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This story has been share times. Would you like to receive desktop browser notifications about breaking news and other major stories? Not Now Yes Please. View author archive email the author Get author RSS feed. Name required. Email required. Comment required. Enlarge Image. Lori Cheek, founder of dating app Cheek'd. Stefano Giovannini. Self - Entrepreneur: Rock Bands 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Remyxx 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: The Salespreneur 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Bev Buckle 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Fat Ass Fudge 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Esso Watches 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Lifter Hamper 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Ledge Pillow 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Sullivan Generator 1 episode, Self - Disney Theme Parks Merchandise 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: PlateTopper 1 episode, Self - Co-Founder of Apple 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Elephant Chat 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Cashmere Hair 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Pursecase 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Squirrel Boss 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Cup 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Geek Chic 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Traditional Fisheries 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: The Freeloader 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Track Days 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Bare Ease 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Muddy Water Camo 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Magic Moments 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: BellyBuds 1 episode, Self - Shark Tank Casting Manager 1 episode, Self - Co-President: Kurts.

Adler 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Heart Pup 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Paper Box Pilots 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Eyebloc 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Boo Boo Goo 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: HangEase 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Lord Nut Levington 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Foot Fairy 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: The Caddy Girls 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: MorningHead 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Unshrinkit 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Wink Frozen Desserts 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Taaluma Totes 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Hotshot 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Lumio 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: The Skinny Mirror 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: ValPark Mobile 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Greenbox 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Emazing Lights 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Shark Wheel 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Bee Thinking 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Beard Head 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Frill Clothing 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: BeeSweet Lemonade 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Vengo 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: The Lapel Project 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Yourself Expression 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Barbell Apparel 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Trobo 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Clean Sleep 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Frends 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Fizzics 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Co.

Self - Entrepreneur: Digiwrap 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Father Figure 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: MealEnders 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Robin 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Hotels by Day 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Basic Outfitters 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Little Nomad 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Wallet Buckle 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Vibes 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: SnoofyBee 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Pinblock 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Mirmir 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Pearachute 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: CropSticks 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: See Rescue Steamer 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Inirv 1 episode, Self - Barbara's Daughter 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: ShowerPill 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: The Handbag Raincoat 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Vade Nutrition 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Zup 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Manscaped 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: SouperGirl 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Recharj 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Brush Hero 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Urban Float 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Uniform 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Gallant 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Makeup Junkie Bags 1 episode, Self - Senior Vice President: Bloomingdale's 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: The Measuring Shovel 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Cubicall 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Knife Aid 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Shake It Pup!

Dog Food Seasoning 1 episode, Self - Instagram 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: MCSquares 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Goumi 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Unbuckleme 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: BabyQuip 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Rapid Rope 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Just The Cheese 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Tough Tie 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: The Little Burros 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: FuzziBunz 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Bag Bowl 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Boot Illusions 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Trimi Tank 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Instant Lifts 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: SBU 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Nardo's Natural 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: BodyWalking 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Tail Lightz 1 episode, Self - CEO: Chegg 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Mix Bikini 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Barkem's 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Rolodoc 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Pretty Padded Room 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: CellHelmet 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Rent A Goat 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: Kookn' Kap 1 episode, Self - Entrepreneur: My Cold Snap 1 episode, He grew up in Queens, New York, and, from an early age, found ways to earn money to help his family make ends meet.

When he was 16, he quit school to take care of his ailing mother, while he earned a GED.

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He later earned a degree in political science and government from Queens College, while being an award-winning investigative reporter for the Queens Tribune. Matt raises money toward research for testicular cancer and autism, due to his bout with the cancer and his daughter being autistic.

Show more Show less Charles Barkley. And he only started playing basketball in high school as a way to get a free college education. He almost missed out. Charles started in the NBA with the Philadelphia 76ers in and retired in with the Houston Rockets due to a career-ending injury. It says everything about Charles that he was not going to end his career being carried off the court. He returned for one game and scored with his trademark, an offensive rebound and putback, and walked off the court to a standing ovation.

Charles went on to his dream job-being paid to watch basketball. He appears regularly during pregame and halftime shows and special NBA events.

