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Curious, I googled this to see if it was something commonly felt and there were dozens of articles repeating the exact same things over and over again. In response, I wrote a short post of my own that outlined my views on dating. Some people loved it, some hated it, and one even accused me of preying on chronically depressed people. Like Therapist Dracula or something. Why do people find dating so hard? So I adopted the tree pose, did some navel-gazing, and settled on something approaching an opinion.

How about this: Just be genuine and authentic.

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I think, rather than being upset by this, we can see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to understand that every person we encounter on a daily basis has been hurt, heartbroken, or just plain screwed over.

The truth is that we never know what someone else has been through, but carrying our pasts with us as an excuse to remain disconnected from others who may help to heal us, is doing ourselves more harm than good.

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People would rather have the new-age version of a pen pal where they text each other for months and never actually get together. A result of being jaded, or seeing friends and family be hurt, many people have stopped believing that finding a happy relationship is even possible.

The men that I speak with (and who commented on my last post) lament about being in a "no-win situation" in modern dating. If they follow what society tells them to do, they often end up "good. Jun 05,   At the end of the day, while modern dating may be hard, you can sleep easy knowing that so many others are navigating this bizarre sea of love, together. More like Griffin Wynne. Why Dating Is Such a Challenge until the widespread rise of modern affluence and technology turned us all into jacked-up maximizers running wild in Willy Wonka's choice factory.

If this is the mindset that we approach dating with, how can we ever expect to actually put in enough effort to make something work? Think about it: If you started building a house but you were convinced that it was going to burn down before you even finished the walls, would you even start it in the first place?

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People are automatically skeptical of a happy relationship, and that will never bring them one themselves. You are selfish as hell.

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Hey, so am I. In fact, you need to be selfish in many ways in order to live a happy life.

Why modern dating is hard

You need to take care of yourself, you need to do things that make you fulfilled, you need to eat right, exercise, and get enough rest. The problem, though, arises when society has turned so far in on itself that it fails to recognize everyone else.

Everything Wrong with Dating Today (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

WE want all of the likes. WE want all of the followers.

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WE want all of the attention. This reverts back to the point about being jaded because we automatically assume that giving a piece of ourselves to someone else will be taken advantage of. As we begin to lower the bar for how we expect to be treated in a dating scenario, we begin to lower the bar for how we expect to be treated as that relationship progresses.

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We need to step up and put more effort into communication, courtship, and just bonding with other human beings in general. Liars screw up our plans.

But people like us, people who want something serious, get screwed.

Why Dating Has Become So Hard. 05/05/ pm ET. Everyone I seem to talk to has the same feeling: Dating has become so hard. It seems like nobody wants to commit anymore, and it seems to be a challenge every single step of the way. You can blame the dating apps. When I was younger, I used to think women had it easy in dating. All they had to do was sit around as a parade of men approached them and they would just say yay or nay. No work at all. No sting of rejection. Men even pay for everything. It seemed. It's Complicated: Why Relationships and Dating Can Be So Hard. An in-depth look at why finding an attractive person to spend time with is so difficult these days. 15 minute read by Mark Manson. W hen you think about it, despite feeling difficult, the problems people struggle with in dating sound pretty trivial.

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Aug 24,   why is modern dating so hard? There are certain things in dating you just can't get wrong. If you do, you're going to make your dating life a shitload harder, and you'll be days away from writing a post about how everyone these days sucks, and you're just an 'old soul'.

By Holly Riordan ated November 3, Brandon Woelfel. This is why dating is so hard for those of us who want something real. Get the best of Thought Catalog in your inbox.

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