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Online dating is often touted as the solution to dating frustration. Screen your dates in advance! Take all the time you need to craft the perfect dating message! In fact, for many people, online dating is such a trial that they give up early on. Many of the things that drive people away from online dating can be headed off at the pass with some preparation. The first step to overcoming your frustration with online dating is to adjust your mindset and expectations accordingly. Online dating takes a different attitude and skill-set than, say, making cold approaches at a bar or flirting with someone you met at a house party.

At the same time, sometimes things are just never going to go anywhere. You should have better things to do than get hung up with a relative stranger, including messaging other, more likely potential dates.

Remember: dating is supposed to be fun. In the end these are fairly simple adjustments to make that help eliminate the majority of frustrations with online dating. While I do agree with what you write here, I recently discovered that online dating isn't really my thing. I recently just managed to learn some very important nonverbal communication skills and I realized just how much they are important in human interactions. I'd rather take my chances in "meat space" for now. I agree that your goal should be to meet sooner rather than later.

Enough back and forths to tell that the person seems funny and cool, shares some of your interests and is fun to talk to which process should take days? I don't agree that texting or calling is somehow better than using the site's messaging service at the early stage. Due to previous experiences, I'm suspicious if a guy is in a super big hurry to get my private contact information. It makes sense if you've been talking a lot, but if you've barely said hello, I'm thinking, "Um, yeah, what good reason is there not to just talk to me here, dude?

Often that's precisely why a guy wants to take communication off the dating site - he wants to make you uncomfortable and use you as wank-off material. Now, I don't assume all guys are creeps just because a few are, but still, I'd just really rather not regret giving someone my number. Also, you shouldn't get too invested in anyone you haven't met in person, and keeping communication on the dating site can help ensure you don't.

Yeah but its easy enough to do the reverse and leave the option in the other person's hands. That's a good way to do that, especially if the message has some other content in it. Someone who's comfortable can reply with her number. Someone who's not can skip over it.

There are actually people who set up dates without exchanging numbers. I always have to end up giving dates driving directions, so I can't imagine how that would end up working, but I suppose it's doable when meeting in an obvious location and with the assumption that people will be reasonably on time.

That's usually what I did. I would ask for the guy's number but usually didn't give mine. First date would be for drinks at a bar, or we would meet at the train station, so no need for driving directions. If things went well we could exchange numbers after the first date. That said, I'd like to think that I can usually tell when someone is a generally okay guy, and for almost all guys I went on first dates with I wouldn't have minded giving my number.

The last guy I met through OKC asked my number, and somehow it took several phonecalls to set up the date, which meant that we talked every day from that point on.

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Fair enough. Two OKC guys recently said, "Here's my number, do what you will with it.

The Dark Side of Online Dating - Why Dating Apps Donít Work For Most Men

We've now been dating for a month and I'm so far deliriously happy. I'd been messaging with him maybe a week and a half at that point wanted to meet sooner, but schedules didn't allow.

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The other guy kept saying, "It would really be much easier to text. He kept whining about it and trying to convince me to text instead, and it really pissed me off that he kept asking me a question I had already answered. I was like, "WTF, I haven't even met this guy and he's pissing me off" He eventually just stopped responding to me because I wouldn't text.

How interested could he have really been if he lost interest over something so small? How much time and energy does it take to say, "Meet me at Joe Schmoe's Bar at 7"? I didn't want to waste my afternoon texting with a stranger over something that should be simple and take 5 minutes. The takeaway is - Listening skills and respecting my comfort level are part of why I was more interested.

It's great that you met someone you're really into! And I also commend you for following your instincts with that other dude. Why do so many of the things I haven't even yet considered turn out to be yet another negative to dodge? Le sigh. I get annoyed when women don't agree to give numbers and figure "how interested can the be if she won't even give a number". Plus I don't understand what the big deal is? If you don't walk to talk to them anymore block their number or tell them you are not interested.

I also generally find that the women who give me the biggest hassle early on tend to be the least attractive, most uncomfortable with men and sex, least trusting and most likely to not work out.