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If all that is not enough, he also writes and acts. He and sportswriter Roy S. Johnson collaborated on the autobiographical work, Outrageous. The fund also adds meaningful capital to foster economic growth in the state. He personally invests in the careers of minority scientists and into research to determine what factors lead to bad health choices by poor minorities. He pledged one million dollars to help minority women start Internet and technology businesses.

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His charitable efforts are legion, from a million dollars for Hurricane Katrina victims, a million to a Birmingham, Alabama, elementary school and another million to his high school, Leeds, to help students pay for college to paying the college tuition of a busboy he met in a restaurant and paying funeral costs for victims of various tragedies. The Charles Barkley Foundation contributes to cancer research, human rights and refugee organizations and veteran support groups.

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Alli Webb. No cuts, no color. Alli mastered hair styling when she was still a kid-she had unruly curly hair to tame. But after high school, she went into the fashion industry. She went to beauty school, training with some of the great stylists on the East Coast, and proceeded to do hair at fashion shows. She and her service were so wildly popular that she soon could not handle the demand. She unwittingly had filled a huge gap in the hair care market.

Full-service salons were overcharging for blowouts. Alli charged reasonable prices while retaining the feel of a luxurious experience.

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The mobile service was no longer sufficient to meet the demands of her clients. She had to open a shop in which she could stay in one place and have her devoted clients come to her. She enlisted the talents of her husband in branding, advertising and website design and her brother, Michael Landau, in business and growing world-class brands, and the three founded the first Drybar in Brentwood, an affluent neighborhood in Los Angeles.

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Today, Alli has more than salons that stretch across the country, and she is looking toward Paris. Her product lines and hair-styling tools are sold in Nordstrom, Sephora, and Ulta, and she made the best-seller lists with her book on mastering the perfect blowout. Every product that Rohan Oza touches turns to gold, or it may be that Rohan only touches products that are gold that has yet to be mined. He has an uncanny ability for identifying key market trends and is one of the most respected and successful brand builders in the world.

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Rohan was born of Indian parents in Zambia, educated in Great Britain and went to graduate school at the University of Michigan. From there, he went to work for Coca-Cola as a marketing manager. Sprite and Powerade sales had slipped dramatically. Rohan reinvigorated the brands by hiring people passionate about the products, redesigning the packaging and enlisting Kobe Bryant as celebrity spokesperson.

Sales of Sprite and Powerade soared into the stratosphere. His colleagues at Coke laughed and wished him luck. Rohan founded Idea Merchants Capital to invest in products that are healthier than anything currently on the shelves and build them into iconic brands. Rohan has many philanthropic endeavors, but closest to his heart is The Children Matter NGO, a partnership between the Starkey Hearing Foundation and Matter Organization, which provides medical equipment and hearing implants, as well as food and other everyday necessities, to underprivileged children in Africa.

Show more Show less Alex Rodriguez. Alex was born in New York City in His family returned to the Dominican Republic when he was 4 and later settled in Miami, where his single mother worked three jobs to provide for her children.

He excelled in baseball and football in high school and was offered an athletic scholarship to the University of Miami.

shark tank celebrates the risk takers - the idea makers - the ones who determine their own fate. The Sharks are looking for the best products and businesses America has to offer. Apr 20,   Crunchbase reports that the dating startup has been growing at a rate of almost a quarter million downloads per month. According to Linkedin, the company has 65 employees. Since Shark Tank Author: Alejandro Cremades. Visit The official Shark Tank online at middleburyfloralvt.com Get exclusive videos, blogs, photos, cast bios, free episodes and more.

He started investing while still in his 20s, establishing A-Rod Corp with the purchase of a single duplex in Miami. He and his hand-picked team of accomplished investment professionals grew the corporation into a fully integrated real estate investment and development firm, later branching out into sports, wellness, media and entertainment ventures. Alex believes in keeping it simple: Invest in companies that you are passionate about and can contribute to over and above the capital.

Alex has a long memory for the people and organizations who helped him. Show more Show less Sara Blakely. Although their control top eliminated panty lines and made her appear more firm and svelte, the seamed foot looked tacky in open-toe shoes or sandals.

