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Alex is a former student at Liberty High School. He is portrayed by Miles Heizer. In the first season , Alex moves to Evergreen County and makes friends with Hannah and Jessica and later, ends up becoming friends with the "popular" crowd in school. Wanting to fit in with the crowd he creates a "hot or not" list as a revenge for his breakup with Jessica. Throughout the season, he also feels guilty about his actions and goes as far as to attempt suicide. In the second season , Alex is slowly recovering from his injuries and goes back to school together with Jessica.

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Post-traumatic stress disorder is caused by witnessing or being part of a frightening or shocking event, and it can affect day-to-day life and productivity. In this article, we discuss a few ways that you can keep its symptoms under control. Post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD is best known as the condition that affects people who have served in the military, and who are therefore most likely to have witnessed a disturbing event on the battlefield. Yet developing PTSD can be a natural response to any number of distressing experiences, such as sexual abuse, physical assault, accidents, or any type of violence. Symptoms of PTSD include a heightened state of anxiety - especially accompanied by persistent flashbacks of the traumatic event - sleeplessness, moodiness, and avoidance of places or social situations that might trigger flashbacks. PTSD can last for years, and its symptoms can severely impact overall quality of life.

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