Online dating can sometimes feel like a part-time job - the average single spends 10 hours a week online dating - except your efforts don't always pay off right away. On my first foray on a dating site, I found a boyfriend within six dates. The next time I fired up my dating profile, it took me over a year to find someone I wanted to. Online dating and other forms of game will all become much, much easier for you. You'll have the cool photos of your travels on your profile, and speak a second language fluently. You insightful things to say from years of experience in the game, and you'll know exactly what buttons to . Jan 06, † Online dating is a great way to meet new people, but Dr. NerdLove sees a few problems with finding real love this way. - I'm going to tell you something that you already know: dating is a.

And I don't think its a small thing if you are setting up a date. What exactly is he supposed to do if you don't show up? You could be late and he has no way of figuring that out or communicating with you in case he is late or needs to change locations. This is exactly why I hate online dating. I could get 10x further in a club in a vastly shorter time.

If we had actually set up a date I would've given him my number to text if he was running late or couldn't find the bar or whatever. After a while it was like he wouldn't communicate with me at all unless it was through his preferred method of texting.

I just thought, "Meh. Too bad. I don't wanna. I'm just not that interested. Eh, whatever. No regrets. Had I not listened to my gut and worried too much about seeming "fussy" or weird to someone I wasn't that interested in, I would've grown fatigued and turned my profile off and not met the awesome-kind-sexy love bomb that is currently rocking my world. For the same reason the people by stuff from TV infomercials because I am a sucker and stupid stupid fool.

But that ends now! Good for you, dude! I stopped trying to meet people at big parties because it's the worst possible social environment for me; my philosophy is that I've got a limited amount of energy, and I should play to my strengths.

Turns out I'm a lot happier now, and I also have more friends. I opted out as well. I just am not wired to be able to get a good read of someone through writing.

I need to meet a guy in person to know if I want to know him better. That isn't to say the medium is bad or anything. It just didn't suit my personality. Of course the women who were careful about their boundaries with you were all ugly and fat though apparently not too ugly and fat for you to pursue them in the first place.

So charming. The biggest deal - and there are others - is that we as women have safety considerations that men don't. If you're still like "What is she talking about? If you're currently unsatisfied with your dating life and are interested in women? Those links may shed a lot of light. Empathy is a very attractive trait.

A complete demonstrated lack thereof? Not so much. Yeah I agree with this. Unless we've already progressed to a point where we're both comfortable enough to meet up, I'd be really really put off if a guy started pushing for my number.

Troubles with online dating. Just a little background before the rant. I'm a 31 year old, fairly attractive imo, tall, masculine, not buff but thin in decent shape, and gay. I am at the very least average. I have in frustration given up dating altogether. I think romantic bonding is an important part of life but essentially impossible in the. Online dating services are now the second most popular way to meet a partner. The popularity of online dating is being driven by several things, but a major factor is time. Online dating presents. Dec 30, † Online dating takes a different attitude and skill-set than, say, making cold approaches at a bar or flirting with someone you met at a house party. To start with, you have to rethink the way that you present yourself. Studies show that between 75to 93of communication is non-verbal. When we meet somebody in person, we have hundreds of.

It'd be a red flag for a lot of people. I just used Burnerapp and similar to get temporary, untraceable numbers when I online dated. If it can keep the cartels and AQ semi-anonymous, I figured it was good enough for this purpose. If I had ever hit it off with someone I would have given them my "new" number eventually, but never had it get to that point.

This does a really good job of making the whole idea of online dating sound way less appealing than I actually thought it was. You're right, dating SHOULD be fun, but by the sounds of it, it's more like some kind of weird-ass emotional transaction. Think I'll give that whole hoo-ha a big, fat miss. I see it as a fun writing exercise. Your messages shouldn't be "Oh god, how do I convince this person to talk to me," they should be "hey, I thought of a funny joke or snarky comment based on something in your profile.

I don't think the "I see you like X. I also like X" messages work. Even if she does respond, the conversation is going to be boring. Make it fun. Here are 5 silly joking reasons why Y is the best ever! Nothing mean or sexual, obviously, but something silly and dumb that you don't really expect to get a response out of.

Like, "I like that purple hat you have in picture 3. I am actually a hat salesman. I would like to buy your hat. This has 3 benefits: 1.

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Due to the fact that they'll often get responses no matter what, ladies don't always put as much effort into their profiles as guys do. So, there are a lot of cool, fun ladies out there that have really generic profiles. This is a good way to bring out their interesting side, if they have one.

After sending a bunch of messages where you're actually putting effort in, I think it's cathartic to just say whatever you want again, nothing mean or sexual. It helps to keep you in the mindset that this isn't life and death, this is just a goofy thing you're doing, so you can have fun with it. Find the girl with the lowest match percentage, and message her! Maybe you'll learn something.

