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As Berge noted in referring to bottles, the " This bottle dating "key" is a relatively simple "first cut" on the dating of a bottle. Please be aware that in order to gain the maximum information about any particular bottle e. Unfortunately, the complexities of precisely dating bottles is beyond the scope of any simple key; more complex keys are far in the future if they ever become available. A substantial amount of bottle type specific information must be reviewed by a user to increase the probability of dating accuracy.

Untilthe brewery also produced a 6. The 8 and 12 are bottle conditioned and are considered to have a long shelf lifewith some drinkers preferring the taste when the beers have been stored for several years.

The ingredients are yeast, hops, malt, sugar, caramel and water. The bottles have been sold without labels since All of the legally required information is printed on the crown tops.

Because of this lack of space, Westvleteren beers are the only Trappist beers that do not have the official Trappist logo displayed on the bottle. The logo is only printed on the distinctive wooden crates.

Any bottles that are labelled have had them added unofficially by others.

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For example, some importers into the United States label the bottles in order to comply with local regulations. Buyers were originally limited to ten bottle crates of the beer per car, but as the beer increased in popularity, this was first reduced to five, then to three and now to two or one crates.

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For the Westvleteren 12 init was limited to one case. When making an order now, the type and quantity of beer available for sale are revealed.

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Sales are limited to one order every 60 days per person per license plate and phone number. Also, the beer must be reserved online through the abbey's website, with registration weeks or even months before the planned pick up date. The online system has replaced the "beerphone" in The reason for this is to eliminate commercial reselling, and hence give all visitors a chance to purchase the product.

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The current production is kilolitres 60, cases per year, and has remained the same since Aside from the brewery itself, the only other official sale point for the beer is the abbey-owned In de Vrede[7] a cafe and visitor's centre opposite the abbey. All beers can be bought there for immediate consumption or take-away, depending on availability however, prices are higher than at the abbey. Often there is no beer available at the shop.

The shop also sells cheeses made at the abbey, yeast tabs not yeast to make beer but dead yeast for health and other Trappist products. Buyers of the beer receive a receipt with Niet verder verkopen "Do not resell" printed on it. The abbey is very much against resale of their beer, and it is their wish that the beer is only commercially available at the two abbey-owned official sale points. Therefore, any Westvleteren beer offered for sale anywhere else in the world is a grey - or black market item, as there are no wholesalers in existence that supply the beer.

The abbey is actively working to eliminate the illicit sales, [6] and generally only agrees to media interviews to spread their message against drinking illicitly sold Westvleteren beer. The brewery and the Belgian retailer Colruyt put a gift pack 6 bottles of Westvleteren 12, plus 2 glasses on sale, available only on exchange of promotional coupons printed in selected media.

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The goal of the sales was to increase income to provide funds for urgent and immediate renovations at the monastery. Available from November 2,sales were limited to 93, packs, at 25 Euro per pack. All earnings of the sale were to be put towards the renovation project. This was the first time the brewery had done something like this.

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On November 4,it was announced that gift packs each containing 6 bottles of Westvleteren 12 and 2 glasses would be imported by US-based Shelton Brothers, starting in April On December 12,gift packs were briefly made available in the US.

As with the previous release, the gift packs contained 6 bottles of Westvleteren 12 and 2 decorated glasses. Many beer drinkers rank Westvleteren 12 among their favourite beers.

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In Junewhen Westvleteren 12 was again highlighted as "Best Beer in the World", news organizations followed this up and articles appeared in the international press, highlighting the beer ranking and the unusual business policies.

In it was rated best beer in the world by Ratebeer. Following these events, interest in Westvleteren's output increased and stories appeared of the abbey's stock being low, forcing the monks to reduce the amount of beer sold to each customer. In an interview, monk Mark Bode explained that the abbey had no intention of increasing its production, despite demand: "We make the beer to live but we do not live for beer.

Despite the popularity, the monks of St Sixtus have continued to decline almost all interview and visit requests, and have not enjoyed all of the attention they have received. Non-monastic visitors to the abbey are usually turned away, instead being directed to the visitor's centre opposite where there is information about the abbey and brewery.

They have stated their desire to only produce as much beer as needed to finance the community.

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As the province of West Flanders has a high density of top restaurants you can be certain to find a Michelin star chef using the beer in one of his dishes. This is one of the great beers to store and age in optimised conditions, it can without a doubt be kept for decades.

