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This is reported by the official Twiiter developers of the game. Recall that previously Valve announced a new game search system, which was due to start in a couple of weeks after the introduction of the main client patch Dueling Fates. Valve revised the system of rating matchmaking for people playing rating and non-rating games, replacing the rating with a semi-annual seasonal system. These regular seasons ensure that the MMR is an accurate indicator that will lead to an improvement in the quality of the games for everyone. During each season, all players will receive medals in their profile based on peak skill for the entire season. There are seven different medals, and in each medal there are five stars of progress to make it to the next medal. Your current medal, as well as the medal of the previous season will be displayed to all players before each match.

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Greetings, WarThunder Community! So, I'm pretty sure that the WarThunder matchmaker is a bit of a touchy subject for all of us. The thought always seems to come up whenever we leave a battle in progress. Sometimes, people want to see a certain mechanic changed. As many of you are aware, and this goes for EVERY nation in the game , certain vehicles do better when fighting certain types of vehicles from certain nations.

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The battle royale genre is struggling with an ever-increasing skill gap between its players. Now, the player demand dedicated a matchmaking system. A game for everyone: In the first few months after release, that was exactly what Fortnite: Battle Royale was all about. Thus, the entry for most players was relatively easy at the beginning and the colorful, cartoon-like graphics were particularly well received by the younger audience. Publishing the title on all major platforms and the ability to cross-play further facilitated access to the game and contributed to the popularity of Fortnite. Meanwhile, Apex Legends also did a great job at the start since it managed to beat Fortnite on the famous streaming platform, Twitch.

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