That ended up way longer than I thought, but I've actually had some success with online dating, so I thought I'd share. I like these ideas, although I pretty much say whatever I want already.

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I'm pretty up front like that and if its going to scare people off, better it happen before I pay for dinner. Have you ever actually gotten a reply from someone who had the lowest match percentage you can find, and what was the conversation like if you did? My low matches are generally the sort of people who I actively disapprove of, so I've generally assumed they're just being pushy and thoughtless and hit the block button.

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The weirdest I get are the guys who are ultra religious and "homosexuality is a sin! Yet they write me, a bi girl. It's not like it's obscure information. It's right there under my name, guys. I agree with this, I also think that when trying to contact somebody you should think more like letter writing than texting. I think you'll get more successes that way or at the very least get more people to check out your profile. I don't think you've waded through very many guys' profiles, Max.

There are countless fellas who cannot say more about themselves than the fact that they "love life", are "equally comfortable in a tux as jeans and a t-shirt", "don't sweat the small stuff" and "love to laugh" It doesn't get much more generic than that.

And in both cases, they get the results they built a profile for: people who are messaging them based on looks. Maybe its because I'm in Vegas but attractive people aren't difficult to find. Attractive and interesting people are much rarer. I'd agree that there are a lot of guys of that variety. Quite a few don't even bother with the usual cliches and just write two sentences in "about me" to be done with things. I'd agree people get what they ask for in most cases, and suspect a lot of those users would be more comfortable using something like Tinder, where they could find a cute and probably fairly mainstream seeming person and do the rest without having to deal with writing essays.

That's not for me at all, since I really care what my dates are interested in and how they think and express themselves, but I think it works for some people. There are also different profile cultures in different profile sights.

OKCupid encourages detailed profiles while JDate does not for some reason. For this reason, I should try internet dating again now I'm in a bigger city with a presumably larger dating pool. I love being given a bunch of text boxes to fill up, and am probably looking for someone who thinks similarly. Someone who seems nice but who isn't into wordplay or words in general probably wouldn't work out, and it was a little depressing to reply to someone with a joke recently only to have them say "I don't understand".

Not that this is for everyone, and I've disliked sites that prioritise physical attributes over profiles whereas some people presumably go for that, but eh. I stand by the "numbers game" description. There's a lot of not-unpleasant but not incredible "hey, cool weeping angel shirt.

You've been to Comicon? Obviously, your conversational topics may vary slightly but the overall idea stands. The main problem with online dating is that you know the person less and have no real life interaction unlike traditional dating.

Previously, people would know the people they date from daily interactions at work or somewhere even if it was pretty brief. You had some sense of what these people were like simply because you interacted in person.

Online dating is the ultimate blind date because you don't even have a referral from a friend. Naturally, real life meetings tend to be more miss than hit. I agree totally. Meeting people through existing social networks means that they've been filtered for similar values and interests by the people you know best. It's much less work screening somebody you meet through a friend than starting at zero with someone online. Not to mention that beginning as an acquaintance and allowing attraction to build through a slow burn is a much more satisfying way to build a relationship, IMO.

Online dating is just like regular dating only more so. Everything that a lot of people hate about traditional dating is more amplified with online dating. Just as regular dating tends to favor extroverts and people who like being out in public and having an obviously good time more than introverts; online dating favors that even more because when you finally meet you need to make a better first impression.

With regular dating, you already made your first impression. Thats why you were on the date. Online dating also suffers from the paradox of choice. With regular dating, you were more or less limited from people you knew in regular life in someway. Online dating puts more potential partners within reach, meaning that people are going to make fewer choices. Another issue is that we are poor judges of the tone of our online writing. Sarcasm just doesn't translate online, for instance.

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I've received many "funny" messages that I perceived as vaguely insulting or condescending. Not a good first impression. Ramit Sethi recommends reading your writing out loud before you hit send, which I've found helpful. I read "Data, A Love Story" recently, and would recommend it to anyone who dates online. It's a memoir written by a straight woman, but I think it everyone could gain insight from it, in terms of how she optimized her profile and filtered perspective dates to find the guy she later married.