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This again depends a lot on personal taste, some beer enthusiasts find the Westvleteren 12 best between 2 and 5 years. What is certain is that this is a 'must have' beer to complete your cherished collection of cellar beers.

The taste continues to evolve, it develops a more pronounced character and takes on some wine-like characteristics as with many beers that age well. A Westvleteren 12 that has aged for 10 years will keep much of the same aromas and tastes. A lot of them, not to say most will just have gotten stronger and more complex over time. The hop bitterness on the other hand will have completely faded as well as most of the carbonization.

The sweetness will have stayed and will be more noticeable. The alcohol becomes somewhat port-like and it becomes an overall thicker, much browner and richer beer. We predict that in twenty years from now, people will be paying small fortunes for a case of aged Westvleteren The hype is definitely here to stay. Its availability, or rather the lack of, is a legend completely on its own. Westvleteren 12 is one of the most exclusive beers in the world, even the serving glasses are rare.

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This means you need to be very patient to order and buy a crate directly from the Sint-Sixtus Abbey. Since September the beer also needs to be ordered by phone.

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This is only made possible at set times and dates. The exact window of opportunity is advertised on the Sint-Sixtus site as well as the type of beer and number of cases you may be able to get. There you can taste their Trappists or even buy a six pack of Westvleteren of their beers.

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When and if you finally succeed in placing an order, you get to buy and pick up one, two or maybe even three of the classic wooden cases, holding 24 bottles each. The number of cases and the kind of beer you get depends on what they have available, it is not always the Howeverwithout having seen statistics on the subject, this must be one of the most resold and traded beers around.

Westvleteren 12 has developed its own global, out-of-control, micro-beer economy.

The First and most Reliable Website Where to Buy Westvleteren 6 / 8 / at an Unbeatable Price. The Selling happens on the - Buy Now - Page Where a Secured Paypal Invoice Will Automatically be Created. (Safe Orders*)DEALS! Six-Pack 12 & One Limited XII Bottle for Free!. Six-Pack 12 & . Plenty of flavour present and while the earthy character was still there, it was much fainter than the bottle. 4) Westvleteren 12, Vintage: Opening this bottle produced about the same "phtt" as the vintage. The head was excellent in terms of size and dissipated fairly quickly. Westvleteren (Dutch: Brouwerij Westvleteren) is a brewery founded in at the Trappist Abbey of Saint Sixtus in Vleteren, Belgium. The brewery's three beers have acquired an international reputation for taste and quality; Westvleteren 12 is considered by some to be the best beer in the world. The beers are not brewed to normal commercial demands but are sold in small quantities weekly from Headquarters: Vleteren, Belgium.

The black market revenue this beer generates is huge. Belgian Beer Culture App.

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Jun 17,   A bottle crate of Westvleteren 12 will cost $50, Lovers of Westvleteren will still need to roam to rural Belgium, where the St. Sixtus Abbey is located, to pick up the beer. The monks. Apr 10,   The Westvleteren Blonde is identified by its green cap and is alcohol. The Westvleteren 8 has a blue cap and has an 8ABV. The Westvleteren 12 is distinguished by its yellow cap and is the heaviest, at ABV. The caps contain all of the information about the beer, including the sell-by date stamped on the cap. Westvleteren bottle dating inc: NBA Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy weighed in saying, the men are forced to live double lives To keep their sanity as well as their acceptance in the Victorian society. Dating a lawyer quotes up: Best couple dating sites pictures: Dating .

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Welcome to the home of Westvleteren XII, where you can buy Westvleteren 12 for home delivery. Westvleteren XII is a stunning and popular Belgian beer that has several times over been referred to as 'the best beer in the world' in the USA, the UK and Europe. This amazing Belgian beer is produced by Trappist monks in the grounds of the beautiful Saint Sixtus Abbey in the Vleteren region of. Jul 29,   Just had a quick question concerning some Westvleteren 12 I came across. My local shop had some of those gift packs for sale thankfully, have a few bottles to finally get to try. Only question is I noticed a best before date stamped on the cap. HOME: Bottle Dating. INTRODUCTION. This page and associated sub-pages allows a user to run an American produced utilitarian bottle or a significantly sized bottle fragment(s) through a series of questions based primarily on diagnostic physical, manufacturing related characteristics or features to determine the approximate manufacturing age range of the item.

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