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The dating game has come so far over the years. It has evolved from just a part of our personal and social lives, to a massive opportunity-turned industry for people of all ages. Sounds very un romantic, right? We no longer have to anxiously text our best friends to set us up with someone new, and blindly test the waters. Casual fling? Steady dating?

These apps are mainly made on special algorithms to detect people with similar interests and likes.

Modern Love: A look at the pros and cons of online dating

While that may not be an excellent idea to find a suitable match for life, you can surely discover many individuals who have same hobbies and past time activities on these apps. It is a fantastic idea to bond with people whom you would not have met otherwise in real life. A large number of people on these dating websites and applications are from an age group between years.

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This particular age segment is also the most widely targeted segment of maximum products and services of modern business organizations. You can discover many insights about your target audience through their behavior, personal likes, and preferences on these apps.

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If you are a stranger in the city or starting a new hobby group, say a book clubthese dating apps can prove to be an excellent medium to reach out to people. Not everyone on these apps is looking for serious relationships and most use these apps to kill time and do everything apart from meeting their potential matches.

In such cases, you can also help such people to make productive use of their time and participate in exciting group activities with you. Many brands are slowly recognizing the advantages of online dating apps and websites to spread the reach of their brands to people.

Disadvantages of dating apps

Recently on Valentines DayDominos ran an immensely engaging and creative campaign on Tinder to attract people to their brands. Similarly, the use of a Tinder profile for marketing the movie called Ex-Machina by its makers proved successful in creating much buzz before the release of the film.

There cannot be any better benefits of online dating for branding and marketing than this one.

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Travelling alone can be a rich, enthralling, and liberating experience. What makes traveling even more fun and exciting is the unknown people you meet on these journeys. Dating apps can prove to be a valuable resource in exotic locations where there are either very few people or many individuals nearby your location.

But what if they don't live in your area?

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It can be a real pain to determine whether or not a long-distance relationship is worth the hassle when you haven't even met the guy or girl in person before. Meeting for the first time can be difficult, too, if it will cost a lot of money to visit each other.

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When dating online, you'll be exposed to a wide variety of people and personality types-the kind of people you might never have the opportunity to interact with in person. Who knows, you may discover that a fun-loving skydiver who scuba dives for a living is more your type than the young successful accountants you were trying to date before. Online dating gives you the chance to talk to both types of people.

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It's hard to determine if someone you've only spoken to online will be a good match. A marine biologist may sound really interesting online, and he might have a lot of fun ocean-faring stories to share with you, but in reality his fish-scented clothes and aquarium-filled house might not be so attractive.

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There are those who were more inclined to bullying others because of the anonymity dating apps offered. It was all one big mess. Fortunately, a new generation decided to develop a more secure approach to online dating. Greater security measures are now taken to ensure privacy.

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Companies have also started to emphasize the value of not trusting anyone immediately. There are still victims of the negative cts of online dating, but there are many more who have received positive results in their lives because of it.

There are disadvantages and pitfalls of online dating to consider as well. Scammers. Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images. Online dating sites make it easy for scammers to find and target you. They typically create false profiles with fake information and photos. They may even spend weeks trying to gain your trust. The Cons of Online Dating Apps Bad Intentions. Not everyone online has the best intentions. Some people use online dating apps as entertainment, with no real desire for a relationship. Maybe they're looking to start an affair with a stranger, or they're trying to get back at an unfaithful spouse. What are the advantages and disadvantages of dating? I'd presume "dating" to mean "courtship" though the latter is a more appropriate term (almost colloquial) for couples who contemplate getting married in the long run. I'm only certain of these i.

Like with any other technological endeavor, there had to be a trial and error phase for the concept of online dating. Unfortunately, human lives and emotions were the subjects of this experiment.

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The point of online dating is simply to create a medium for you and a possible love interest to connect without having to scour the streets for each other. Some use online dating as a distraction or a way to elicit an affair with a stranger.

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Some use it for research purposes, while some are just curious to know what it has to offer. They send out their hopes through servers and routers hoping that their soul mate will realize that they are just a click away. Thousands of people have attested to the fact that they found their other halves through online dating.

You now know the reasons why people choose to use dating apps.

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When that person turns out to be situated on the other end of the world, you start to doubt whether online dating is really worth the effort to engage in a long distance relationship. Who would have thought that the Internet could produce millions of perverted human beings?

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That list alone is enough to make you think twice about trying online dating. Apart from the perverted sector of online dating, there are also criminals at large in the World Wide Web. There are serial killers, rapists, scammers, gold diggers and even identity thieves.

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Judging from my experience, there is a veritable trove of people who have attitude problems. Unfortunately for a lot of people who are looking for relationships, most people who use dating apps are only on it to look for hook-ups. There are other apps and websites that offer specific options based on intentions, religion, race and methods of choosing.

The cons of online dating apps #1 Location. Most of the time, you can't control who you're attracted to online. When that person turns out to be situated on the other end of the world, you start to doubt whether online dating is really worth the effort to engage in a long distance relationship. However, as normal and exciting as dating apps have become, like any relationship, the concept has its flaws. So, here are some pros and cons of having the potential of love at your fingertips. Pros: 1. Apps can help you narrow down your options so you don't waste your time with people whom you don't share similar interests with. May 20,   Using dating apps can help you boost your confidence. It's a lot easier to flirt - or even have a simple conversation - with people if you're not directly with them and you can read their faces as reactions to everything you say. Thank you, virtual anonymity. For a lot of people who may not have enough confidence to charm their way into.

There are numerous forms of cyber-bullying that can be applied to online dating. People can ridicule your appearance, personality, profession, race, lifestyle, etc. Some will even use your picture on various websites for purposes that you would never approve of.

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