I agree with having a really good main profile photo, but really really disagree with the professionally-taken, headshot against a simple background thing. I've recently been asked to moderate pictures on OKC yeah idk how that happene and pro pictures send people lunging for Google Image Search because they think it's a fake profile.

Pro headshots make me think LinkedIn, not dating site, and may not come across as genuine in the latter. IMO a good main profile photo will show your face and smile clearly, be well lit and flattering etc. The biggest thing you want your photo to do is draw click traffic.

Should I be up front about my height possibly ruining my chances or just leave it blank? They're going to see you in person eventually, and they're going to react far more strongly than if they knew in advance you were 5'2" and in many cases, that's not going to be pleasant. Better to be up front about it and filter out the people for whom your height is going to be a deal-breaker. Also, a lot of people filter by a range of height, which may well include yours; leaving it blank means you're not going to show up in their searches at all.

You have my sympathy but things are not as bad as they seem. I am also a guy shorter than most women and this is what I have personally observed. Height is either an absolute nonnegotiable necessity or it is something that she doesn't even notice. You are better off being honest sense there is nothing on this earth that will change the mind of a women that refuses to date those of us that are lacking in the height department.

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The rest of your potential dates will probably not even notice what you put down as your height. Leaving anything blank makes you look lazy at best, dishonest at worse. I think online dating sucks for men. And there is a massive imbalance between the number of message you send and the number you receive.

I would say typical ratios are 10 to 1. Plus even after you start communicating, women will disappear or stop talking for whatever reason. Then you have to actually arrange a date and very often you find out the person is significantly different than their online persona. For men this means you have wasted a lot of time.

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For women no so much because women send far fewer messages than men. In addition a large number of profiles are inactive but you never know that so you waste your time sending messages to no one. The real guys who should be online are extremely good-looking shy guys.

They will be treated like women. You should read the article this image comes from. It actually points out that getting more messages doesn't make dating easier.

Whereas for males, we only get a few messages per day but we are more able to respond to them, and more importantly, these are more likely to be from people we would want to have a conversation. You can have a look at okcupid metrics site for more info- they did an article on profile pic styles and found that number of members contacting is not a reputable judge of success of pic, a better measure would be how many conversations messages back an forth came from a particular image.

And came up with rules suitable for males and females. Hmm interesting. Because most of my female friends have left online dating because sure they get messages but they are either gross messages, or messages accusing them of not really being geeky, or messages telling them they are fat etc etc and so forth.

It was so demoralising that they left. I don't think just because women get more messages it's any easier. It's just a different frustration. And I know above you said that you don't understand why women are hesitant to give out numbers and I am sure if I explain it you likely still won't accept it.

But considering all the dick pics my friends have been sent, as well as the harassing stalking messages that go on and on, well yup women are wary to hand out their numbers. They can block someone far easier on a dating site who starts behaving badly. I really don't think you fully understand what women go through with online dating. It might not be the same kind of frustrations as you do, but I would highly recommend going to middleburyfloralvt.com and search the Okcupid tag.

You'll notice that the women post about being harassed and called horrible names and the dudes post about non-responses. And it can make me shake my head because if the guys would only do as I do and search that Okcupid tag they might learn WHY women don't respond.

Not responding simply becomes the safest method to avoid harassment. At any rate, it sounds like you do much better in person, why do you even bother with online dating then? My first idea was to just try everything. Which I did. Online dating was part of that. Second I have tried to repeatedly give online dating a chance. Mostly because people keep talking about it. You have articles like this one, friends who try it etc. Third because the sites are pretty good at making a sucker of me.

Match sends me emails regularly telling me 10 women have checked out my profile or that some women have expressed interest. I block these emails now because I know Match is evil evil evil. On Zoosk with my free profile I would get unsolicited messages and when I winked women would always respond back.

So I was like great! Zoosk is probably a friendlier site. I didn't know that most women on Zoosk have setup an automated response to all winks. So I wasn't really getting messages backI was getting automated responses.

I think Zoosk is purposely setup this way to lure unsuspecting me in. Plus Zoosk has the Mega Flirt feature which allows people to send an canned message to a large number of people.

This is why I would get a respectable number of unsolicited messages from women. None of these women respond back.

So basically on Zoosk you end up thinking you are popular but the truth is that its all just canned and automated responses from uninterested women. And Match annoyed the hell out of me. They would send me daily matches with around 10 fairly attractive, often Caucasian women. I would click on their profiles only to find out that they only date White guys. I always wished their was a setting so I didn't have to see these type of profiles at all.

