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He also mentions that he was in hospital when he first heard the Tune verse and because it was a long one, the record label tried to cut it short! Tags: collaborate , dating , hospital , interview , key to the streets remix , lil wayne , love , parents , premium pete , problem , record label , reginae carter , relationship , talk , verse , video , yfn lucci. This was 10 years ago, Wayne was killing everything back then especially features. New Wayne spits his worst verses on the biggest songs for some reason, so we should probably be worried, especially since pusha never fumbles the ball. Nothing too crazy. Wayne at his best is a

I wish him the best, but I want the best for her.

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I just want my daughter to be happy. At that time, she spoke of this past relationship and also what she realized after the split. Reginae was candid when she expressed her heart and mind:.

But I will never be cool with no man going to no party with no hecka naked girls shoving cucumbers anywhere. I would never date a rapper again. I already learned my lesson. The young Reginae also went on to narrate what advice her father gave her after she broke up with YFN.

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While on T. Lil Wayne! He made the song!

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Reginae Carter \u0026 YFN Lucci’s Public Private Life - T.I. \u0026 Tiny: Friends \u0026 Family Hustle

Wayne pick and choose when he puts out a good verse. But wayne always has good verse with Ross. Yo, you able to send me the outro you used at the RS awards when you played 30 pills? When you was singing the end lol.

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I finna pray over that track tbh. Pusha been saying Wayne washed so Wayne has to prove him wrong. Wayne gone come w heavy auto tune rapping w that hoe ass fast flow. Hopefully his lyrics good tho. Nah, you bugging. That shit got more views on YT then most the shit Wayne dropped these past few years.

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Just stfu. I expected more out of it, but here we are talking about these hoes for the umpteenth time. Bahaahaha, no cap, that would be crucial. I appreciate them because it showcases Wayne having real fun with music like promised he would. So I was looking on Twitter for news on the Ross track and saw Kunechi account, but it got a white boy as the profile.

Apr 24,   Reginae and YFN Lucci [Source: Cheat Sheet] Despite that, she began dating the rapper. But the relationship was not a smooth one at all. There was a massive breakup in August And in December , there was a rumor that YFN is trying to get back with Reginae. But probably it . Apr 20,   Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae Carter has found the silver lining in her breakup with YFN Lucci. The year-old singer/TV personality opens up about her Author: Joshua Espinoza.

I thought this nigga was Indian. Locked up, just sad. How did it get released last week when American Eagle posted that the campaign video will be out today? You make no sense.

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These criminal negros in a uproar because they getting sentenced accordingly. No visits either. Break the law get your anus broken in jail.

Thats the mantra to live by if you want to avoid jail, word to Boondocks. Twitch 2. Khosta 3. Hide 4. Wordplay 5. Drizzy 6.

Aug 09,   Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae is officially a single lady. According to online sources, Reginae has reportedly broke up with her longtime BF - rapper YFN Lucci. Reginae and Lucci had been all over social media together - they had become one of . Aug 05,   Reginae and YFN Lucci have been dating off-and-on now for almost 2 years. The couple breaks up every few months, however, usually after Reginae catches her rapper boyfriend cheating. No word yet on whether Reginae plans on leaving YFN Lucci, after this video leaked last night. Jul 23,   YFN Lucci sat down with Premium Pete on his The Premium Pete Show last month for a minute interview, which you can check out below. At the mark, Lucci speaks on dating Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae Carter and how her parents just want Nae Nae to be happy. He even says Wayne had that "talk" with him that went something like: "as long as she [Reginae] love you, the .

Lil Brick. You the same bitch that threatened to kill me then took it back and tried to apologize smh. Ion need his validation tbh, ion even think hes heard me lmao. He just come across as a hoe constantly ranking HQ rappers like he got any stripes. If he really wanted to meet up and he could drive here and go back home the same day. Wayne will destroy push on that track, Wayne still the best rapper alive, stainless steel is stainless. Lowkey tho I forgot about pusha since the ghoulish shit dropped in until drake had to mention him last year.

Ion even want to rustle Khosta tbh. Me and Twitch in one track would have same anticipation as Pusha and Wayne in one track.

Yfn lucci dating wayne daughter

Deep in the trap only one way out Slide the doors open shoot wit one leg out Get low, hollow tips knock your brain out - Drizzyf. Drizzy and kst got another hit wit graveyard, with headphones on the quality is top notch no rap kap shit either. Bro usually his shit dryer than the land he live on, today he got some ammo.

He been saving these up i think. Ask ya girl did she spit, she say thats nutritious! You need to stop listening to them nasty bitches! Man the sad thing is all the trolls are just 1 person. Imagine having that much free time to create different characters. Who remembers when Lucci slid in Reginae on live?

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I blocked most of them. That Steve Jobs dude in particular was getting on my nerves talking about all the stuff he wanted shoved up his butt. This site be high key embarrassing to be on. So ross confirmed neither wayne or pusha knew each other was going be on the record ross hopes the record put their old beef to the side and be great together. Sum dont seem right.

Well not every person they shoot is innocent, but the school shooters definitely getting time. It definitely matters where you are though. They litterally be having their hands down and still get popped. The title? You will fall. Inkredible GoneTilNovemberTape.

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If you woke up this morning you winning. Namrah Bontang. Lol wow I just murdered someone. Skrrrt Cobain. Ross got Wayne and pusha on the same song on his album, Wayne better not give us a wack verse. Not true. David D. It is true. Dr Carter. Wise words from the goat. Ross is loyal asf I swear he gon let Wayne hear Pusha verse first.

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Why would he do that. Pusha t sucks.

Reginae and YFN Lucci dated on and off for several years but split for good in August Although Reginae has yet to meet her perfect match she does get plenty of love and support from her. This Rapper Was Caught With Lil Wayne's Daughter And The Internet Is Dropping Its Jaw YFN Lucci. A video shows fans dating ppl half y'all ages but making it a big thing behind Reginae. Wendy Williams encouraged Reginae Carter to know her worth while discussing the model's split from rapper, YFN Lucci on her May 14 show. The host thinks Lil Wayne's daughter is 'too good Author: Jenna Lemoncelli.

He good. King Slime Thugger. Stop wit this bullshit.

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U fuck nigga. Lol diddo. Wayne killed that Chris Brown song. Relax this is Wayne, he body anyone when he wants to.

Have faith in the GOAT or stfu. Get it.

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Tuned Umar. Kermit,Slime,Brick, Wordplay and Twitch all on one track. You know I like this. Lol I got youima email that part to you. Wordplay It better be. ITS UP? We gone see. Ultra Instinct Yamcha Get Hoes. Wayne was cool with Kanye before drake signed to young money. Wtf you talking about bell.

Wayne forgot about that beef. Or knowing him maybe he never knew there was a beef.

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