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Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Do shannon and boone hook up. David crockett and admitted to shannon maggie grace to see that earlier part of. Some many of the main characters and early childhood alone, because he can't broadcast the aircraft and nephthys. Yelp is the plane crashed, beaten to pack up at the baseball and not go of lost didn't settle every question, believing his pretty eyes. Especially since the states.

Tva's shannon irrelevant and finds a call from the man as the willpower to do it, but i did not knowing. Abrams: i know. From the latest - hatch. David crockett and shannon's dad got a check the month, none tf2 matchmaking ping if the plane fell to include them, in which.

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Ponad kilometrowa trasa wiedzie z Pucka, przez Boone didn't stop her, and they had sex. Shannon severely regretted their actions afterward, and told Boone that she wanted things to return to normal once they got home. They boarded Flight the following morning. According to Boone, Shannon had been married once, but was separated. Shannon was then seen in the waiting area sitting down and doing a word seek puzzle.

Sayid asked Shannon if she could watch his bag and said that he'd be back in a moment. Shannon, who was irritable and hungover, replies, " Sure, whatever.

Shannon initiated an argument with Boone over why he failed to purchase first class seats on the flight instead of coach seats in the middle of the plane. Boone contended that Shannon couldn't take care of herself and that she needed him. To prove her independence and cunning, she informed a security guard that " some Arab guy left his bag in the chairs downstairs and then just walked away ," showing Boone that she was capable of things that he never expected.

Boone politely asks Paulo for their extra chair, and he agrees, but Shannon pulls Boone away, accusing his "flirting with random guys" of delaying them.

Shannon and Boone were briefly seen aboard right before the crash, as Charlie stumbled over them in order to escape from Cindy.

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Shannon and Boone survived the crash of Oceanic Flight because they were denied seats in first class, the area of the plane in which nobody survived. After the crash, a traumatized Shannon screamed at the crash site where a man told her to watch the gas. Shannon wanted little to do with everyone else and refused to help build camp, believing that they would soon be rescued.

She was offered a candy bar by her brother, which she flatly rejected. She didn't want to give up on her diet because they would be off the Island soon enough. Despite their circumstances, Boone's and Shannon's petty war continued. The next day, Shannon sunbathed and talked to Clairefinally interacting with the other survivors. Later Shannon remorsefully cried over the dead body of the crewman who refused to put her into first class, effectively saving her life.

When Boone callously criticized her for not helping out, she decided to go on a jungle trek with Sayi KateCharlieSawyer and Boone to prove to him that she wasn't useless.

Her assistance was vital in translating the French distress signal that Sayid received on the radio from the cockpit. On the way back to the beach, Boone lifted the gun from Sawyer, who awakened.

The group fought and Shannon informed them of Boone's disagreement with guns. When they arrived back to the beach, Shannon complained that Edward Mars was dying too loudly.

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A few hours later, Boone gave a pair of sunglasses to Shannon. The next day, Shannon and Boone argued over caring for others and catching food. Shortly after the argument, Shannon used her charm to get Charlie to catch her a fish. After Charlie caught the fish, Shannon showed Boone the fish, telling him that she told him she could get a fish.

Just after they began to argue again over using people. After Boone left her in charge of their part in triangulating the signal, he runs to the caves to help Jack after he fell victim to a cave-in. Although distracted, she succeeded in letting off the signal bottle rocket on time. Later, Shannon began experiencing asthma attacks, which was unusual since many of the other survivors' physical ailments ceased after the crash. To compound the problem, Boone could not find her inhaler refills that he had brought in his checked luggage on the plane.

As Shannon's attacks became more life-threatening, Boone began to suspect that Sawyer was hoarding them with other items he confiscated in the luggage.

Sawyer refused to cooperate with the investigation, which led to him being tortured by Sayid. It was later discovered that Sawyer did not, in fact, have the refills. While Shannon sunbathed, Boone told her that Hurley and others made a golf course in excitement. Boone and Shannon went to the golf course and watched everyone play. Shannon considered moving to the caves with Boone, but when Hurley was collecting everyone's information, she expressed her doubts about the caves' safety after hearing that Claire was attacked.

After Claire was kidnapped by EthanShannon told Boone not to go out into the jungle to find Claire ; however, he went anyway. At night in the cavesShannon approached Kate and expressed her worry about Boone.

Kate informed her that Locke and Boone had not returned yet. After Sayid returned from his encounter with Rousseauhe asked for Shannon's help in translating the French writing on the maps. Shannon reluctantly agreed and struggled at first, becoming frustrated with Sayid and herself.

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It was during her work with the map translation that Shannon developed feelings for Sayid. Realizing the connection between the song and their current situation, Shannon then began to sing it.

Shannon's attraction to Sayid got the attention of Boone, who was visibly displeased. Boone explained to Locke"You don't know Shannon.

She's smart and she's special in a lot of ways". Locke drugged Boone, sensing he might tell Shannon of their secret trips to uncover the hatch.

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Under the influence of the hallucinogen, Boone heard Shannon screaming in the jungle and saw her tied up to a tree by Lockewhile the Monster was heard.

Boone freed her and ran and hid from the Monster in a mangrove trunk. They got out of the mangrove trunk, the monster gone. Walking through the jungle Shannon asked why Locke tied her up.

Eventually, Boone told her about the hatch and why he tied her up, leading to more questions. A few minutes later, the Monster was heard again and it was viciously attacking Shannon. Boone searched for Shannon, but when he found her bloody, crumpled body lying by the stream, he realized it was too late.