And the worst is that I think dating websites succeed from your failure. They don't want you to find a successful relationship but they do want to keep you around. So they are designed to give the promise and hope of something but actual deliver nothing. Match is evil evil evil. I got more interest from women on Match after my subscription ended than I did when I had a subscription. I can accept everything you say but than the logical response is to have women do more work. Women should be sending way more messages and men should be sending way less.

FWIW, I agree with that. I tell all my female friends that the smart thing to do is to be the one making the approach. I honestly gave up on it for a lot of the same reasons. The biggest is simply that, I gave Online Dating a try in the first place precisely because I'm outcome oriented when it comes to dating. Since that's what I want, a relationship, not dating, not hooking up, but an actual relationship that will hopefully become long term.

I'd rather go out on my own, spend my money on me, and then at least I already know that I dislike myself and don't want to see me again.

Apparently according to basically everyone, I am incorrect to feel this way, but it doesn't change the fact that this is how I feel about it. Dating is only fun when it's after the relationship has been formed and you are no longer having to put on a persona in order to keep them interested.

I get it, I really do, some people simply gain enjoyment from meeting new people. I am not one of those people. I don't want to have to date women in order to get a relationship, and I couldn't do it financially even if I wanted to. Online dating was supposed to alleviate this somewhat by allowing you to skip a lot of experimentation by being able to read and message people who were allegedly more predisposed to being your "type". Geographically I'm such a square peg in a round hole that it eliminates practically everyone.

I was out of people to message. The turn over rate wasn't high enough, and the few women who did message me were so totally out of the realm of possibilities of suitable that it was nearly laughable, though I applaud their self esteem! The other issue is, because I live in such an economically depressed area, everyone seems to work a miserable part time job, and so that leads to a LOT of women who are looking for a partner who can facilitate an out, and I don't blame them.

The last thing they want is to get stuck with someone who is just as broke as they are, or worse someone who doesn't have the desire to change that. So it leads to a LOT of women who are otherwise good matches listing something like "under, 20," for their own income. Peoples motivations are really laid bare on online dating. I'm not interested in telling you 'you are incorrect to feel this way', and I can understand wanting to skip past the arduous task of the dating phase.

Logistically, though, I don't get how that's supposed to work. How will you both decide to enter a committed relationship together if you don't at least go on a date first? Compatibility on paper, and even being friends with someone, doesn't tell you very much about how you'd be as a couple.

Most people don't jump straight into the committed relationship phase without even going on a date, so that will hinder you that much more if not completely if that is your requirement. It eliminated the problematic part of dating for me.

If we went out as friends, I didn't mind occasionally paying for them because I would do the same for any of my friends. I guess my point is that I'm still getting something out of the deal, I'm getting to spend time with a friend. I realize that this is not always the case, but at least in my part of the world it is still very much expected. So to me, dating is basically just a great way to throw money away because there is no guarantee it will work out. I mean, I'm already basically completely hindered anyway since I don't and won't approach women, I was given a number last night but I tried to add her on facebook and she's not accepted.

I could have called her I suppose and I suppose it might have lead to a date not that I can afford to go on a date right now but that would have required me to actually call her and talk to her on the phone or risk being rejected now that she's sober. So I picked the easy way and this way if she says no it's not a big deal.

I want the talent equivalent of relationships, much like talent at certain things, you just have it or you don't. I just want the relationship, I don't want to do any of the work to get one, primarily because, well, why bother when it's just going to potentially end?

No reason to invest the time or money or effort without a guarantee of it being permanent. The only problem is, even though I acknowledge that I won't be able to get what I want, it doesn't keep me from being lonely or wanting it. Slight nitpick here, but a relationship isn't something that's going to potentially end. It's something that's guaranteed to end at some point, unless among other things all parties involved unlock the secret to immortality.

That's a totally different issue, and you know that wasn't what I meant. Death is not something that I'm factoring in here, only willful action on the part of one partner or another. And lets be honest, It would never be me. I've been very upfront about the fact I'd rather be in a bad relationship, than not be in a relationship at all.