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She began to experiment by cutting off the feet, but found that this allowed the hose to curl and roll up her legs. After graduating from Florida State University with a degree in communications, Blakely had planned to study law, but due to low scores on the Law School Admissions Test decided to change direction. She worked for a few months at Disney World and occasionally made appearances as a stand-up comedian. Then she accepted a position with Danka, an office supply company, selling fax machines door to door.

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Not surprisingly she was good at sales and by had been promoted to a national sales trainer for Danka. Once she was satisfied with the design, she drove to North Carolina to pitch it to the numerous hosiery mills there.

She was turned away again and again and returned to Atlanta. She had learned a perhaps not so surprising fact: the hosiery design and manufacturing business was run solely by men who had likely never used the product!!

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She might have been discouraged and given up. However, she had internalized a critical lesson from her father. In an article by Melanie Curtin of Inc. He high-fived her. My dad taught me that failing simply just leads you to the next great thing.

And sure enough, not long after she returned to Atlanta, she got a call from a mill operator in Asheboro, North Carolina, who agreed to work with her, because he had mentioned her design to his daughters who convinced him it was a great idea! Blakely began to market her product, giving it the slightly racy name of Spanx. She secured a meeting with Neiman Marcus and demonstrated the product by changing in the ladies restroom in front of the Neiman Marcus buyer.

This unconventional demonstration resulted in Spanx being sold in seven Neiman Marcus stores, with Bloomingdale, Saks and Bergdorf soon following.

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Sales skyrocketed and Blakely left Danka to devote full time to her new business. InSpanx appeared on QVC and sold 8, pairs in the first six minutes.

Since then Spanx has expanded its line to include body suits, bras, and slips, as well as designs for plus sizes, maternity wear, and most recently for men. Spanx are being sold in over 50 countries, and Blakely has attained the distinction of being the first female self-made billionaire. Not one to rest on her laurels, in Blakely launched the Sara Blakely Foundation.

In she committed to donating at least half of her wealth to philanthropy through the Giving Pledge campaign started by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. All of this is to support what she believes is her most important mission: To help women feel great about themselves and their potential. Show more Show less Richard Branson. He quit at 16 and started a magazine for students, by students and called What else?

Student, making a profit from the advertising revenue.

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When the revenue declined, Richard kept the magazine afloat by starting a mail-order record company. Remember those? Ten free records if you promise to buy six in the next year? Because he and his cronies were all new to the business world, he called the company Virgin Records. Besides, the name was a bit cheeky back in the early 70s. The mail-order business became a record shop that became a recording studio.

Richard signed some of the cream of the rock band crop, such as the Sex Pistols, Culture Club and Genesis, making Virgin Records one of the top six record companies in the world. His company, Virgin Galactic, is developing commercial spacecraft. Richard has always been compassionate: as a teenager he literally gave the clothes off his back to a homeless man. He was also a founding member of the Giving Pledge with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and donates half of his annual earnings to philanthropic causes.

Show more Show less Bethenny Frankel. When a celebrity becomes an entrepreneur, or an entrepreneur becomes a celebrity, the issue seems much like that old philosophical question: which came first, the chicken or the egg? Bethenny Frankel has managed to answer the question by being both-a celebrity and an entrepreneur. Frankel describes her childhood as one of struggle and difficulty. At the same time, her experiences provided her with a lot of grit and strength and skills that have enabled her to succeed even under difficult circumstances.

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She was raised around racetracks in New York; both her father and stepfather were horse trainers. Initially she had difficulty marketing the idea, but eventually found a partner and established Skinnygirl Cocktail Company.

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In order to share some of her success with others, Frankel created B Strong, a charitable program that works with the disaster relief organization, Delivering Good, to help people affected by natural disasters. She has been involved in relief work in Puerto Rico since the devastating hurricane in Her latest venture is the creation of Skinnygirl Jeans, due to hit the market in August of Perhaps best known for her sass and straightforward, spicy talk, Frankel summed it up by stating to Inc.

