a cabinet that has an equal amount of power. A cabinet houses the speaker, and Marshall amps can either come with a speaker cabinet attached, or it can be purchased separately. There are two main cabinet lines that Marshall offers-the MC and M Purchasing multiple cabinets is used to amplify sound for bigger venues.

The guitar 4x12 cabs were made sometime in with the early low watt green back speakers. The bass was ran through 4 4x12 cabs dating from the mid 's back to the late 's or early 's. MARSHALL DATE CODES Early Marshall through the JCM series. July of Marshall introduced the date coding system. Some of the older amps have an inspection sticker on the top of the chassis and they usually have the day, month and year the amp was made or inspected. Model: Serial no. Year: Color: Handles: Castor cups: Backpanel: Grillcloth: Corner logo: Marshall logo: baffle cleat: baffle triangle: rubber: Speaker: Model no.

Just as the name implies, a combo amplifier combines the head and the cabinet together in one package. The downfall is that the power is limited since musicians cannot add extra cabinets.

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The plus side, however, is that combo amps are much more convenient and more affordable. Marshall amplifiers are legendary 1 for a reason: they completely changed the way that amplifiers were made, and in turn, they changed the sound of a guitar.

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Soon, he found that the demand for higher-quality amps and fuller sound was increasing at incredible rates.

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