The only thing that could get me to dump someone would be if they were cheating on me. So I don't quite understand what you mean and how that's supposed to happen. I'm getting confused. This doesn't sound possible, even though many of the site's visitors would really like to help you. Also, with the woman whose number you were given, what is the trajectory you're imagining? It sounds like you were hoping to go on a date, which sounds contradictory to what you said earlier. I don't really want the experience of dating, I just want to be with someone who is closer to my own maturity level than my chronological age.

I get along GREAT with people who are likebut people who are closer to thirty tend to have maintained the momentum they built up in the first place and are a lot further along in life than I am.

Keeping in mind, I've always been a "late bloomer" and I've gotten knocked back to the starting point 3 times now. The question I continue to ask in situations like this is "If that is what you expect a woman to provide you with what are you prepared to offer her in return for it?

You get companionship and an ego boost from spending time with her. What does she get from spending time with you? Because time is a scarce currency for everyone these days. And if she's spending time with you, there are a thousand other things she could be doing with that time that she's choosing to forego. So how does she benefit from doing that? I should have added "What does she get from you - that she wants? It does not seem to occur to people - I've run into men, mostly, that do it though I am sure there are women out there - somewhere - who do it too, though I've never met any, especially since we are encouraged by society to provide endless nurturing and patience in relationships and punished when we do not or cannot - that relationships are supposed to be mutually, reciprocally beneficial experiences you know, just like friendships.

All I wanted was a friend add on facebook! I was a responding to the precise words you wrote and b detailing my own experience, which is a situation where I don't think you get to judge "where I take" something. I think hobbesian was just being unclear there, any chance you can cut him a little slack? I think he's actually pretty good on the "I have to bring something to the table" front generally speaking, even if he often believes it in a way that makes him sad.

I had to stop and think for a minute why that - "any chance you can cut him a little slack? He's not the only one - and his is not the only gender - really struggling with dating here.

Sorry it felt like a slap! Because I like you both and see your points, I was trying to intervene in a situation that was escalating because of a misunderstanding, rather than because hobbesian is a jerk in the way you describe - which is something I know from other conversations. Let me know if there's a better way I can do that in the future. I think he makes that point much better than I can do it myself.

As to your principal point, I've just been discussing with someone how, when I'm communicating in a straightforward way online and people don't know my gender, my words aren't taken as anything other than how they're meant.

It's almost funny, because I don't reach out to hobbesian generally, because I know how he's likely to react. He'd just said something in this particular instance that I've heard so many times from so many other men recently that I used his remarks to develop some variations on the theme, as it were.

And given the facts that you do know my gender and I do generally greatly respect your opinion, irrespective of what I think of the Tone Argument generally and the answer is "not much" I will think twice in this space WRT my delivery as well as my content in future. I do think it's telling in this context that, outside of the occasional nasty outlier, men - and hobbesian's second response to me, again, proves the point better than I can do by myself - don't really have to put in that same level of proportionate effort to manage their communications, either here on this site with a mixed-gender audience or in relationship generally which is kind of a meta-example of what I feel like I've been talking about all day.

So since by virtue of all that I think the point is made, I'll sit down now. You know, I thought deeply about whether I was reacting to your tone, and I decided that I actually didn't mind the tone.

your business!

And I apologize if I made it sound like I did. It was that you were using a moment when hobbesian found a way to communicate something important about himself in order to talk about something that guys in general do, and that you did it in a way that ignores his specific and particular experience. I know that using specifics to connect to generalities happens a lot on here, and I usually don't mind it, but I thought this was a real breakthrough for hobbesian and it made me sad to see that moment getting turned into something else.

I hope that is helpful for you in your future judgment calls, and for the record, I will respect you no matter what you choose.

Also to be clear: my intent was to say that hobbesian is not generally a jerk in the way you describe, except when his jerkbrain is out of control. I actually think the thing he struggles with the most is feeling like he has nothing to offer and therefore never being able to find a partner again. Which, yeah, makes me really sad for him. Finally, I hope it helps to know that I've made suggestions to hobbesian about managing his communication, too, both in this thread and elsewhere.

Maybe guys don't have to manage their communication in general, but damned if I'll let a friend of mine shoot himself in the foot when he doesn't have to. And yes, I realize I often come across as a jerk on here. A lot of that is just in the way I deal with confrontation. I tend to get easily frustrated when lots of people are taking positions opposite of mine and I often can't respond to each of them in the way I would like to before more people tend to pile on.