He was likely one of the more colorful guests to appear. Chris earned a JD from Georgetown University, graduating cum laude in Although he had always been interested in business and helping to create and build successful enterprises, he reasoned that studying law rather than business or management would enable him to obtain the invaluable critical thinking and negotiating skills that are taught in law school and are indispensable in creating or running a successful business.

During his college years, Chris used his student loans to establish a business enterprise that was ultimately not successful. With his remaining money he began to trade on the stock market. In he was laid off due to downsizing and experienced several years of frustration and financial difficulty.

Not one to be laid low for long, however, Chris established The Salinger Group. Working as a consultant he eventually secured a job at Google as Head of Special Initiatives.

By he had paid off his debts and left Google to become an angel investor. In April ofChris Sacca decided to retire from the investment world to concentrate on other interests, such as podcasts, mitigating climate change, criminal justice reform and promoting diversity in the startup ecosystem.

When Troy Carter was first approached about the possibility of appearing on Shark Tank he turned them down, despite the fact that it is one of his favorite shows. He had a conversation with his wife that changed his mind. He grew up poor in West Philadelphia and when he was two his parents divorced; when he was seven his father was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Carter dropped out of high school at 17 to pursue a career in the music industry. Although his high school rap group, 2 Too Many, was signed by WilJam Records, they lost their contract after only a year and disbanded.

Carter began to work for James Lassiter as a personal assistant and five years later met Sean Combs who hired him as an intern. Several years later, Carter moved to Los Angeles to work for Lassiter again, but his tenure there was short. Lassiter fired him and sent him back to Philadelphia. Eventually Carter ended up back in Los Angeles where he was promoting the rap artist, Eve. Things began to unravel and by Carter had been fired by Eve and a deal with the British-based firm, Sanctuary, had gone sour.

Oct 19,   A Long Island man claims a "Shark Tank" contestant has been badmouthing him because he accused her of stealing his business idea. Lori Cheek, 47, patented her idea for a dating . Mar 19,   Rohan Oza Shark Tank. In Seasons 9 and 10 of Shark Tank, Rohan Oza appeared as a guest "shark". He is also part of "Shark Tank" Season 10, which is aired in India on Colors Infinity, as a guest judge. He said that US is the greatest country in the world to be an entrepreneur in. Apr 04,   Lori Greiner is an American inventor, entrepreneur, and television personality mainly known as a cast member of the reality TV show Shark Tank. She is an actress and appeared in Beyond the Tank . Moreover, she is also a president of the company, For Your Ease Only, Inc.

Carter was deep in debt, his home was foreclosed and his car repossessed. This successful collaboration lasted seven years, and then broke apart.

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During those years Carter had begun to invest in different companies such as Uber and Dropbox and while the loss of Lady Gaga was certainly a blow, Carter had learned early in life how to survive adversity and failures and to get back up and keep moving forward. But he knows that all of this can be lost in an instant, and all of this does not ultimately give him the greatest satisfaction.

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Making my family proud makes me tick. But even though his most prominent roles were as a pretty boy with more brawn than brains, Kutcher had always been a hard-working, intelligent person.

His early life in a middle class family in Iowa gave him a strong work ethic. He began working construction with his dad at age 10, then worked a variety of jobs, including janitor, butcher and factory worker during his high school years. When he entered the University of Iowa, Kutcher planned to major in biochemical engineering.

But fate intervened when he won a modeling competition and decided to drop out of college to move to New York.

Shark Tank cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

He eventually ended up in Los Angeles, pursued his interest in acting, and got his big break in when he got the part of Michael Kelso. So how did Kutcher go from an actor playing the local pretty boy to sitting pretty next to Mr. The roles played by Kutcher the actor simply showcased his talent in acting.

His success in the high stakes world of venture capital clearly demonstrates his ability to recognize opportunity and his drive to take full advantage of it. When asked by Greenburg in the Forbes interview about how he became such a successful investor, he recalled meeting Silicon Valley elites such as Ron Conway and Michael Arrington. Nick Woodman grew up surfing on the sunny beaches of California. In high school, he started a surfing club, and in college University of California at San Diegohe joined the fraternity whose house was at the beach.

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