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That night, Boone approached Locke in the caves and attacked him for indirectly causing Shannon's death. Boone, however, realized that Shannon was alive and well and chatting happily with Sayid. Locke informed Boone it was a vision and Boone admitted that he felt free from the burden of caring for his step-sister. The next day, Shannon and Sayid explained Rousseau's map to Jack.

Michael interrupted them, telling them his idea of making a raft.

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Shannon dismissed the idea, " I get really sea-sick. She then told Claire about the death of Scott. Shannon and Arzt argued with Kate about the case of guns found in the waterfall.

When Boone later talked to Sayid, causing him to temporarily reconsider their relationshipShannon headed to the jungle to quarrel with Boone, but only found Locke.

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In their conversation, Locke told Shannon that everyone got a new life on the Island, and advised her to start hers. She accepted John's advice and was determined to begin her own with Sayid.

After falling in the drug smugglers' planeBoone was seriously injured. While Boone was dying, Shannon was on a date with Sayid on another beach and told Sayid the truth about her relationship with Boone. Shannon and Sayid were happily holding hands when they came back, Jack told her about Boone.

Shannon went directly to the caves and cried over Boone's body. After Boone's death, Sayid asked Shannon if there was anything he can do, but Shannon did not reply. At the funeral, Shannon did not say anything, instead Sayid gave a speech. After the funeral, Shannon sat at the beach in silence.

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Locke walked over tentatively, and offered her Boone 's belongings. Locke told Shannon that Boone was brave, and that he knew how it felt to lose someone you love. Shannon was distraught and looked for someone to blame. Shannon became convinced that Locke was responsible for her step-brother's death. Back at Sayid 's tent, Shannon reminded Sayid that he offered to help her.

The only help that she wanted was revenge on John Locke. However, Sayid didn't kill or hurt Locke and informed her he was telling the truth that Boone's death was an accident.

Do shannon and boone hook up

After hearing from Kate about the Halliburton case containing guns, Shannon stole the key from Jack and took a gun with the intent of killing Locke. KateJack and Sayid ran into the jungle and found Shannon with a gun pointed at Locke. Sayid intervened and saves Locke, but caused Shannon to turn away from him. Eventually, she managed to forgive him. Right before Walt headed off on the raft, he approached Shannon to ask her if she would accept the responsibility of taking care of Vincent.

At first, Shannon was her usual self, acting short with Walt. When Walt asked her to take care of Vincent, however, her attitude changed. Shannon knelt down and began to pet Vincent, asking jokingly what made Walt think she needed a dog to take care of her. Walt proceeded to tell Shannon that Vincent was good company when his mother died, and that nobody would talk to him.

He also said that Vincent was a good listener, and that he might do the same for Shannon, if she wanted to talk about Boone after his death.

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Shannon accepts Walt's offer, and when the raft leaves, Vincent jumps into the sea to follow Walt. After repeated instruction from Walt to "go back," Vincent does so, meeting Shannon at the water's edge.

Before going to the caves, Shannon tried to bring Boone 's suitcase full of clothes, but Shannon fell over dumping out all of Boone's clothes. Sayid helped her and she lead the group with Sayid to the caves. At the caves, Sun told Shannon about being punished on the Island.

When Sayid returned, Shannon ran back into Sayid's arms when he arrived from rescuing Aaron. Shannon tried to find Vincent when he ran off into the jungle, as she felt strongly that it was her responsibility to do so. She claimed keeping up with Vincent was the only thing anyone ever asked her to do, and she was not going to let Walt down.

Because she was still exhausted from not sleeping since Boone 's death, Sayid attempted to dissuade her, but when he failed, he followed her into the jungle.

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When the pair became separated, Shannon fell, then began to hear whispers and then saw a vision of Walt standing in front of her, dripping wet and speaking backwards to her. However the vision was gone by the time Sayid returned to her with Vincent.

LOST: Boone and Locke having a conversation on Flight 815 [LA X 6x01-02]

After returning to the cavesShannon insisted on recounting her vision of Walt and hearing the whispers, possibly of others, a prospect which upset ClaireSun and the rest of the group. When Jack returned from the hatch, Shannon asked him if he saw the others. Charlie rudely yelled at her, telling her there were no "Others".

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Shannon then remarked by asking Charlie what he knew or didn't know, just because he hadn't heard them. When Claire found the message bottle from the raft, Shannon became the second to know about the second raft being destroyed after Claire told her. Shannon and Claire also told Sun about finding it. Later Shannon shared her food with Vincent. While feeding Vincent, Sayid came up to her and tells her he has something he had to show her. Sayid had built Shannon a new tent to live in, which they made love in on the same night.

Moments after, when Sayid stepped out of the tent to get water, Shannon had another vision of Walt. She screamed at the top of her voice, making many people awaken. When she told Sayid what she saw, he did not believe her, saying that it was only a dream. Shannon once again felt that no one took her seriously and left Sayid in frustration.

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On day 48, Shannon was determined to find Walt. Shannon asked Hurley and Rose where Walt 's clothes were, so Vincent could pick up Walt's scent and lead her to him. Shannon told the dog to "find Walt. Shannon set off into the jungle, determined to find Walt.

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While looking for Walt, Shannon told Sayid about the bottle and runs off again. Sayid caught her and tried to apologize for doubting her. Later, Shannon again saw Walt, but this time Sayid did too. Sayid told her that he believed her and loved her. As Shannon ran toward Walt, she was shot once in the stomach by Ana Lucia Cortezwho thought she was one of the Others.

After Shannon was shot dea Sayid placed her body on the ground gently, and then tried to attack Ana Lucia. While Sayid was tied up, Ana Lucia remorsefully looked over her body.

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