Doesn't help that I was raised in a definite "Shout louder, get your way! Just reading down the thread. Just reading down the length of your comment, and how much attention you devoted to over? I don't agree that this is accurate but for the sake of argument is that not understandable in this particular space? This blog was created to relay DNLs experiences and knowledge to men where there was a lack of advice that is effective, and respectful to women.

Actually, I have a specific friendship with hobbesian; among other things, we've been having extended private conversations, so I have information here you don't. If I had to choose, I'd say that I have a significantly closer relationship with hobbesian than I do with you, because you and I just haven't talked directly all that much. While I agree with you about the larger point, the post I'm responding to is a pretty good example of you doing the thing that I thought was hurtful in the first place: taking something that's specific to a particular person's experience and turning in into some kind of generalized point.

Except this time you're hurting MY feelings, because you're rendering a friendship that is very meaningful to me invisible. So I maintain that "jerk-esque", especially in the face of a person's own admission, would have been a reasonable interpretation, not just by me, but by anybody reading, of how the remarks were coming across. Not only was that unintentional - and if we're going to talk about invisibility which we're not, because what matters to me or other women who might feel like I do is apparently quite irrelevant here - but there's absolutely no way I would have known that, would I have?

As I said, I'm bowing out here. I am familiar with the social convention that maintains it doesn't really serve anyone in the interaction to hang about where one is unwanted. Dodge the question? You're lucky I even responded to you at all. I don't owe you a response, and it is entirely up to me to pick what I respond to. My bad, sorry! Your age thing shouldn't be a big deal, a lot of if not most women are open to dating older guys. After reading kleenestar's comments and yours I get what you mean a little better now, I'd probably have taken the 'ego boost' thing the wrong way, heh.

If friendship is all you're looking for to start an FB invite is probably the best way to approach things rather than a call. I'm just still confused about the 'guarantee it will be permanent' thing as I'm not sure that even your very close female friends can offer you that. The irrational emotional part of me is what is looking for a guarantee what happened to me the last two times doesn't happen again.

This may not be well received because I'm bringing up solutions, and honestly I think you're a bit problem focused right now, but you don't need to pay for all dates, and you don't need to organise all dates. Many women are even offended if you suggest you paying their share, and many women like a man asking "what would you like to do? You seem to be resigned to things the way they are, and that's fine if it's what you want. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to date, and taking a time of dating to improve your own health and identity can drastically improve your dating chances in the future.

But if you're not happy, and it doesn't sound like you are,mcomplaining about how difficult change is isn't going to make you happy. And coming up with excuses, which is everyone's normal reaction to change because change is scary, is something that needs to be challenged.

congratulate, what

You say you shouldn't invest in dating because if a relationship doesn't work out, it will be a waste or money? That's a self defeating prophecy right there. Do you apply for work, even though you realise that working hard on an application could potentially be a waste of time if you are unsuccessful?

You online dating troubles touching phrase

Do you study, even though you are aware if you do not pass a course it will have been a waste of time and money! Do you see films, even though if you don't like it, or the film breaks down it will have been a aste of time and money? These excuses are annoyingly emptying to follow, but they can pretty much stop you doing anything, good or bad. I find a good way to look at change is to make sure you always gain from the experience. Okay, I may not have a relationship from this date,but I will definitely improve my conversation skills, learn what's going on, and at least have a fun night with a person I may not otherwise have known.

But I think before all that, you need to ask yourself why you want a relationship. That desire is coming clear in everything you write, to the point that it appears which woman would form a part of that relationship is irrelevant. Finding out why you want a relationship is the first step in actually getting one, as most women want to be wanted for who they are, not because someone has an idea of a relationship and wants to shove them in, whether they fit or. After asking yourself that, you can follow to the pair of this question-why do you not like being single?

You've said previously any relationship is better tha no relationship- why is that? Being single has a lot of benefits over a relationship, not least of all that being a happy single person makes someone much more attractive than a single person who desperately needs a partner for whatever reason.

If there is some problem you hope that a partner will solve for you, I'm sorry but that's not going to happen, and you would benefit from working on your own problems, then finding someone to join you. Now when you say you don't want to date, I think I understand what you mean. You don't want to go on dates with strangers or try to build romantic relationships with people you don't know. You want to already have something worth having with that person before you invest in trying to make it romantic.

I think you do have a talent at relationships, which is that you're good at taking women you're friends with and building romantic relationships with them. That isn't the fault of the advice-givers - they're playing the odds, and hell, it took me this long to figure out what might be going on with you so it's no shame to them that they didn't know.

But what it says to me is that if you want more dating success, you want to be figuring out how to make more female friends, not to immediately date but to expand your dating pool in the future.

It sounds like you'd be a lot more willing to invest time and effort in building a relationship with a female friend than with a total stranger, since that's a win-win - it's work you enjoy, and even if it doesn't go well, you've still made a better connection with a wonderful friend.

I just spent the weekend with a group of partnered women; literally every single one had married a guy they were friends with, except for the pair who, as they put it, "arranged their own arranged marriage. If you want to get better advice about this topic, I would suggest you not say "I hate dating," since you really only mean you hate specific types of dating.

I would say something like, "I prefer to grow my romantic relationships out of friendships, how can I do that better? I totally understood you, probably because I am kind of the same. It takes me a long time to warm up to people, so anyone I'd end up romantically involved with would become a friend first.

He and I value similar qualities, so if a person is in his house the odds of us clicking are high and the person is probably trustworthy. Recently, after that blew up in both our faces, I saw that he'd posted a "friends first" ad on a site I knew. I thought "Well, gosh - I wonder where he got that idea? I'd go even further and also say - as I saw the identical ad posted in "romantic" and "strictly platonic" sections - that he's being completely dishonest with at least half those women, because if he's looking for the same thing with them that he was looking for with me, then he's approaching them under a certain set of rather unabashed pretenses because he's not really looking for something "strictly platonic" at all.

I don't enjoy the Kobayashi Maru scenario any more than James T. Kirk did as a cadet. If men run around treating women like this and making all the women they initially interact with feel like this, I would posit that after awhile, they're not going to have anyone left to date.

Hmm, what I meant was more "get to know women who you would want to befriend, then look within that group for dates. I've met most of my previous partners through mutual friend groups. It means they are at least already semi-vetted.

If we both like spending time with the same people, we will probably like spending time around each other also. The problem was that for those times, I was spending time around shitty people to start with.

I'm trying to fix that, but trying to start over from scratch is REALLY hard when basically everyone your age is a freaking workaholic if they aren't a party monster. Wait, sorry, I don't understand why you are arguing with me here. Or maybe you don't mean to be arguing?

I'm not saying that this guy wasn't an ass - he was. I'm saying that for some people, being friends first is a great way to date. I happen to be one of them.

Online dating troubles

That doesn't mean there aren't lying assholes out there who would like to exploit my preferences. I am actually a little hurt that you'd just classify him as a "jerk" when there were things that attracted me to him enough to give him a chance in the first place, and get to know him well enough to find out that there were jerky things about him that either he need ed to decide were important enough WRT the way he interacted to people that they needed to change, or I need ed to go.

But there is something about the way I'm communicating here where you're consistently not understanding what I'm trying to write, which means, I nee to communicate differently or just let it go, and at this point I think I'm going to choose the latter. And apropos of our discussion in the other thread - and elsewhere, though I think there's some sort of implicit prohibition about mentioning that here - I'm not only a little chagrined, but also a little suspicious that you continually seem to be reading my statements as such.

Most of you would agree that typically, if we put women in charge of the reproduction of our species, we would die out pretty quick. However, it seems empowered girls are all on board the train of making the first move.

I know several people who are having smashing success on the Bumble app. Almost every line has been used to the moon and back these days. Much like the classic PUA nightgame that was rampant in clubs years ago, girls used to respond simply for the novelty factor. Lines are the quick fix to actually testing different profiles, openers, etc. Specific lines only work so long until they become played out.

Can women really be relied on for anything?

Genuine time, effort, and hardship is required to make long term changes in your life. In regards to online dating, it means this: if you take the time to build a cool life for yourself, it will show through in your profile. This means you will have more success on dates.

This means you will have more harem members easily accessible. They want to be unplugged from their drab day-to-day life office work, and the cool guy off an app is the way to make it happen.

Online Dating Thoughts in The Tactics Change Constantly It used to be that showing a good shirtless picture would actually increase your matches, response rates, and number of dates.

Then have sex with them without paying. Instagram-growing a large following and just sliding into those DMs. Other social media platforms Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

Something is. online dating troubles for that

Do Lines Still Work? Online dating and other forms of game will all become much, much easier for you. If you liked this post, you'll also like

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